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  1. I Agree With @vikeologist On Going For A International Job That You've Got A Chance Of Winning Something. If You're At A Club Sometimes The Chairman Will Pull You Up About It. But Tell Them You Can Do Both Jobs
  2. Pug's Update So The Main Aim Was To Win The Champions League And To Compete For The League. Expectations For Apertura . The Apertura League Was A Quite Easy With 15 Wins 1 Draw And 1 Loss To Win By 11 Points. On To The Play-Offs And A Comfortable Win . Apertura Results .. League Table . Clausura And Champions League Expectations . The Clausura Was Won With 13 Wins 3 Draws And 1 Loss To Win The League By 5 Points. On To The Play-Offs And A Loss In The Semi's. Clausura Results .. League Table . We Also Had To Compete In A League Cup Which I've Not Done Before In Other FM's. L
  3. I'll Be Staying To Try And Win The Champions League So I Don't Have To Come Back.
  4. Pug's Update So With The Board Expectations For The Closing Stages I Got The Players In Who I Think Could Do The Job. With 13 Wins 2 Draws And 2 Losses We Won The League By 7 Points. I've Not Had Any Notice That We've Qualified For The Champions League. With Us Not Competing In The Champions League, We Were In The MX Cup. Which With A Mixed Bag Of Results We Won. Clausura Results Cup Results League Table Transfers POTS Job History Also I've Started My Continental A Licence CLUB CAREER
  5. Pug's Update So At The Beginning Of The Season, Out Of The Blue I Got A Offer For A Interview With Crystal Palace. In The End They Decided To Go With Steven Gerrard. So On To The Season And We Were Made Favourites To Get Promotion. Also I Asked For And Got The Go Head For My Continental B Licence. After A Few Games Into The Season I Noticed The Job At South Africa, So My 1st International Job. But That Wasn't The Only Job I Applied For, I Also Applied For And Got The Job At CD León In Mexico. So After 17 Games With Bolton Sitting Top Of The Table I Moved On.
  6. Pug's Update So The First Thing I Had To Do Was Get The Wage Bill Down(Finances).Getting Rid Of The High Earners And Bringing In The Players I Wanted. We Were Made Favourites To Go Up Promotion Odd. We Started The Season Of Brilliant As It Was Up To The 25th Game Before We Lost A Game. Then We Lost 2 Games In A Row Then Never Lost Another All Season In The League. So With A Record Of 39 Wins 5 Draws And 2 Losses We Won The League(League Fixtures 1)(League Fixtures 2)(Table). In The League Cup We Got Huddersfield And After A 1-1 Draw We Won On Penalties. Up Next Wa
  7. Pug's Season Update Just A Small Update After Getting The Players I Think Was Needed. We Started So Good And We Where Top Of The League After 17.(League)(Results). I Then Got Offered The Managers Job At Bolton Which I Took.(Contract Offer) CLUB CAREER ----------- Season Club Leagues Cups Other & Notes 1st 2nd
  8. Pug's Update So I Got Offered And Took The Job At Ansan (Contract). They Were Sitting Bottom With 7 Games To Go (Table). I Didn't Have To Worry About Relegation, Because No Team Gets Relegated. After Looking At The Squads I Fit The Players Into How I Wanted To Play. The One Thing I Didn't Understand About The Last Manager Was He Had 5 Off There Best Players In The Reserves. So With That I brought Them Back Into The Folded. The First Game Was Against Top Of The Table Side Deajeon And A 3-0 Loss. After That We Played 3rd Place Jeju And A Lucky 1-0 Win. The Last 5 Games We Drew 1 A
  9. Pugs Update A Couple Of Month's In I'm now Manager Of Ansan Greeners In The South Korean League 2
  10. @vikeologist Thanks Mate, I was A Bit Like How You Are. So Took A Couple Of Years Off.
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