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  1. 1) what’s the mentality of the CBs. Personally, I always try to achieve balanced to ensure they’re less incentivesed to clear it 2) do they have ppms? I aim to train all cbs with short passing. Composure? Vision? Passing? Technique? All those play a role 3) what’s the passing range of the cbs. Note that as I mentioned, playing out of defence with shorter passing increases the back lines passing range (as per the visual) you wont ever completely remove those kind of passes, but you can limit them. It could also just be the CB. Maybe he’s overly right footed on the left. just
  2. In the event it contributes constructively to the discussion and helps others; I thought I'd share what I tend to do while building and refining my tactic. I essentially map out the mentalities of the roles I've assigned as they have such a significant impact and I adjust accordingly to get the correct balance. For example; I've been wanting to develop a 'Sarri-esque' style of play (I say -esque cause I don't want to lose to Bouremouth 4-0 nor in the business of replication). The below is an illustration. *Percentage Numbers represent press intensities bar coverage **Arrows
  3. Just note that higher tempo would most likely result in higher turnover of possession so expect lower possession figures but that’s not to say it will be any better or worst. Just different. I’ve personally had a lot of issues with strikers but it’s primarly the fact that I want them to lead the line while not getting isolated(which is asking a lot from a striker). My solution has been 1) DLF(A) with ppms of dropping deeper 2) Any support with either get further forward or likes to beat offside trap the PPMs in combination with role dictate a lot in terms of movement yo
  4. I’m not sure if it’s a visual glitch, a bug or intentional but if you pay close attention; setting your team instructions to shorter passing while also using play out of defence indicates that the back lines directness is higher (50%) than if you use standard passing (33%) alongside play out of defence. big thanks @herne79 for the write up and not just a tactic dump. After reading this, it motivated me to tweak my system and I’m getting some wonderful footy. I’m not as insistent on possession but I’ve finally unlocked the pressing I was desiring as well as attacking intent from my striker
  5. Really interested in seeing the results; mostly curious on your midfield 3 combination and your strikers role. I've been playing with West Ham myself and just beginning my 2023-24 season. I've went through many iterations of 4123 (DM-Wide) and finding the start of this season very tough. So far I've gone from CAR-MEZ-HB(DM) to CAR-MEZ-DLP(DM) to CM(A)-RPLM-DM(DM) and now at BBM-AP-HB(DM). None have been satisfying me enough; mostly my disappointment is the DM role as my desire is for him to cover the pocket of space and he seems to wander just about everywhere; even with lower closing dow
  6. I was wondering if I could get a clarification on the following two roles. I noticed one performing slightly better but have no real explanation. On my current 4411 formation, I'm currently rotating between two roles. At first I was playing a Complete Forward (S) however he was too high up the pitch and was isolated from my Enganche. I then experimented with a DLF (S) but found him too stationary. I then decided to give the DLF roam more and dribble more, essential the same instructions as the Complete Forward (S) offers and he finds himself in deeper positions and roams better. Ironicall
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