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  1. I'm getting crash dumps when trying to create new tactic. Happens on two saves (one is second season and one is just couple of days after starting new game). Both saves are created on previous patch so I'll try to create a new game on 20.2 and see what happens :/
  2. This is known issue of current ME. Unfortunately SI wasn't able to fix it (or didn't want to).
  3. As i wrote in my thread about crossing, for me the most annoying issue is the amount of crosses that are blocked.
  4. I created a topic in Bugs Forum about blocked crosses. In my opinion 19.2 ME have improved this issue a little bit, but still the amount of blocked crosses is unacceptable.
  5. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or anything like that at all. I really appreciate your posts and threads about tactics and I'm just curious how is it possible that you haven't noticed a problem with weird behaviour of wide players (crossing, waiting for the defender). Mabye there is some kind of workaround of this issue? I was trying many playing styles and almost all the roles/duties/instructions for my fullbacks and I don't see any difference. That's why I was asking.
  6. So you're saying that you don't have any problem with high amount of blocked crosses and strange behaviour of wide players?
  7. If anyone would like to give some examples of crossing problems, feel free to contribute
  8. Okay, I've checked Bugs Forum and I found that the problem with lack of movement in final third is under review and I'm glad to see this. But I'd like to know if someone from SI is reviewing the crossing issue? If not, how can I report it? I have two fullbacks on support with "cross from deep" instruction and never seen them actually crossing from deep. No matter what, the try to cross from the endline (and get blocked most of the times).
  9. There are many issues in this ME, but 2 things are so annoying, that I don't have any joy from playing this game right now. First thing is crossing issue - my wide player, no matter what role, what duty (fullbacks, wingbacks, wingers, even complete forward) are trying to get to the goal line and cross the ball. And in most cases their cross is blocked by opponent. I'd expect that fullback on support duty will sometimes try to cross the ball straight after he receives it, without running forward or waiting for the opponent. EVERY game there are at least 6-7 situations like this. Second thing is lack of movement of my offensive players. Again, no matter what role, what duty, they look like they're man-marking oppositions centre backs and fullbacks instead of make some moves to get the ball. The ME is promising but in current state I can't find any pleasure of playing this game. For me the worst ME in last couple of years...
  10. I wouldn't buy this game if I were you. SI ignored all issues raised by users and decided not to make ANY improvements of ME in 18.3 update. That's why FM18 is unfinished product, with ME which could be acceptable maybe in beta version but definitely not after last patch. Stay away and wait for FM 19 (however i'm not very optimistic about next version)...
  11. Sorry, I do not want to be rude, but it looks like you didn't made any significant improvements in the game with 18.3 patch (especially in comparison to previous versions). You left ME on a level which would be just fine for beta version - not for a final product. You (SI team) keep ignoring questions from people who paid money for the game. And now this? Really? Is this the only thing you're able to write after so many complaints? Is this how you feel your customers should be treated? You know how it actually sounds? "Yeah, you may be experiencing some problems, but we have no more time for fixing anything. We prefer to start working on the next version". How can I buy FM19 after you left FM18 unfinished? :/
  12. Yeah, great. I created a separate thread where, amogst others, I've asked why SI doesn't respond to "Feedback thread" questions, and I've been told to use... "Feedback thread" to ask I'll give it a try, so once again:
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