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  1. Always do LLM abroad, hate the English style of football. There's never a certainty to where I start, I usually post a poll on the forums and let people chose which league then I chose the team. Done about 10 seasons taking a team from Swedish 4th tier to Prem, winning it and getting into Europa knockout rounds but had to reset my laptop to factory settings today so lost it all! (couldn't back up as usb ports were corrupt) :/
  2. Spain would be fun but there's too many 'Barcelona B' type teams for my liking!
  3. Cheers, might go for Italy. Either gonna go for a newly founded team which has no history (HinterReggio) because I could make history there and become a legend or Alessandria simply because their badge has an English cross in it, oh and it's in it's 100th year so would be quite cool.
  4. Decided to stick with Europe as not a huge fan of Asia and the Brazilian promotion scene annoys me. Thinking Italy/Germany/France because the amount of good clubs once you reach the 2nd and 1st tier is crazy. Reckon it'll be a challenge? I guess I might do a random generator?
  5. How long did it take you to break into the top 3? and was it back to back promotions for you into the prem?
  6. the NI league doesn't do it for me, neither do the English as not a big fan of the style of football played there (Premier league is different as it's invaded by foreigners) so would find it really hard to motivate myself in NI I think. Not only that but once you get to the top division the standards so poor it would be boring. Asia does sound interesting and I suppose you can add leagues now which makes it better so if I eventually got bored I could just load European ones.
  7. Brazilian 3rd division is the lowest possible, Duque are in that
  8. Just looked on the game and Duque de Caxias FC are the most recent founded team in 2005
  9. I'm looking to take over a team which is newly founded - between 2008+, does anybody know of any in the Brazilian league? Found one in France I like and a few others.
  10. Cheers Michael, not sure if to venture out of Europe as don't know much about what Asia has to offer and what sort of standard it is (like the Asian CL ect).
  11. Not a fan of Turkish people/league so would find it hard to motivate myself, cheers though!
  12. FM12 I done a Brazilian LLM save and it was quite good, the only annoying thing is the fact you can come first and still not go up due to the 'second phase' ect. Still not sure, it's a very hard choice!
  13. I'll be on this, playing in Australian state league
  14. Cheers Apos. I managed to take a team to the Swedish Prem, win it and do decent in Europe (Past the group stages). Whilst I love the league I find once you reach the top the other teams are poor. I thought about the Italian as like you said there's a big difference and also once you reach the top it'll be extremely hard to stay there and will be pushed even when established. Belgium and French league also catch my eye, had any experience with those? Cheers also Haunted.
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