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  1. same here, tried to extract skins,sigraphics,sitoolkit to find where these images are but no lucky
  2. Hello, there is a way to change the background in the match section (see attached file)? thx
  3. Ciao Matteo, credimi, non lo sapevo proprio, mi basavo su quanto vedevo su editor e sul fatto che avevo già segnalato in passato senza aver ricevuto risposta in merito, errore mio comunque non essere andato a controllare ingame. Buon lavoro Matteo
  4. MIlik is on Loan to Marseille with wage paid by OM and not Napoli. OM will buy him at the end of the loan for a fare of €13MLN + 20% for future sell to Napoli, OM doesn't have a option to buy.
  5. every years the same error....the same installments since FM18 ... good job!
  6. at the moment I only changed the background to enable light and dark skin. Do you need something particular?
  7. player physical stats panel.xml Hello, Use the attached xml file (put it in panels\player) to show the percentage.
  8. I made a dark skin with a dark gray background. As soon as possibile I will release a light version too. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4rxfw2gnqf0j29a/editor.zip/file you have to put zip folder content in : documents\sport interactive\editor 2021\skins
  9. it seems that comp.fmf is the older version of fm20...we have problem with a lot of countries. I tried with Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Spain too.
  10. Hello, montly instalments for Juventus are the same of FM20, FM19 and FM18. A lot of Serie A teams have montly instalments not updated. Can you give a look on this?
  11. sorry for delay, it was fixed in the next release.
  12. hi guys, there is a way to remove (not hide) the 3D manager (see pic) in the start screen? thanks
  13. Hello guys, what is the name of this panel? Thanks a lot!
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