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  1. What a great read CityAndColour. I have struggled to find a team to be in both FM12 and FM13. I always start as Crystal Palace as they are my boyhood club. Reading this has fired me up to get a new save going as I have never considered Forest Green before. Just been on there website and look a smashing little club. Once again great thread and thanks for all the detail to help me get going...
  2. Wow, that is a super tactic. It took you straight from BSP to League 1, did not have to worry about League 2
  3. I have searched the forum and not found an answer to my question, sorry if I missed it. Simply I want to start a new game with just the English leagues running (down to Conference south/north) with a large db. I just wonder how this effects the game in relation to countries league rankings and the squads for champions league, euro and world cups. I like to play a realestic game and are not limited as my mac is ok to run a few leagues. Does the game for example lean towards the leagues loaded, I could load say Spain, Itay and Germany but does this just mean these leagues and the english league always win the awards and develop the best international and champion league sides. Confused, so am I and I wrote it!!
  4. FM12: What Team Should I Be?

    The great and good. Anyone suggest a Conference South team, who have a solid set up, but are not expected to win promotion so I have time to build for the future. Would like to start a nice career save. Thanks in advance.
  5. Classic, just laughed out loud in the office (while working at the same time of course)....
  6. Thank you Neil and you guys keep up the excellent work. In my opinion your attention to the customer needs is outstanding.
  7. No moan or groan from me. I just want to check (have read most the thread) that the game is totally plyable? The only main issues are scout report and the Greek leagues if continuing a save. Just wanted to check before starting a new game this evening. Thanks in advance.
  8. I hear you Millsinho, I hate the look of the arrows and love the TC look. I like you may have a touch of OCD. I have downloaded the TC version you uploaded and will start my season with Crystal Palace today (went last night, inspired me to see what I can do with that squad).
  9. It happens every time a patch is released. Last time I wiped the whole files out and installed and it worked ok. I will leave it for a while and see if it boots up. Any ideas would be very welcome.
  10. I have the exact same problem!
  11. Hello - Can anyone advise me how to create a desktop shortcut for my Mac? I see on the Q&A section it say's right click, of course does not work for the Mac, assume that is for PC. Thanks in advance.