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  1. The best part of this screen is chicken Inn making an offer for chicksen
  2. Does seem to have a little lag while in the inbox etc on my laptop but in matches it runs nice and smooth. Had the same issue on and off in FM17 & 18 though and it's not too much of an ordeal, haven't encountered any gamebreakers as yet so all good
  3. Gone for man utd this time, almost always do a Bradford save first but this season has been depressing and I'd really rather not
  4. My best was a North Korean CB back in FM14, one of my first transfers once I arrived at Man Utd and had 8 years of joy until he screwed his ligaments, ended up selling him off to Sevilla after a homegrown player took that role and did well. Also have a yemeni CM in the same save, Ahmed Al-Yazidi, English dual nationality though so not sure that counts but he's an absolute machine for club and country
  5. My best save came in the glory days of FM14, starting out at Bristol City we got consecutive promotions to the promised land before a lack of funds in the summer left us bottom of the pack come christmas, I resigned hoping they'd find someone who could keep them up but sadly they were relegated and remained in the championship for the rest of the save. (all named players below are regens) Had a short break then had a season at Peterborough, then one at Bradford where I failed to replicate the same success. After a year out of football the mighty Dortmund came calling! Starting out mid season we finished 2nd, then came the pivotal summer. Signings of Mehmut Yilmaz and Octavio Tavares for a total sum of £3m drove us forward, with Yilmaz scoring around 30 league goals as a shadow striker and Tavares dominating as a false nine. Won everything domestically for the next 3 seasons, and finished runners up in the champions league twice, then Man Utd came calling. The Man Utd era also started mid season, a job I couldn't turn down. With a week of the transfer window left I agreed a deal to sign Yilmaz from Dortmund at the end of the season, while splashing out £40m on Peter De Haan (false 9) from Ajax, £18m for Colin Lamb from Southampton (SS), and £38m on Jorge Figuereido (RW) from Bayern (previously of man utd). De Haan and Figuereido were key to us climbing up the table to finish 3rd while also ending the season with the FA Cup in hand. The addition of Yilmaz in the summer along with some great youth prospects coming through led us to a title winning season, 10 years later i've never looked back dominating the domestic competitions and Europe (8 champions league titles on the trot). I still load it up every so often and play a few more games, the 2035 batch of youth players looks incredible so I can't see us falling from grace for a good while yet
  6. Thanks @vikeologist, funnily enough my first job is in China at Baoding Rongda - surprising amount of resources for a team fighting relegation so hopefully a good grounding to kick off the challenge
  7. Now it's been a long time since I took on a challenge (or even contributed to the forum in all fairness!), but this challenge looks like a good bit of fun! As an additional challenge to myself, I'm going to play this using a moneyball mentality, no signings over 25, low transfer fees etc Just set up my game, hopefully have a decent-ish job soon - league setup is: *Brazil *China *England *France *Germany *Italy *Mexico *Norway *South Africa *Spain All to the lowest available division (vanilla, no downloaded leagues) Here goes....
  8. Bairro da Argentina 2016/17 Season Review Portuguese National Championship First Phase - Group C: 6th Portuguese National Championship Relegation Stage - Group C: 3rd Media Prediction: 10th Youth Intake What a season! I'll break this down into segments to better capture the season as it progressed. Matches: With 7 points from our opening 6 games things were progressing well, a 4-0 home win against AD Nogueirense being the highlight of the early season. Knocked out of the cup in the first round was more an irritation than anything, the league had to be priority. The next 6 games were winless, though we notched up 4 draws to keep us just about mid table in the first phase. The last 8 games went down as some of the best, with 4 wins (3 high scoring games), a 3-3 draw, and 3 narrow defeats leading us to a 6th place finish in the first phase. Yes, we played well, but now we were in the thick of the relegation stage, with 14 games to secure league status. Opening with a disappointing 1-0 loss against Lus. Vildemoinhos (did the double over them in the first phase), I tinkered with the tactics slightly and ended up with just 2 more defeats in the relegation stage, along with 7 wins. We were on course for another drop in results when the intake came up, what a blessing that was. Up to this point half the team had to be greys due to a sheer lack of players in the squad. After they arrived, the improvement was immediate with just 1 loss between then and the end of the season. With league football assured it's time to press on with preparation for next season. Players: As mentioned above, up until the intake we relied heavily on greys though it's the players under contract that really made us a competitive side. Evandro Faria (ST) ended the season as top scorer in the league with 23 goals in 32 games, while wingers Steve and Leonel were key to us going forward. Fabio Brito (GK) was ever present, and was definitely a key player keeping 10 clean sheets, definitely never felt let down by this guy (a rarity in FM). The intake brought in some massive players for the side, Jorge in particular, if we can keep hold of him he'll be a key player in this squad for the foreseeable future. The intake also brought in real players for many a grey position, meaning I could finally field a full strength side. I signed pretty much all of the intake players in order to have a squad, probably a daft move but without being able to bring in cover for injuries I felt it was necessary. Credit to them, despite being thrown into the first team from the off they've definitely held their own, and some have exceeded. Personal: Managed to complete my National C badge early on in the season, though the financial situation now doesn't allow for any further progression until it improves, hopefully we can push on and secure the future of the club. Offered a 1 year extension to my contract which I gladly took, starting to get a bit attached to this club... Goals for next season: - Progress to round 3 of the cup (a big call, but achievable I think) - Keep hold of Evandro Faria at all costs - Enter the Promotion Stage (if we match the end of season form there's no reason this can't happen) - DON'T GET SACKED
  9. I'm a bit late to this challenge but thought I'd give it a shot as I'm falling out of love with my existing save As I always manage in England I've jumped ship to Portugal, taking over the mighty Bairro da Argentina Bairro da Argentina 2016/17 Pre-Season Portuguese National Championship - Group C (first phase) Manager: Steve Barraclough Club Overview First Team Under 19s Media Prediction: 10th Founded in 2007 the club has very little history, with this season being their first in League football. With no staff or youth players to speak of, we're up against it from the off. This season will be a massive success if we avoid relegation, else this challenge will be very short lived... First task is to get an assistant in place, then push on with friendlies. I'll be honest, the main driver behind me picking this side is Steve, purely for the name...
  10. On mine he was sacked in November '13, remained unemployed and retired around 2017. Klopp replaced him, won nothing (highest league finish under him was 5th) and managed to stay there for 11 years.
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