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  1. This is currently one of the biggest issues for me. The behaviour of the strikers in one on one situations is very very poor. They either shoot straight at the keeper or do something like on the picture above. Generally speaking there are way to many first time shots in this ME.
  2. I wonder if there's any user here, who've seen a goal after striker dribbling past the GK? I haven't seen anything like this since FM 16 or even FM 15. I think that in real life the strikers in one on one situtations do it very often. In FM they mostly shoot straight at the keeper. Generally speaking, striker's behaviour when facing the GK is one of the most annoying things in current FM. Hope, that SI will look at that.
  3. This is not true :/ I have only 2 men in wall, 1 guy upfront and it doesn't matter how many players are on man-marking (i tried 2,3,4,5 etc.) - they don't mark the player outside the box. I hope that you'll do something about it.
  4. I wrote about offsides and now the next problem - crossing. This is my post from Bugs Section: Anybody experienced something like that? How does it look like in your games? Maybe such problems occur also in other leagues than German?
  5. Crossing issue

    I'd like to share my view of crossing in latest ME. I'm playing with HSV and getting more and more frustrated about the crossing accuracy and the amount of crosses straight into the keeper's hands or even behind the goal line (the ball doesn't even reach the near post - it's just kicked behind the goal line or into the outside net). I've checked crossing accuracy of Bundesliga teams in my first season and I'm confused. The best team has got 13% accuracy, the worst 9% (after almost whole first season - 32 matches played). These are the stats from top leagues: http://spielverlagerung.com/2015/06/22/an-ineffective-tool/ It's from season 2015/16 I guess, but I don't think that it changed so much during last two years. So in my game the crossing accuracy in Bundesliga is about 2x lower than IRL. Another interesting thing - other top leagues in my game are OK - in England the best team has got 27%, in Spain and France 30%, in Italy 28%. What is wrong with Bundesliga?
  6. One of my strikers (Fiete Arp) got 35 in 15 appearances Generally speaking things get really really bad, when the strikers are on attack duty. But even on support they are getting caught way to often.
  7. The number of offsides in this ME is totally unacceptable. I'll paste my post from Bugs section:
  8. Offsides

    You must be joking :O I'll give you an example - Offsides in Bundesliga 16/17: https://www.wahretabelle.de/statistik/abseits?saisonId=302 I don't know how to find this kind of table in FM (I had to count it by myself from player statistics in team screen), but my team (HSV) has got total 98 offsides after 17 games, RB Leipzig 79, Leverkusen 65, BVB 80, Bayern 66. This is far far more offsides per game than IRL... Let's see how it looks like with the Premier League. Season 16/17: https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/clubs/total_offside?se=54 In my save, after 18 games Crystal Palace has got over 150 offsides, Everton over120, Liverpool over 120, Man Utd over 150 etc. AFTER 18 GAMES!!! If there's any easier access to the amount of offsides in FM, I could give you more data. But what i wrote should be enough to say, that the number of offsides per game in this ME is far from okay. I can't believe that you could be "happy" with that :/
  9. I can't tell my wingers to swap positions when I'm making adjustments to my tactic during a match (for example after 45 mins). I can't find this option in Player Instructions and have no idea where else could I find it. Is this option really removed? :O
  10. My board announced 2 months ago (in game of course), that it is starting preparations for new stadium. But without any details - just something like: "it won't be fluid process, and it will take some time". Well, just being curious - how long does it take before they announce more specific informations about new stadium (Name, capacity etc.)?
  11. Thanks for claryfying
  12. :O Really? I thought it's more off-posession instruction. Many users often write here, that it's good to sit narrower if you want to be more solid in defence. It's a big surprise for me, that this instruction does not affect defensive play. So how it's possible to play compact, narrow defence in FM? What shouts should I use? Or maybe it's only mentality/shape?
  13. I have a question about youth recruitment network. I asked my board to increase my youth recruitment level and my request was accepted. Before i asked, the level was "average", now is "above average". But when I checked with in-game editor, this level remained unchanged (it's "10", same as before my request). How does it really work? Is this problem related with game editor or maybe I simply should wait a couple of months to get this number higher? I'm asking because (correct me if I'm wrong) the real factor that determines PA of my annual intake regens is in fact this number (or attribute, I don't know how to call it) and not the description (average/above average).
  14. Yeah, its for the main squad, but in the staff responsibilities that's me who controls match training for the first team:/ If I untick "rest before match" and "rest after match", after 2 or 3 days it's ticked again. I'm playing with Betis Sevilla and I've got "B" team, which is playing in playable league "Segunda B". Could this somehow be the problem?
  15. I don't give my players a day off before and after the match. Only sometimes (for example if I play 2 games in 4 days) I allow them to rest. On my training screen, the boxes "Rest before the match" and "rest after the match" are unticked, but somehow the game (or my Ass. Man., or I don't know who) is permanently ticking them. Has anyone got similar problem? How can I fix this? No options, which could lead to "self-changing" my training regime are on and I'm pretty helpless.