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  1. Blocked crosses are impossible to improve? It's an issue at least since FM20, people are reporting, uploading matches etc., you say it's under review and now you say that you will not do anything with it? Reporting any bugs is waste of time.
  2. No changes regarding this issue? It would be a huge disappointment if SI wasn't able to improve this bug...
  3. 67:40 I've never seen anything like this before :| Werder Bremen - Hamburg.pkm
  4. I use SS in almost all my saves since FM19. 4-4-1-1, CF/s or DLF/s in front of him. In FM21 i manage to loan Goncalo Ramos from Benfica to HSV and he was outstanding in this role. In my Newcastle save i've bought Loftus-Cheek and he is also a very good shadow striker.
  5. On extended highlights you only see a corner kick taken. Not the situation leading to a corner. On comprehensive you'll see each blocked cross leading to a corner, each offside from a fullback etc. It is really annoying. And it's hard to resign from this mode because it gives me more control over my tactics etc.
  6. If SI is unable to sort out the problem with blocked crosses, than maybe you hide these situations so they're not shown in comprehensive mode. Because now it's impossible to use this mode. Unless you want to go mad. There are at least 20-25 corners each game. Sometimes I have 20 corners only for my team. And I gave all possible instructions to my wide players - cross from deep, cross less often etc. My fullbacks are on FB/S, my wingers are inverted wingers or wide playmakers who are told to cut inside. Well - they don't. They try to get to the line and than cross (and it's blocked and goes for
  7. In this version of FM it's impossible for me to play any other role than FB/support. If I'm using WB or CWB, I get countless corners (wide backs are always trying to move towards end line, and their crosses are blocked - it's driving me crazy) and countless offsides - they are moving forward to early and to far and not tracking back in time. It happens also with FB/Support role but not so often. FB/support still are providing enough widtht. It is logical to play more advanced roles but current ME is somehow broken in this case.
  8. Because of this issue it is impossible to use "Winger", "Wingback" roles. Unless you want to go crazy and see even more corners per game. The problem is present at least since FM19. I remember that in one of the ME's in FM20 (i think the first one) there was slightly better balance with these blocked crosses. But in the next version the problem came back. I'll also give an example: 20 corners for me in this game Any news from SIGames? @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard? Hamburg - Braunschweig.pkm
  9. @Neil Brock I found this post today and with all respect - this is demagoguery. Looks like written by politician or propagandist. Playing FM doesn't mean enjoying it more than ever before. Especially in current situation when a lot of people are sitting at home,. I'm playing pretty much, but I still think the ME is poor and has got a lot of flaws, issues and bugs. And I'm sure you'd find a lot of people who share my view but play this game anyway. OK. You can tell what you want, you can be proud of the latest ME, you can say it is the best ever. It's your product, you have right to
  10. The problem is that in FM 20 even top teams look like they're from Poland or Romania
  11. Sadly, most of the bugs and issues (many of them very well reported - with a lot of evidence, pkms etc.) are still unsolved. I don't see the point to report anything - it's either ignored or SI is simply unable to fix it.
  12. The proof is that if you check ME version in your game status it's still the same as before the patch.
  13. I'm not sure what kind of feedback do you expect. It's obvious that the main problem for most of the users who bothered to write here or in the bugs forum is poor state of ME. And you haven't changed it since january. Some of issues were reported when first version was released (5 months ago!) and are still unsolved...
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