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  1. The best part of this screen is chicken Inn making an offer for chicksen
  2. Does seem to have a little lag while in the inbox etc on my laptop but in matches it runs nice and smooth. Had the same issue on and off in FM17 & 18 though and it's not too much of an ordeal, haven't encountered any gamebreakers as yet so all good
  3. Gone for man utd this time, almost always do a Bradford save first but this season has been depressing and I'd really rather not
  4. My best was a North Korean CB back in FM14, one of my first transfers once I arrived at Man Utd and had 8 years of joy until he screwed his ligaments, ended up selling him off to Sevilla after a homegrown player took that role and did well. Also have a yemeni CM in the same save, Ahmed Al-Yazidi, English dual nationality though so not sure that counts but he's an absolute machine for club and country
  5. Thanks @vikeologist, funnily enough my first job is in China at Baoding Rongda - surprising amount of resources for a team fighting relegation so hopefully a good grounding to kick off the challenge
  6. Now it's been a long time since I took on a challenge (or even contributed to the forum in all fairness!), but this challenge looks like a good bit of fun! As an additional challenge to myself, I'm going to play this using a moneyball mentality, no signings over 25, low transfer fees etc Just set up my game, hopefully have a decent-ish job soon - league setup is: *Brazil *China *England *France *Germany *Italy *Mexico *Norway *South Africa *Spain All to the lowest available division (vanilla, no downloaded leagues) Here goes....
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