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  1. So still - lack of central play, problems with crossing (few low crosses, few near post crosses), fullbacks constantly being caught offside etc. etc. Most of well known problems with ME seem to be unsolved. Sadly, I'm not surprised. SI is leaving us with ME in poor condition, with dozens of issues reported in Bugs Forum (some under review, some totally ignored by SI Staff) not fixed and is moving forward to FM21? If this is the best ME, which SI can offer in FM20, than it is huge disappointment. I certainly won't buy FM21 before being sure, that SI is able to deliver solid, enjoyable ME.
  2. It happens to me pretty often. I'm using the same formation but other roles, duties and TI's. My team is: GK/D 2x FB/S BPD CD DM/D AP/A CM/S IF/S IW/A PF/A
  3. Where can I report an issue with to less goals scored in Bundesliga. Which section of Bugs Forum? In my save last season all teams scored 670 goals and IRL in last few seasons it always been more than 800 goals. It's pretty big difference. And it's not a single situation - in every save there are way to less goals in TOP5 leagues. This is just an example. I've read somewhere that SI is happy with the statistics in this game but I'm not sure they reallly should...
  4. This issue is present since the first version of ME. This is my last season in Bundesliga and the list of players who were caught offside. If you look at this list, you'll easily see that most of these players are fullbacks and wingbacks. In real life it looks like this: https://www.foxsports.com/soccer/stats?competition=4&season=20190&category=DISCIPLINE&pos=0&team=0&sort=7&sortOrder=0 (as you can see - only strikers or offensive midfielders). It's not only statistics - it is really easy to see during a game (especially if you're wathching detailed highlights) and is extremely annoying.
  5. I remember two or three years ago (i'm not sure), SI released final patch without any ME changes. Let's hope it doesn't happen this year
  6. Is it a known issue, that my wide players ALWAYS cross the ball to long post? It is really annoying. My fullbacks and my wingers all have PI's "cross to near post", I have TI "low crosses". But it looks like it doesn't matter - they constantly making long, float crosses. If the game doesn't care about the instructions I make in tactics screen, can I call it a bug? Or is it just "my tactics"?
  7. I'm pretty confused reading that so many of you guys complain about the amount of goals from set-pieces. I'm playing my first season with Newcastle on Beta (33 league games so far) and I have scored only 2 goals from corners and 1 from in-direct free kick. None of them are scored after a header. Also my rivals don't score this way often. My observations are that offensive players very often win air challenges, but they are unable to score a goal (most of the shots are over the bar, some straight in the keeper's hands). So for me the problem is totally opposite - far to less goals from set-pieces
  8. I'm attaching a pkm with this issue. Throw-in not far from the goal line, the ball is thrown to a player who immidiately passes it back to the thrower, who is offside. It happens almost in all my games. This is my match vs Everton, when Yedlin was caught offside 4 times in such situation. Insane :O 26:20 38:49 63:20 73:09 Everton - Newcastle.pkm
  9. I'd like to ask if any of these issues is reported and under review of SI, because I can't find it in bugs section: - way too many headers over the bar (even from players with good heading attribute) - Throw in resulting in offside from the throwing player (he throws the ball to the teammate, who immidiately passes it back) - insane amount of such situations - Players with PI's like "cut inside", "play narrower" etc. constantly refuse to do what they have in instructions and move with the ball to the wing, trying to cross with weaker foot... -... blocked crosses like in FM19 - players waiting too long with a cross and getting blocked
  10. Is it possible to use custom database (like for example pr0 Update) when starting a game on public beta?
  11. Why? Is there any announcement from SI about that?
  12. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned it, but I see strange behaviour of defenders who manage to win the ball from the opponent and then, having free way forward, kicking it to a corner.
  13. I am afraid that it's not only crossinG. The way I feel playing FM this year, is generally team and personal intructions seem to be ignored by players.
  14. These analysis have nothing to do with reality. I gave here an example of my stats which were showing that the number of my converted CCCs was bigger than total goals scored by my team
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