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  1. We can order the downloads by kit style, that's just an oversight. However, if you scroll to the bottom of this page: http://www.supportsinteractive.com/downloads, you can browse all the kit styles like never before. That's the easiest way to download them.
  2. Finally we're in a position to allow more beta requests. You can sign-up here: http://www.supportsinteractive.com/beta-access Please note: It's first come, first served. And passes will only be sent once we've cleared the current crop of bugs reported. Thus far we've had 50 sign-ups in the last 30 minutes, so if you do want to get in any time soon, you should get your name down early on. Thanks, Game
  3. It actually reads "You have an ambitious squad and Rodriquez would certainly share their ambition" –– but that's because his personality type is Resolute, which is the same as saying he's determined. No-one would be determined to lose, so basically, he's another variant of ambitious. Which is why the two types are compared favourably. If your team was Determined the line would read the same, but the ending would replace 'ambition' with 'determination'. However, as you say, it's not likely that we'll concur. Cleon said he'll ask about it, so we'll find out one way or the other – which means we all know something conclusive off the back of a good debate
  4. With all due respect, I have nothing to prove. I highlighted that the reports had simply changed layout rather than lost quality information, and I then asked (when challenged) if anyone could support what they were saying about the missing data being crucial or "more important than what was displayed". There's no 'attitude', just fact. You came in, said Shrewnaldo was right (without proving it) and in the remainder of your first two lines pretty much suggested I was a moron for daring to question something that was apparently abundantly obvious to anyone with the capacity for understanding such technically complex things. Turns out, you've nothing relevant to say, other than "Do some research, I no longer wish to help you gain clarity", which in this context is tantamount to saying "I don't have any real answers to your follow-up points, so I'll try and take the high ground and pretend I know what I'm saying". At least that's how I read it. Although, to be fair, I may need to do some thorough testing to make sure what you said actually happened To answer your question in the first line (because I'm still happy to help you find clarity); It is quite clearly a question of 'what it means'. It's obvious the text is no longer there. The pertinent question is, 'Why is it not there?' – And the answer is, because, as I suggested, it's nothing more than filler text to make the UI in FM12 seem more engaging.
  5. The first line says Hazard is Fairly Ambitious. The second line says the team is Ambitious and Hazard would fit in well. That's exactly what the second line should say; it's comparing two personality types and finding they're similar enough to work together. I believe it does this to clarify any personality types that would leave a user uncertain whether a player and a team were compatible each other. My point was, if the second line is crucial information, we have to display that two contrasting personality types can still show a second line which reads "The player would fit in well with the team". Thus far that's not happened. All that has been proven is the two lines work in tandem and do what they should (compare a player to the team).
  6. 1. I grasp the importance of knowing a hidden attribute. My point was, the topic is moot if the second line is merely worthless text. 2. Let's say that second line holds significance. If anything, "He'd fit in well with the rest of the squad" – in the case of someone having a personality type which contrasts the team's overall personality – ties better with Adaptability than Professionalism. The Professionalism attribute means a player will work hard, maintain their attributes better over time and stay out of trouble. Adaptability means the player can work in unfamiliar surroundings better than most. How that second line, semantically, equates to you knowing a player's Professional attribute is beyond me. 3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: In the instance of Isimat-Mirin, his personality of Resolute (determined; decisive; decided) fits quite well with the team's overall personality of Ambitious. This is how the second line reads. If you want to prove the second line holds substance or indicates the value of a hidden attribute, you need to find two contrasting personality types that share the line "He fits in well with the rest of the team". This profile shot proves nothing either of you suggest. Although I will say, at least Shrewnaldo has asked Cleon if he knows anymore than we do; he's not come into the thread talking as if he knows this to be true. You seem to believe having a strong opinion on the matter gives you factual perspective. It doesn't. I'm not saying I can prove it one way or the other, I'm asking if those saying it has value can prove it does; otherwise as I initially said, the topic is moot. 4. Cleon is not female.
  7. I'd suggest you asked Cleon if the line means what you think it does. He'll clarify it one way or the other. If it doesn't, then you've no less information that before; if it does, then you might find out why it was removed. However, I think due to the varying nature of the personality types you have, it was only an indication of how well suited each would be. Maybe done with the intent to give newbies an idea that a Professional player could work well with a Determined team, etc.
  8. Maybe I misunderstand you. You posted the following images; FM12: http://i47.tinypic.com/dqky0j.png FM13: http://i50.tinypic.com/ka1kc5 From what I see in FM12 it says the player is Resolute and your team is Ambitious, and in FM13 it says the player is Fairly Determined and your team is Loyal. All they've removed is the sentence structure and gone with phrases. No? The only thing I can imagine you're complaining about is the missing line "player would/wouldn't fit in well with the rest of the squad" – which you're chalking up as indication to their Professionalism attribute? If so, that seems like you're putting too much emphasis on the importance of that sentence, because in my mind that merely advises you how compatible the player's personality is to the team's personality, not how professional the player is. Under that theory, you could say it also covered a player's Adaptability (because they'd need to be adaptable to work in an uncomfortable environment); something which I don't imagine to be true either.
  9. I don't understand how it makes such a difference? They've merely shortened the sentence to fit it in the profile. You only have to understand the meaning of each word used to make the comparison yourself. And if you don't know what the word means, you can look it up online in a minute or so (and learn something new). Personally, I think it's a lot easier to glance at a player and make a decision.
  10. Rob Barnes-Graham. He's BertieBG on the forums here
  11. Yes. People signed-up over a year ago to get their beta passes. We'll be giving some out on Twitter during open beta testing soon, though. We estimate that'll be 3-4 weeks, maybe longer. Not entirely sure until we complete the next few weeks of testing first :-)
  12. Thanks for the nice comments guys. Here's a notice from our Twitter account for anyone still waiting to test;
  13. To explain where we're at, as a site, we've got a platform that is very much on par with Facebook and Twitter, and has an incredible amount of unique and original Football Manager features on top of it. – And I seriously don't think you'll find anyone who will say that's not accurate. This isn't a social network in the sense that you have a profile and some Like buttons, some messaging tools and a friend system; it's all of Facebook + Twitter + Invision Power Board + Steam's community features + MSN + the FM equivalent to EA Sports' FIFA website thing they have –– if you break up our site and look at its features compared to various other social tools you may use. The beauty of our site is in its understated simplicity; things just work and it's seamless. Because of that I don't think there's anyone who will ever truly comprehend the nature of what we've done with only a 2 man team and 5-6 hours per night for 18.5 consecutive months (and that's rounding down the amount of time we've invested on the site). For that reason, I find it difficult to agree that either yourself or 37Signals would be in a better position to judge something you've not interacted with and don't understand. Yes, 37Signals have created very popular social platforms, but my point is this: They create a framework for a user to build upon; they are better off releasing early and expanding features. We have a social network which has a minimum requirement of numerous features. We also have a FM orientated site, which again, has a minimum requirement of numerous features. If we don't get those things in place to start with, the site doesn't do what it's supposed to. The crux of the point is: 37Signals will do what it's supposed to with a basic feature set, SI's basic feature set was far more expansive than 37Signals'. Of course, all of that said, there are things we've done that we didn't need to do so soon, but they were quick and easy to do whilst we were at a certain point, so they were done. We're only a 2 man team, so this was always going to take time, but we're also methodical and have extremely high standards when it comes to the quality of everything we do – that has absolutely added to the timeframe. However, like I said before, wait and see what has taken so long. From that position you can actually compare the site to the time it's taken and have an informed opinion
  14. Whilst I don't undervalue the opinion of people who've already done this to some degree, you have to understand that their perspective is not going to apply to every project. They've built software/apps for other people to develop custom sites on top of. We are building a social network. It's two completely different scenarios. There's a certain level of quality and functionality people expect with social media sites, and we have to meet that. On top of which, we also have to make our site FM orientated; so there's another host of features and areas we need to build as standard. That's not to say we've handled everything perfectly. We haven't. We underestimated the work involved initially, set a date, were under enormous pressure to hit it and missed it by six months. That was last year. It goes without saying, we're guilty of being unrealistic and moving too quickly in letting people know about the site. But after missing FM12 we decided to build for FM13, and after multiple improvements during that time we're almost there –– with a far superior site than we'd ever have had otherwise. All of that being said, we're not being unrealistic; we're not trying to create a perfect site. There's a lot we've not touched on yet, because as you've highlighted above, we have to accept some things aren't as important as releasing the site. But, we've taken exactly as long as we needed to in order to create the kind of site we felt we needed to. If we'd opened early on and had a buggy site people were beta testing, it'd have been a nightmare –– and I say that with experience because we've done that with about 50 people so far (after testing/building for 20 months) and it's been chaotic. I wouldn't like to think how bad it'd have been without the 20 months of design and development behind us. I won't keep pushing my opinion the matter, it'll get boring. What I will say is, wait for the site to open in the next few days (First Wave beta testing) and you'll see why we've gone down the route of creating a polished site instead of a framework. Ask anyone who's seen the site (#SceneBeta on Twitter) and they'll tell you we've done the right thing taking our time with this. Thanks for the comment/quotes
  15. First Wave beta testing access is imminent. Approved testers should be able to gain access to the site by the end of the weekend :-)
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