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  1. Be Nice If You Could Start At Level 4 Sorry My Bad Didn't Load It Right
  2. @andershs If You Go To Staff Responsibilities Then Transfers and Contracts. You'll Find That Your HOY Will Be Tasked With Buying Youth Players For Your Under 23s
  3. Don't Think Its FM19 Because He Started In The Season 2016-17. Think Its FM17 Starting In That Season.
  4. @Steve Cobble You Have To Win The Play-Off At The End Of The Season In Australia Not The Regular Season
  5. Players Name: Paul Stewart D O B: 24 May Position: RB Anywhere In The Word Nation To Start: England European Nation To Play For: Scotland
  6. Pug's Update Season 2026-27 Into My 2nd Season With Newcastle And We Were Made Favourites Odds . Also We Had Moved Into Our New Stadium And With A Transfer Budget To Strengthen Our Squad. Up First Was The Community Shield Against Spurs And A 4-4 Pen Shoot-Out Win. Next Up Was A 3-1 Super Cup Win. After That It Was A Really Easy League Win With Only 3 League Defeats All Season. Results 1 . Results 2 . League Table . The League Cup And FA Cup Were The Same. League Cup Results . FA Cup Results . The Champions League Was Again Really Easy With Only 1 Draw Against Porto.
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