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  1. Hello, one question. How I can hide, or decrease transparency, the pitch in the following panel? thanks!
  2. Thanks again @wkdsoul, I added code for CA/PA and Roles, roles are showing correctly, but unfortunately CA/PA are still hidden. if I put <flags id="Pcab" /> <flags id="Ppab" /> instead of <flags id="PCAB" /> <flags id="PPAB" />, CA/PA with stars is showed. Where I'm wrong? Grazie @22764636 ti aggiungerò ai miei contatti steam (il mio è eireann76), ho bisogno di questi parametri per un progetto che sto portando avanti col Fusion DB
  3. thanks for your reply, do you know the code to add CA & PA numeric values?
  4. I know this, I want to know if is possible to have a squad full list custom view with all Ca Pa visibile and / or numeric values for roles.
  5. Hello, I want to know if there is a way to create a custom squad list view with numeric CA/PA and/or numeric value for each field position (GK, DC, WL, WR...) Thanks in Advance.
  6. released the v3.0 for FM19...updated first post. === ChangeList VERSION 3.0 ==== - Added 5300 players - Serie A, Serie B and Serie C1 Championship complete with roses and subsequent reforms (from 16 to 18 teams, from 2 to 3 foreign player and then to no limits, from 2 to 3 points) - World Championship and World Qualifications as in the 80's - European Championship and European qualifications as in the 80's (in 2019, at the end of the season, the European Championship will take place, as in 88!!!) - Reviews the finances of most major league teams The project will continue both for FM19 & FM20
  7. Hello...this is the new version of the dark and light skin. differently from the previous the following files are skin and not comp editor.fmf file, this mean that future update will not affect our skin just copy your preferred skin in documents\sport interactive\editor 2020\skins library\application support\sport interactive\editor 2020\skins (if you are on mac) COPY ONLY ONE SKIN (LIGHT OR DARK) and the folder name must be "editor" dark editor.7z light editor.7z
  8. thanks for your reply. player overview popup panel is the panel containing the role, best role, attributes etc. I need the panel that contain player overview popup panel & player personal details popup panel
  9. Hello guys, do you know how I can expand this panel? what is the file containing it? Thanks!
  10. oh...thank you!!! It worked!
  11. unfortunately I already did, but didn't change anything. I think there is some parameter in the client_object_browser.xml but I'm not able to find it. EVO SKIN removed this margin and the only difference with my skin is the client_object_browser
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