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  1. I think that member of this forum called ozil to Arsenal gave the most realistic verision of Pep tactic in his Benfica story. Formation 4-1-4-1 for me is one of Pep's tactics.
  2. I think that this topic is very informing and you have given many good informations, but I simply do not believe that it is possible to have such good results with so many tactic changes.If I understand well you have changed tactic almost every week.
  3. Sir, I am not expert but I think yours role in attack poacher might is wrong. Poacher is player who is scorer and with him in squad you do not need many players in the box. If I have seen your roles you will have in the box poacher, false 9 atacking midfilder A and box to box midfilder. Maybe mezzala or some role that does not finish his run in the box. Good luck
  4. Right way? Wide players mostly go wide. For me it is fine to have one inside forward or one side back to go inside but this is like making joke of the game. I have not see any team to play like this. We have Pep and inward wingers but CM's are in the middle and wingers are hugging touchline.
  5. I am still wondering why people try to complicate simple things. I am not saying that this is unsucesfull tactic but. Wide players go inside and central players go wide. Even this is the most succesfull tactic ever I am not going to use, because I think that this is pure using game in wrong way.
  6. When you look at this picture it looks like the best version of Pep's tactic in City.Wingers are giving with, side backs going inwards and DC's are ball playing. End what was the most impressive for me, is positional play. With CM's movement outside they are in same line or with side backs (who comes inside) or with CD's. And it is the best example of having only two players in same line (Juego posicion). My question is: Have you did that on purpose (replicating Pep's tactic) or not?
  7. Could you explain 2 things: 1. Why you set tight marking (TI) and what you get with this instruction? 2. Why closing down much more? Do your players get tired in last 15 min? Thanks
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