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  1. 1) what’s the mentality of the CBs. Personally, I always try to achieve balanced to ensure they’re less incentivesed to clear it 2) do they have ppms? I aim to train all cbs with short passing. Composure? Vision? Passing? Technique? All those play a role 3) what’s the passing range of the cbs. Note that as I mentioned, playing out of defence with shorter passing increases the back lines passing range (as per the visual) you wont ever completely remove those kind of passes, but you can limit them. It could also just be the CB. Maybe he’s overly right footed on the left. just some thoughts.
  2. In the event it contributes constructively to the discussion and helps others; I thought I'd share what I tend to do while building and refining my tactic. I essentially map out the mentalities of the roles I've assigned as they have such a significant impact and I adjust accordingly to get the correct balance. For example; I've been wanting to develop a 'Sarri-esque' style of play (I say -esque cause I don't want to lose to Bouremouth 4-0 nor in the business of replication). The below is an illustration. *Percentage Numbers represent press intensities bar coverage **Arrows represent forward running as instructed by role (not ppms) My objective is to have a role specific for a 'Jorginho' type of character (Declan developed into that) through which all play flows through. In order to achieve that I have to set him as a DLP. However I want him to be static, defensively responsible and cover the hole while performing somewhat similar to the HB role. Understanding mentalities, the only way to achieve this is to have a lower mentality on the DM than the CB's. Secondly, I want my team to press in units; Attacking Unit (front 5) and defensive unit (back 5). Mentality still plays a role here; even though the wingbacks have the same pressing %'s, they are on a more aggressive and risk taking mentality so they're more likely to press higher up. The purpose is that I want my middle 3 (DLP, and CB's) to cover the space in tandem and press as a unit to reduce amount of gaps. It's been a successful way to map out my formations so far so hope this finds some value for others. This helps me identify gaps better and impose a balance onto my system. Afterwards, I then start considering how PPM's and stats impact an players capability of performing the role. i.e. I wouldn't put a player with drops deeper in a position where I want forward running to be a constant and since I use a Very Attacking Striker (DLF-A), I need to use a striker with drop deeper to ensure he's not isolated. Edit: Note that it's also important to consider the implications each time you make a change mid match; whether that's requesting for an overlap or switching from positive to attacking. Not understanding the impacts will result in unbalancing your system
  3. Just note that higher tempo would most likely result in higher turnover of possession so expect lower possession figures but that’s not to say it will be any better or worst. Just different. I’ve personally had a lot of issues with strikers but it’s primarly the fact that I want them to lead the line while not getting isolated(which is asking a lot from a striker). My solution has been 1) DLF(A) with ppms of dropping deeper 2) Any support with either get further forward or likes to beat offside trap the PPMs in combination with role dictate a lot in terms of movement you achieve note: this doesn’t mean my striker doesn’t get poor ratings at times but he accomplishes what I expect of him in terms of build up, pressing and attack.
  4. I’m not sure if it’s a visual glitch, a bug or intentional but if you pay close attention; setting your team instructions to shorter passing while also using play out of defence indicates that the back lines directness is higher (50%) than if you use standard passing (33%) alongside play out of defence. big thanks @herne79 for the write up and not just a tactic dump. After reading this, it motivated me to tweak my system and I’m getting some wonderful footy. I’m not as insistent on possession but I’ve finally unlocked the pressing I was desiring as well as attacking intent from my striker. Also solved my DM problem via mentality adjustments to the CBs keep it up!
  5. Really interested in seeing the results; mostly curious on your midfield 3 combination and your strikers role. I've been playing with West Ham myself and just beginning my 2023-24 season. I've went through many iterations of 4123 (DM-Wide) and finding the start of this season very tough. So far I've gone from CAR-MEZ-HB(DM) to CAR-MEZ-DLP(DM) to CM(A)-RPLM-DM(DM) and now at BBM-AP-HB(DM). None have been satisfying me enough; mostly my disappointment is the DM role as my desire is for him to cover the pocket of space and he seems to wander just about everywhere; even with lower closing down and stay's back at all time PPM. On the strikers front; I'm having nightmares but the most logical role in my mind seems to either be a PF(D), DLF(S) or CF(S) though it grinds my gears where my wide players cut inside and since the forward's got no "get forward" instruction in any of those roles, he just sits there.
  6. I was wondering if I could get a clarification on the following two roles. I noticed one performing slightly better but have no real explanation. On my current 4411 formation, I'm currently rotating between two roles. At first I was playing a Complete Forward (S) however he was too high up the pitch and was isolated from my Enganche. I then experimented with a DLF (S) but found him too stationary. I then decided to give the DLF roam more and dribble more, essential the same instructions as the Complete Forward (S) offers and he finds himself in deeper positions and roams better. Ironically, since I use fluid system, there is no mentality differences Is there any hidden differences between the two roles that we can't see or is it a bias effect that is making me think the self-imposed instructions are creating better rewards? Edit : FM16
  7. Thanks Cleon. I'm fortunate enough to have a professional squad so not many of them complain about workload (Tabanou aside...). I've commonly left the youth training up to my Head of Youth Development but now that I've read a bit about player development, I want to take advantage of some of my new youth intakes and try to do it properly. I'm also paranoid of injuries given my key ST and RB are out for 5-8 months both. I do remember reading that intensity didn't have an influence on any injuries if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Nope, the role itself makes no difference to his workload. It seems to be that position itself, even though he's natural.
  9. I was wondering what you guys do when it comes to the individual training workload. In past versions it was easier to manage since you can change the intensity. I'm currently in a difficult spot where, I either run the team training at a Heavy Intensity so that the majority of my team are on Heavy. However, if I run it on heavy, a few of my players on the squad will move to very heavy intensity if I add any individual focus. 1) How much of a risk is it running training at very heavy on individuals, especially if the player is a key figure. 2) Is it worth reducing the team training to medium so that every player can be provided individual rotating focuses and none go to very high. On a side note, anyone notice that some players who become natural in a second position still get the workload increase should you tell them to train under that position? For example, with Swansea, Tabanou is natural in AML and DL. If I ask him to train under AML as a winger, his workload is considered Heavy. If I ask him to train as a CWB in DL, his workload jumps to Very Heavy.
  10. I'm currently having a successful season with Swansea playing a 4411 counter attacking strategy. Over the course of the season, I've played with various modifications and I'm still tinkering to get the best setup. Here's my current setup and my justifications will follow. Team Instructions: Fairly Narrow, Prevent short GK distribution, Get stuck in, play out of defense and higher tempo; fluid and counter GK (D) - Distribute to FB's, Throw it long DR: FB (S) - Pass it shorter, Cross more often DCR: CD © - Pass it Shorter DCL: CD (D) - Pass it Shorter DL: FB (S) - Fewer Risky Passes, Hold Position MR: WM (A) - Sit narrower, More Direct Passes, Cut Inside with ball, Cross Less Often MCR: CM (S) - Hold Position, Close down less, Pass it shorter, Fewer risky passes MCL: CM (S) - Hold Position, Close down less, Pass it shorter (more risky passes gets added/removed depending on opposition) ML: Winger (A) - Close down more AMC: AM (A) - Moves into Channels, Close down much more STC: CF (S) - Close down much more Notes Defense - I prefer having one FB stay back; in Swansea, taylor is awful at crossing and its the wing where Moreno is suppose to run at full backs and beat them 1v1 so there is little value in overlapping as I expect him to go to byline more than cutting inside. On the other side, you want Naughton to provide some width given that Ayew will cut inside. I gave shorter passing to CB's as they were lumping too many balls out forward and conceding possession. Midfield - I was playing around with DLP(s) and CM(d) and it was successful in general, but i found when playing against a team with a AMC, your CM(d) was dragged out of position too often and the DLP was caught too far forward. With equal mentality in the midfield, it feels like the line is more stable and consistent. I gave them less closing down with the hope of ensuring they stay in the midfield as opposition wingers get doubled up on anyways by the winger and fb. I was using Gylfi as AM(s) initially but he ended up sitting right between the CM's and when possession was won, he had little passing options beyond 1m from him. Because the tactic currently has get stuck in, sometimes I notice getting large amounts of fouls high up the pitch, which is why I almost always have match preperations to defend against set pieces. I've tinkered with ease off tackles on both midfielders some games depending on their tackling attribute and watching how many fouls are received. Forward - Bafetimbi has been a beast for me this season. I'm currently training him to stop trying to beat the offside trap, but he finds himself in great positions inside the box and his hold up play is exceptional.
  11. I'm currently running a Swansea campaign. I tend to do it every year since FM14 as I love their squad and philosophy. Here's some suggestions I have in this years game, taking the match engine in consideration. I suggest playing 4411 instead of 4231 (wide). Both montero and ayew are natural at ml and mr and this would provide a lot more defensive stability. I haven't signed anyone in the first season. Currently sitting comfortably in 4th after 10 games running a counter attack philosophy. Here are a few things I've noticed in this years ME. 1. Bafatimbi Gomis is offside 24/7. Due to this, I've asked him to train to stop beating offside trap and play CF (S) (this is a logged as potential bug but in meantime, this is my work around) 2. Swansea doesn't have a fast back line. The FB get exposed a lot easier this year so I've dropped my line slightly deeper. I've also told my FB's to stop playing risky passes as I noticed they tend to be very wasteful in possession. 3. I have Montero on the left playing Winger Attack and Ayew on the right playing Wide Midfielder Attack (I've asked Ayew to sit narrower, cut inside, more direct passing and cross less, anything else you add is dependent on whether you counter or control etc.) This replicates what you want. Possession on the right and through balls to montero on the wing. 4. I've asked both CM to not close down a lot and both are playing conservative. Recycling possession. Even though Shelvey and Ki are great passers, you want to retain possession so I have short passing. 5. Gylfi is a bit of a mystery for me. I'm currently playing him as a AM but I've also tried Engache and I've had mixed success with both. I havn't had the preferred results with AP. Hope it helps.
  12. Um... technically, the so-called "Moneyball" method of management has already been introduced to football. A good read would be Soccernomics. It is essentially a method of management where you don't exceed your means. In other words, you estimate a realistic position based on your given resources. The whole "Moneyball" method far exceeds the data and options that we are capable of managing in FM. The best we can do in applying the methods here is looking for good value buys and good sells. This method, however, revolves around the one thing almost everyone hates doing, selling their stars at overpriced market values. Certain figures in the football world believe that the transfer market is a different game on its own from the football game. Newcastle actually applied this method in their glory days. They had excellent scouting, excellent management and weren't afraid of selling their stars. However, what they did was sign all the controversial footballers that had excellent technique, and helped those players get through their troubles. By assisting them in whatever ailed them (alcholism, drugs etc), they would buy excellent footballers that were plagued and transformed them through man management, and then sell them if big offers come in. Now attempting this in FM is difficult due to limitations. We can't suggest Balotelli to see a shrink. in the game (exaggeration). Personally, I believe this will only work with lower tiered clubs. Buy players that are having conflicts with their clubs but have a good degree of skill and past performances. Avoid buying players who have performed well during big international games since they tend to be overpriced. To put it simply. Look for cheap unhappy players, improve them, sell them at inflated price, buy better cheap unhappy players, improve them, sell them at inflated prices etc. Lastly, the one important rule that i remember being written in the book was the fact that you shouldn't sign young stars under the age of 21-22, since bellow that age, their potential is still unpredictable, you carry too much of a risk as a club, whereas by 21-22, you will have a good understanding of his abilities and his potential growth. At this age, they also tend to be cheaper if they are not already established. Lastly, unload players at the age of 29, since that is when the declining officially happens, and its where their value will be the highest.
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