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  1. No doubt some great tactics in the two threads by Knap but it's almost impossible to follow the threads it's such a messy! Can anyway point me to an effective 4-4-2 which produces good results for the forwards as mine are struggling somewhat. TIA
  2. Ross, any chance of one of the following Sampdoria, Bari, Atalanta, Torino? Can you do one with the attributes masked please? (Haven't got the patience for masking!!) Cheers
  3. Cheers Ross looking forward to something different - If you've already got Real Betis or Doncaster either of those would be equally as good
  4. I'd like a tycoon save on any of the following if you've any time Ross - Brighton, Cadiz, Lazio, Huddersfield, Sampdoria, Hertha Berlin Named a few in case you have any of them already, thanks Ross
  5. It's an A10-9600P the older laptop has a Intel Pentium Core i.5 processor but is a Samsung and has been poor from the off just wondered if others had generally found the new game a lot slower?
  6. I've just purchased a brand new laptop and it seems incredibly slow with FM17 - My question is....Is this version much slower than previous incarnations or have I bought a dud? It's a HP with AMD Quad A10, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, AMD Radeon R5 Graphics it's slow in the 3D match engine but also very slow to generally process the game. I am running a big game (Large database, 80k+ players) but I have run similar sized games on other "worse spec" laptops before. Any comments appreciated as I am on the verge of returning this laptop. It's performance outside of FM hasn't been tested too much.
  7. Great tactic. I'm in my 3rd season with Cadiz (1st season in Spain's top division) and with a pretty poor squad and expectations of certain relegation I'm 5th in the league after 14 games. I've lost 4 and 3 of those were against Real & Athletico Madrid and Barca. Seriously overperforming considering my usual BWM's are Glenn Whelan, Valon Behrami and Sam Morsy. The first 2 are 34 & 33 respectively and Morsy was released by Wigan in League 1. Stick to the required traits and it's a great tactic.
  8. There is a great Liverpool save further up the thread with Saudi owners and silly money!
  9. Hi Ross, any chance you could do a Cadiz one in Spain? Had my best save ever with them many years ago and would love a bash at recreating it. Cheers mate EDIT - Had a bash myself and a new chairman got promoted from within?!
  10. Any small Spanish, German, Italian clubs with Tycoon's knocking about?
  11. I loaded this up in my Leicester save in Jan 2019 and went on holiday just to test it. Finished 3rd and didn't lose a game for the rest of the season, started the next season really well too, it's a great tactic! My team seem to come out the traps fantastically first half and the wing backs get tonnes of assists. Mayke got 30 in first season although he and the other WB run themselves into the ground every game. Haven't managed to get the best out of anyone in the poacher role so far but great otherwise. Well worth a go if you're struggling for a taxtic
  12. No thread for FM16 Tycoons yet??
  13. Looks very good 2 out of 2 wins, scored 7 conceded o. Just wondering though - I have set up the opp instructions but when I go to that screen pre-match it doesn't look as though they are applied? Am I doing something wrong??
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