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  1. GMG just sent me my key via email, they must be sending them out now. Bought it a couple of weeks ago. Check your emails if you have ordered from them
  2. I still havent got a key in my account either from GMG hopefully will be there for the beta release
  3. Hi steve nice start there apart from the injuries of course What formation did you decide to go with in the end?
  4. No worries mate, i play on standard and use the below team instructions. The only real PI i use are for Hazard which is just cut inside and roam. I also allow Cuadrado to roam as well
  5. Finally finished my first Chelsea save and all in all not to bad. Won the league but ended up getting knocked out of the CL on away goals to Shaktar which really annoyed me but looking forward to the summer and bringing in some fresh faces now. Really pleased defensively with the team, next season my aim is to concede less than 10 goals!
  6. Oh no thats not really what you need eh? Any big games coming up? Im thinking of selling Cech as im sure i can still get some good cash for him and to be honest i dont really need a world class backup keeper. Injuries are frustrating at times i know, in some games i may have made my 3rd sub by the 65th minute due to things like players being booked and still committing fouls etc and within a minute one of my players will get injured for sure and i find myself going from dominating a game to holding on with 10 men for dear life at times!
  7. Thats a decent streak! good stuff. Im on a 20 game un beaten run and the media keep asking me every week if i am feeling the pressure. i wonder if i could 'calmly' storm out... I need to refrain from watching my matches on full as well, dont no why but i kinda like taking every match and playing it right through as i feel like i have full control. I can dominate a game switch to commentary and guarantee the opposition will score right away! Seasons just take to long this way
  8. I find Cuadrado very good as well, his dribbling and delivery into the box is very effective Looks like a great season there Lewis! How do you go about setting up your Chelsea side? I am thinking about sacrificing a midfielder next season and going 2 up front, never really played with a front 2, the last time would have been the good old CM2 days
  9. Well my season is getting better and better, knocked Barcelona out of the CL after a nice 3-1 home leg win after being 1 down from a Suarez free kick. Got a nice 2-2 draw in the Nou Camp, i wont lie i got lucky at times there but in all honesty i could have been 5 up from the home leg! Into the FA Cup semi as well and need just 6 points to secure the title from 7 games. The defensive record of my team is just fantastic and i am very proud of my boys Only conceded 2 goals in my last 11 league games. My aim for the season was to concede less than 20 but now i am looking at nothing more than 15!
  10. Will post some screenies up this eve if i get a chance mate of how i setup between different opposition
  11. Just an update on my Chelsea game, so i finally lost my first game away to UTD 2-0. Was 0-0 up until the 79th minute and have to say i had chances to go 1 up but just didnt take them. Got un done by a corner which really did make me angry. Thats only the second time i have gone behind in a league game all season the other time was at home to West Brom and again that was a corner. UTD's 2nd came purely from me pushing for a goal and being exposed at the back so cant complain about that one. Must admit i am really chuffed with the achievements of my side especially with no ins or outs and we are now into February. I know Chelsea have a good squad anyway but getting them to play the way i want and being solid is a real joy to watch. Only Conceded 10 goals in the league in 25 games, 10 fewer than the nearest which is Arsenal. Only 3 goals conceded at home 2 of which from set plays so only been penetrated once from open play. The away results have been pretty dam strong as well 0-4 at Liverpool, 0-2 at City and 0-1 at Arsenal. My team pride themselves on clean sheets After conceding the 2 goals at UTD 5 clean sheets followed so was back to normal. 16 points clear, FA Cup Quarter to come and my next game in the first knockout stage of the CL is against Barcelona so that really will be the big test. Looking forward to bringing in some new blood but not to sure who i am looking for at the mo we shall see! Come on the Chels!
  12. Just started my new save with the mighty Chels and its going amazing. First 19 games of the season won 17 and drawn 2 conceding just the 7 goals. Finished 2nd in the CL group so have a nice first round knockout match against barce to look forward to. Considering no signings have been made other than a loan of a Barce youngster Samper. I am well chuffed with our start to the season. 16 points clear going into January is a pretty nice lead. Had some great results to 4-0 at home to Utd, 2-0 away to City and 4-0 away to Liverpool. I am trying to build up a solid defensive back bone to work from and its really paying off. 6 clean sheets in our last 7 games as well. Will post a little more in depth about my setup over the weekend if anyone is interested Come on the Chels! Keep the blue flag flying high
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