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  1. I made the stupid mistake of messing with the resolution of the game in preferences and applied a resolution that my PC really doesn't like. Now whenever I try and open the game my screen flashes between black a few times, doesn't start the game but opens a window but causes real issues on my PC. It won't allow me to close the window normally or through Task Manager. I've reinstalled the game and also uninstalled then installed a fresh again and neither has worked, it's still remembering the previous resolution. Can anyone help? Would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I say that, I've just had the problem again even when using borderless windowed.....
  3. Same thing happened to me until I went to borderless windowed under window mode (see preferences), definitely needs sorting though.
  4. I've got a few other saved games and I'm getting the same problem progressing to the next day on all of the saved games I've got?
  5. Hi, Playing OHL with all Canadian leagues enhanced, I get to 10th December and sim to the next date and EHM goes unresponsive then it pops up saying: "Eastside Hockey Manager has stopped working. A problem caused the problem to stop working correctly...." I've reloaded it a few times but happens each time. Any ideas as I'd really like to continue with this game?
  6. For a novice like myself could someone give me a step by step guide of how to install this and get it running? If not could they point me in the direction of somewhere that does? Thanks
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