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  1. Napoli when they were playing that 3-4-3 with Cavani, Hamsik and Lavezzi a few years ago. It wasn't three forwards but from what I remember it was three attacking players who were quite narrow a lot of the time. The three up front thing seems to highlight a bigger problem in the match engine where one on ones seem to hit the corner flag while cheap little crosses almost always result in goals, so any system that maximises short crosses to a player's feet will result in you bagging a ton whereas probing formations designed to put a player through on goal are hamstrung. I had a pretty prolific s
  2. Pretty much my point. They should either continue full support for a game until all of the major bugs are patched or just bite the bullet, release an official database update for £5-10 or something every year and release a new game every two instead of doing the standard FIFA nonsense of rushing out an inferior product every year to make cash from people who have a deranged sense of loyalty and would buy anything with the "brand" attached to it. Have you bought pretty much every game in the Tomb Raider series so far? Have you spent thousands of hours playing Tomb Raider? Would you norm
  3. Considering I've owned the last nine versions, put a few thousand hours in and won trophies left right and centre in a mix of circumstances I don't think I'm that bad at the game. But I'll bite. Imagine if playing three at the back meant you'd only concede four or five a season? Would you say "Just don't play three at the back, you're just exploiting the game and can't win properly?" Or would you acknowledge you have to limit yourself tactically because the match engine is broken and they're too busy trying to think of flashy, useless additions that look good on paper to fix it? For what
  4. Games in the FM series aren't something you can form an opinion on in a few hours, like you can with most other games. Therefore you can easily plough a few hundred hours into a save before realising there's a big game ruining bug or two that'll happily **** all over your progress and render the whole thing a bit pointless. It's also a game where it might take a few hundred hours before you get to the "fun" bit. Like getting a non-league team into the Premier League. Which makes it all the more annoying when you work to get to that point and the game decides to f you off. I'd rath
  5. To be fair, I agree 2012 was the best version. Proves my point a bit as the game should be improving every year, it really hasn't. They just tweak things that don't need tweaking, fail to fix the issues they create and add utterly pointless, half baked, features. That's not to say all of the additions have been crap but haway. All of the bugs I have mentioned have been reported by plenty of people, myself included. Just browse the bug forums, these issues have been going on for months with no sign of a fix. And most businesses appreciate customer feedback. I'm a long term custome
  6. Aye, why press SI to make a match engine that works when we can just limit our tactical choices to work around it.
  7. I had the 17 foreign player version, players currently playing in the UK when Brexit happens don't count as foreign. If you're already in the top flight it makes things easier as you can sign South American wonderkids without having to worry about work permits etc. If you're in the second tier or below try and stock up on EU players before it happens.
  8. Don't care. Won't be as annoying as my left winger turning out to be Michael Jackson.
  9. FM18 was an absolute shambles. Aside from the problems with the match engine which have been present for years (too easily broken with 3 up front tactics, defenders AI is terrible, weird goals, weird bugs like the ball hitting the post and just stopping dead while the goalkeeper just stares at it until an opposing striker just wanders over and taps it in) and more bugs than I can ever remember. The fact half of these bugs (regens changing race, regens going bald on different graphics settings, players asking for a contract a couple of months after signing a new contract) made it into the
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