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  1. On the player profile screen I could previously click on full back (defend) for example and it would highlight the attributes needed for this position,am I missing something this year because I can’t seem to highlight the attributes
  2. I’m looking to download fm19 now,if I buy the full fat game does it still come with fm touch?
  3. Hi Lucas,I always buy the full fat PC game but play FM touch on it,can I not do this now?
  4. I've got the same issue its very frustrating, Lucas if this is a bug will I be able to hand the role to my assistant once it's sorted or would I be stuck with this for the whole save?
  5. I've gone on holiday for 1 season and now taken over a conf South team but when my reserves play I have to control it,I can't seem to find where to give control to my assistant,any ideas please?
  6. Any idea roughly how long after nov 13th until this is released? Tempted to start with Salford
  7. Amazing work! How are Swindon getting on? And have Swindon supermarine managed to get into the league?
  8. I'm looking for a fresh idea for a save,I always play in England but fancy a change,I've seen a San marino challange that looks good,has anyone got any other ideas?
  9. Has anyone downloaded a lower league download and had any success? I'm thinking of starting at step 7/8
  10. Any idea when this update is normally released?
  11. Thanks jam Jameson, who are you playing as phnompenhandy?
  12. Does anyone know if there is a reliable download yet for these league?
  13. I'm a few seasons in and just bought a lot of 18-21 year olds that are not ready for first team action yet,if I leave them in the reserves will this stop there progress in any way?
  14. Can you use this on fmc and how does it work? Do I need to activate it before I load my game? Or can I start in England and add any league available in the game when I like?
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