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    Hi there. I'm Callum, 13 years of age, and I support Bradford City. I also follow Rangers. I've had a season ticket at City since 2005 and am really looking forward to the 2011/12 season.

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    FM, FM and FM

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    Bradford City & Range
  1. [FM11] Bradford City AFC

    Danny Ward (loan), Ismael Fofana and Luc Matutu (frees) arrive at the club. City 4-1 Brum Wrexham 0-1 City
  2. [FM11] Bradford City AFC

    I went on editor, transferred all our signings and sold all our players to the relative clubs. I did the 2010/11 promotions/relegations and a few 'major' signings in the Premiership. I've just started this save as the mighty Bradford City and shall let you all know how I get on, beat the reserves 8-0 and Altrincham 3-1
  3. FM11: Bradford City A.F.C Thread.

    After seeing this last night, I edited FM and made the relegations/promotions happen, big transfers etc... I'm currently third after three games (7 points) and Ross Hannah has five goals
  4. FM11: Bradford City A.F.C Thread.

    Look forward to reading this one! N'Kong is a great player upto the Championship, if you reach there, sell him. Some fantastic signings there and I may copy some :o Good luck!
  5. FMH PSP Players

    I started a West Ham save and went for Jack Cork. I usually sign him when i'm a Championship/lower league PL side. I also go for Scott Loach.
  6. [FM11] First ever real career

    Well good luck pal!
  7. Who is your best buy of FM11.3?

    This. Not quite 120 but ripped LG2 apart, scoring 33 in that season. 29 in the LG1 season and another 36 in the other LG1 season
  8. My biggest success on Handheld was leading Bradford to 3rd in the Championship :o