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  1. On BBC gossip page: Players who have quit Arsenal over the last seven years have amassed 44 winners' medals between them at 11 different clubs, while those who stayed at the Emirates have empty trophy cabinets.
  2. So who are the 4 players from your team on painkillers?
  3. Heskey scored in that game. Hargreaves was fit enough to come on as a sub.
  4. I also remember this, although I don't think it actually happened (goalie as outfield player). They did have massive injury/suspension problems. Volkan was sent off with all subs made.
  5. Chelsea 2011/12 Thread

    reverse psychology ftw.
  6. Chelsea 2011/12 Thread

    Eriksson wants Chelsea job
  7. How come player miss so many shots. Don't they train how to hit a shot?
  8. I bought FM09 from Amazon. I have the DVD and the manual with the serial key. When I got it, I tried the game couple of times and didn't really get into it and put it in a drawer. Thing is, when I registered with Steam, it was the first (and only) time I had used it, and didn't know what to expect, so I created a new e-mail address just for that purpose - I did write it down somewhere along with my Steam username and password - but, I forgot where (probably on some paper that has been thrown away). I though I'd give it another go before FM2010. Can I still install it from the disk and update the game? If I can't get it to work, no problem, I'll wait for FM2010, I'm really digging the new look.
  9. I like my assistant to use his own tactics with Reserves and Youth teams and when I'm on holiday, so I search for an assistant who likes to play a similar formation to mine and 'filter by Preferred Formation' option would make the search for a new assistant a lot easier. My current assistant plays 4-1-4-1 (which is what I myself use) and it's a bit tricky to find a replacement for him because most play 4-4-2 and I have to click through tons of staff to find someone with a 4-1-4-1 Preferred Formation. The data is already there, all I need now is the option to filter it. (I know that I can tell him what formations to use, but thats not the point here)
  10. I bet in real life for most of the football managers contracts mean A LOT. I remember seeing an interview with Leicester manager (can't remember the name. now ex-manager) where he said: when you have been a gardener you take anything you can get or something like that I think it was (I could possibly be totaly wrong though) - don't really know how this fits here
  11. you can always imagine/pretend spending the money. Since I don't know how much of my £600 p/w would be left after taxes, I'm just going to pretend that it's already after taxes and spend it all \o/
  12. I was just wondering what kind of life-style I could afford/sustain on £600 p/w as a Rochdale manager I was going to google for Rochdale, houses, apartment, cars and stuff just to see. I'm kind of bored and it seemed a bit of fun thing to do, but I'm hoping it will also add a bit to make the FM world/experience seem more real/alive.