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  1. If its Defender mistakes that cause the problem then a Striker with amazing anticipation will be a fox in the box in this ME? I am reverse engineering a championship winning side here So far - GK - Command of Area, Aerial Reach and Reflexes FB/WB & WM/Wingers - Crossing ST - Anticipation and Finishing Going to Moneyball my way to a EPL title.
  2. Would you say that GK's with great Aerial Reach and Command of Area are essential now also?
  3. The best way to defend against width and crosses then will be to counteract it by having my own FB/WB and Wingers pushing them back in their own half? That would in turn mean im exploiting this defect in the ME though!
  4. So playing a narrow tactic with no midfielders covering the flanks is basically suicide now? Will need to dust off my 4-4-2 handbook I think. Should be fun.
  5. Not played much FM since Christmas last year, I tend to have my best saves on the final patch anyways. Iv noticed in the half season or so playing thus far as Liverpool that I score and concede most goals from crosses. Is this a Tactical thing or a know occurrence in the current ME? Plus side of this is that Benteke is scoring like a man possessed
  6. End of Season 2. 44 Goals shared by my two strikers and a champions league place to boot. upload photo
  7. I have updated the OP with both inverted tactics now. Will add my underdog tactic today if anybody is interested in in.
  8. Tav's Beta Smasher Inverted - http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=07344111785221124505 That should be it man
  9. Half way through Season 2 as NUFC manager and I have a team that can challenge. The tactic works when you have the right level of player needed for each role. Its not a Diablo tactic that gives you cheap wins with players that are not good enough. By Season 4 we should have a squad that can mount a serious assault in Europe too. upload a picture 31 goals for my strike partnership now. Zaza injured for 4 weeks though
  10. NUFC second season and we are on track for a successful year. My new Counter version is doing well so far in the away games. Will keep testing and hope to release it soon. upload gambar Playing Zaza as DLF and Berhaino as my Shadow Striker. 21 Goals between them already
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