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  1. On the player profile screen I could previously click on full back (defend) for example and it would highlight the attributes needed for this position,am I missing something this year because I can’t seem to highlight the attributes
  2. I’m looking to download fm19 now,if I buy the full fat game does it still come with fm touch?
  3. Would a i7 processor 8gb ram 1tb hard drive acer laptop run plenty of leagues on fm15?
  4. I'm looking for some advice as I haven't a clue about laptops! Mine currently is a Hewlett Packard g62 notebook 4gm ram AMD athlon I I p320 dual-core processor 2.10 ghz 64 bit operating system it runs fm14 fine at the moment but it's 4years old,but I'd like to know if I'd be better off with a cheap £199 laptop but brand new it's a to toshiba satellite c50-b- 14d 4gb ram intel celeron processor n2830 windows 8.1 operating system,I'd appreciate any advice many thanks
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