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  1. Wayne Rooney in my game is also very injury prone, his stats are terrible now at 28 years old. Worth 6mill, currently out with a broken pelvis, spent 6 months injured last year. Will post a screeny soon, hope his stats pick up again!
  2. When i first started playin Football Manager, i would play a game to 4-5 years in before gettin bored and starting again. However, now i like playing past the current players and developing the regens, with my furthest game going into 2033 (fm2010)
  3. Understand it? No, accept it? For now
  4. FM10 Official Plymouth Argyle Thread!

    So ye, in the year 2032, currently manager of Argyle, have been since 2020. Won the prem league last 2 years in a row after being promoted to prem league in 2025.
  5. Best FM?

    fm2010, only game ive got a proper long save into (currently 2032) fm2009 i got to 2018 which is prob my 2nd fav, fm2006,07 and 08 i found too easy and got bored with after a few seasons.
  6. Will I get offered a new contract?

    I did the same as signing a years contract so at the end of the season, i could leave without losing my legend status at the club. Had all the rumours that i was going to leave during the season, and with about 3 games left, they offered me a new contract whcih i took. One more season before going to italy....maybe
  7. After 21 seasons mine are: 1st = Chelsea - 2950 (10 titles) 2nd = Man City - 2000 (5 titles) 3rd = Man Utd - 1550 (3 titles) 4th = Liverpool - 1550 (2 titles) 5th = Arsenal - 550 6th = Aston Villa - 250 7th = Everton - 200 (1 title) 8th = Sunderland - 200
  8. A Big Shock As Tottenham Get Relegated?

    In my game, tottenham spent from 20/21 - 24/25 in the coca-cola championship, so 5 seasons, now in the premiership again. Arsenal and West Ham got relegated last season, West ham are currently 1st, Arsenal 2nd in February. Am in the year 2031.
  9. Chairman Takeover

    I had a take over from plymouth, the previous one was a sugar daddy constantly keeping my bank balance in the black, 30mill transfer fund while in premiership, he then took his money out the club, and then left a little while after, got taken over by a tight chairma who only gave me 13mill for transfer fund lol.
  10. Player XYZ cannot Settle

    I found that most players who struggle to settle in, do so a season after buying them.
  11. God like after just 18 games.

    19 year old player i brought got this message after 1 game where he scored 3 goals, at the age of 21/22 he is now a legend at the club scoring 21 goals in 14 league games, 29 goals in 24 games overall this season. Has also scored 95 goals in 160 games during his career
  12. Addictedness Rating

    20 days - "I can give up this game whenever i want, i just dont want to yet"
  13. no, but frequently get angry when i lose/draw when AI score in the last couple minutes
  14. Had the most fun on this one, and played it the most, have found the others to easy meanin i got bored too quickly