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  1. He's been brilliant for me since my first season. I play a very much attacking formation and the two fullbacks are crucial to it. i used him as a complete wingback on attack duty.
  2. I will just sell these players and re-invest that money. Unless you get your reputation up, this will happen every season. I've been selling players for obscene amount every season after the first. I sold Aubameyang and Gotze for 70mil and 50mil at the start of my second season, Dembele for 80 mil at the start of the third season, Schurrle and Passlack for 75mil and 90 mil at the start of fourth. Didn't wanna lose Passlack but Bayern went to activate his release clause -_-
  3. How did you sell Sven Bender to Bayern for 20 million? Rode for 20 million as well? Wow.
  4. Just started my third season. Managed to bring in Niklas Sule for 35 million. That leaves me with 5 centrebacks. Sule, Sokratis, Batra, Ginter and Rudiger. Probably gonna sell either Sokratis or Batra with Barca and Real Madrid showing interest in them. Man City made me an offer of 80 million for Dembele which i simply cannot turn down. So off he go. Targeting Thomas Lemar as his replacement but just couldn't get Monaco to sell although he is placed on the loan list. Probably gonna loan him and see if i can find any way to get them to sell him. Gonna offload Castro as i feel Mikel Merino is all ready to step up and take over him. Matia Perin is available for cheap so looking to bring him in and sell of Burki who has found himself second choice behind Rajkovic. Could have a couple more departures with a few big teams sniffing around Luan and Harold Preciado.
  5. scouted a few regen youngster and they indicated interested in transfer so i guess its better now.
  6. Well, i have managed to convince Sule to sign for me but its a damn long process. I started to send my scout to watch him every match by making him my top transfer target and i got Marco Reus to talk about him in the media. After about half a season, he started to sway about not moving and instead, became desperate to move to the club. So manage to do a deal with Hoffenheim for $35mil in installments plus addons. So i guess its possible to get them to move, just that its damn tedious...
  7. Got both of them at the start of the second season. Dolberg for 19 mil and Marchetti for 9 Mil, most of which are in installments. Finding it tough in the second season. The tactics which i used to great effect in the first season doesnt seems to be working now. Is the AI that clever now, considering i didnt play FM16?
  8. Into my second season. Hate the issue on German players not moving to other German clubs. Agreed a deal for Niklas Sule but he just refused to come even though i have just won the Champions League. Bayern doing what they do best in my save. Coveting my star players. Just sold Aubameyang to them for 75million and now they are coming after Dembele. Sold Sahin, Aubameyang, Durm, Gagliardini and Subotic. Brought in Rudiger, Luciano Vietto, Kasper Dolberg, Vincent Marchetti and a few other youngsters and regens for the U19s and II side. Quite a number of clubs sniffing at Raphael Guerriero but i'm holding out for a large fee and till i can find someone else. Any suggestions. Quality full backs are hard to find.
  9. Thanks for the explanation! Much appreciated. enjoying my Dortmund save so far. Brought in Rajkovic to challenge Burki in goal, Fredrik Oldrup Jensen and Roberto Gagliardini to backup my midfielders as well as Luan who can play anywhere in the front three. Also found a gem of a striker in Harold Preciado to backup PEA. Sold Kagawa, Park Joo Ho and Adrian Ramos.
  10. Hi guys. First time playing German league and decided to go with Dortmund. Just a quick question. I noticed that Dortmund II hasn't got any matches scheduled at all. Does that mean that players who are in Dortmind II will not get any match practice at all or are they playing for the U19s?
  11. signed him in my Dortmund save and rotated him with PEA. Outscored PEA over the course of the season!
  12. Vincent Marchetti, Robert Gagliardini and Pepelu were cheap options for me.
  13. hi guys, sorry im a big noob when it comes to the editor. can i ask how you load this file when you are starting a new save?
  14. hey guys. who are the good tutors in the team and who are the youngsters you tutored? i got zlatan tutoring rashford and mata tutoring cribbin. any other good ones to recommend? basti seems like a good tutor as well.
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