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  1. sounder2

    FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    Id love to see a Galloway screen from anywhere in the future. I went for Jorge, but came so so close to signing this guy instead. To make up for it, Ive gone Eric Dier rotating at right back
  2. sounder2

    FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    Yes I would say this time around the game has definitely got harder. Finished top of the league in my first season with the FA cup double (just started second season), but out in the first KO round to PSG (drew home, hammered in Paris) and beaten by Stoke in the little cup, away from home again. I think the main difference from 15 is knowing which games to alter your team strategy away from attacking to control or even standard, which seems to be needed for far more away games now. Now I tend to start away games on control at the least and see how it goes, though I am way more nervous about going to Stamford Bridge or the Etihad than I used to be, which is good! Victor Camarasa did not work out so hes gone already but summer signings of Diakhate and Renato Sanches have got me pretty excited. Bernardo Silva. Ive said it once, Ill say it again. Amazing.
  3. sounder2

    FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    Quick update on the 4231 formation I was using in the beta. Five leagues games in. Five league wins. Started with a super dicey 4-3 at home over Everton then kept three clean sheets in a row. Edged through the Big Cup POs against Sporting on away goals (so so tense), then won again in the league to go top after five games. Formation seems to be holding up, but it certainly isnt as water tight as it was in the beta, but I still reckon it should be good with a little tweaking in the big games. Sold Rooney. Didnt want to until January, but he was in super Ahole mode so 27m to Arsenal, replaced with Bernardo Silva, who looks awesome at 21 (age and price). For the transfers then, Rooney (27) Fellani (20 lol to PSG) and Valdes (2) all leave. In comes Rajkovic (4, then out loaned to Torino), Chambers (17), B Silva (21), B Embolo (15) and someone I have never heard of but I could pick up cheap and my scouts like (I am still 50/50 if he will make it). Any thoughts on Victor Camarasa for 9m? Bit of a gamble but I couldnt get any of my primary CM targets this window.
  4. sounder2

    FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    im starting the real save tonight, but ive used a 4231 in the beta and been doing well. gk, fbs on auto, bpd (stopper) and limited cb (cover) at the back. schmidfield of dlp (defend) and b2b (support), then wingers on support (sometimes change one to inside fw) am on attack with a complete frwd up front. whole team is attacking with rigid positions, retain possession and play wide on the overlap. basically trying to do a louis and it does well for me anyway.
  5. sounder2

    FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    So that is a front line of Martial, Depay, Gotze and Mata in a 4231. Sorry so excited ;P Gonna win everything. Depay may be a little OP imo but I hope not! What you think? Glad they fixed Herrera too. First transfer window was Rooney and Felliani out, 40 and 15, with Chambers (17), L Romero (7), Barbosa (9) and the big Rooney Replacement, Gotze (50), coming in. Delighted. Still in all cups in Dec and just went top of the league again with Spurs (?) running me close. Plan is to do nothing in Jan but I'm watching Youri Teill...Tieslsman...that young Anderlecht CM and Stones for next summer (tho I can get Laporta for 35, which is prob going to be cheaper lol). Not looking forward to the update where Shaw is injured ;(
  6. sounder2

    FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    Anthony Martial is crazy in this database. Start of December and he sticks in his 20 and 21st goal of the season against Palace. 19 in 16 for the league. I also sold Rooney for 40m to Arsenal and replaced him with Gotze, who has been a revelation, obv. Hope that is irl next summer ;P Preseason training I always go Team Cohesion with Match prep one to the right and intensity to high, with focus on Tactics. I switch to Balanced on average and match prep one to the left after the last friendly/Charity Shield, with focus on Defensive Postion.
  7. Just read this...brilliant. The Steam sales people have pulled a fast one on Sega. 'Oh look how much money you're losing through piracy. You should be zillionaires instead of simple millionaires! License it exclusively to us and we'll make sure you get those '2 out of 3' sales we've researched you're losing, making money for us both.' Sigh, I cant believe they fell for that when so many...most other massive game companies sent them packing straight out the door (my friend used to work for steam in corporate sales - he is amazed they got FM on the books!!). Hung by their own greed and trouble to come. So long for now FM. I'll see you on 'rip'-side...
  8. LAST EVER FM11 SAVE Hi guys. About to start the final, most ultamite FM11 11.3 MG Update (nice one MG!!) Man Utd save ever (disclaimer: may not actually be those things at all) and I've got so excited about the transfers coming in, I thought I'd do a pre-season update on the squad and tactics. I'm rubbish at SS so I'll apologise for that now TACTICS I read somewhere on these posts that Attacking/Rigid is the Man Utd way, so thats how I play it. Lots of pace, lots of width, occasionally on the counter attack. This means I need people with pace out wide and tactical sense in the middle to keep the shape and get forward though, because of my formation, I like my central midfield to be filled with slightly defensive minded beasts. FORMATION I'm a 4-2-3-1 man, lining up: WB(auto, support), CB (ball playing), CB (limited cover), WB (auto, support) CM (deep lying playmaker, defensive), CM (box to box, support) Winger (attack, hug touchline), AM (ad playmaker, support), Winger (attack, touchline) Complete Forward (attack) :which instantly gives me a hernandez/rooney/berbatov problem which is only going to get worse when Macheda and Wellback turn up, so I'm going to do what Fergie should have done already and sell Berbs before he gets a day older. He can take Gibson, Park (too slow) and Kus..Kusc..the bad keeper with him as well. Rooney can play anywhere in the front four, but I'll try to keep him up front as much as possible, so I need to find a new CM (dlp: anderson, carrick/b2b: fletcher,...) and someone to play in that hole behind the striker, so Rooney doesn't need to and because Giggs will get injured (and not be all that amazing there). TRANSFERS Happy happy joy joy, I've had two transfer bids accepted for ridiculous terms and it looks like they both might go through. 5M + Gibson apparently equals 1 x Tom Huddlestone, which I dont understand (they wanted him though). I'll put him on quickness training, get him up to 11/11, and he is a total DLP beast. 19/20 passing, strength. 17/18 creativity, positioning, work rate, composure, decisions, stamina, natural fitness, strength, first touch, technique. Thats a pretty good 5M upgrade on Gibson and hes English and from a rival. The other bid I've had accepted is 5M + Diouf = 1 x Marek Hamsik in pretty much the same situation (who runs these clubs?). Pretty happy with that one too Completes my squad (I'll probably get Lucas from Sao Paolo for 6.75m as well) for hardly any outlay. The line up then: De Gea/Lindergaard Rafael/Smalling, Rio/Evans, Vidic/Jones, Evra/Fabio (love this defense) Anderson/Carrick, Fletcher/Huddlestone Nani/Valencia, Hamsik/Giggs, Young/Lucas Rooney/Hernandez Looks pretty flexible to me, especially with the youngsters on the sidelines. I actually like the look of Huddlestone and Fletch as a starting two, so might swop Anderson around later in the season, as well as putting Rooney on the left if Hernandez is firing them in. In total, thats 5M + 5M + 6.75M = 17M out in transfers and if I can get 4M (Kush-ack), 10M (Berbs) and 9M (Park), which isnt totally silly, I'm up in cash, down in age and better off in wages. Hope the actual season goes this well...
  9. still time for meireles to chelski (4 year contract) and arteta to arsenal? (sky news) oh and bendtner to sunderland on loan
  10. roque santa cruz from citie to real betis on a season long loan