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  1. Most of his goals were after through balls between the opposition fullback and center backs from when the false nine dropped deep or from Acosta in CM. The rest of his goals were either rebound tap-ins or after crosses from either the left or from Bacuna at RWB. I don't know why he scored so many more goals than the inside forward though. The reason could be that the inside forward does fewer runs off the ball and is dribbling more inside, while the winger is making the runs inside off the ball.
  2. Fantastic read which inspired me (along with Cleon's thread on building and sustaining a tactic) to do something special with Villa on FM15. In our first season we finished 8th which is not bad for the team we had and we were in the battle for a top 4 place until the last few games. I played a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond system that season. That system is for me at least very limited and relies a lot on good fullbacks, which I really didn't have so I changed the system. To make a long story short my second season was a huge disappointment and we ended in the lower half of the table, 11th. After that I made a huge change to my squad and tried to get in players that could play the way I wanted in the system I wanted. I sold players for 50m pounds and bought in players for 80m pounds. So this is the basic set up for my tactic. I want us to play a short, high tempo passing game so my players have to be good on the ball and have decent workrate and stamina. My goalkeeper is set to pass the ball short and distribute to the fullbacks. I would like him to pass it to my centre backs but they're not especially good on the ball. The central defenders are combination of the cover defender who has good reading of the game and an aggressive stopper who has can step up and attack the oppositions players. Bacuna at RWB sits a bit narrower than Bertrand on the other wing to give us a bit more defensive solidarity. Bacuna has been fantastic this season despite not being a natural right back. So the wingbacks duties are to be solid at the back but they are very important in giving us extra width when we attack. The defensive midfielder, Gil Romero, has a decent passing range so I've let his personal instructions are to try more direct passes. He's also on tackle harder because he's quite an efficient tackler. His main role is to cover for the wingbacks when we attack and play it simple but if he see's an attacking possibility he has the range to try difficult passes. My deep laying playmaker is Ashley Westwood who is perfect for the role, although he's not the best when we defend. He also has direct passing enabled due to his passing range and by doing that I figured we could break quickly when we have the ball. He also has dribble less because he just doesn't have the ability to dribble much with the ball and frankly I don't need him to. Next up is the star of the team Luciano Acosta. You can see that he only has 1/2 star rating for his role and that is probably the most rubbish I've seen. He actually doesn't naturally play MC but he's been the player of the season so far for us. Despite being a CM on attacking duty he's my main playmaker and the whole team revolves around him. He has the ability to pick out passes and he can score goals as well. So he both sets up my more attacking players and arrives late in the box to finish moves up. Key player in the system. The players in the AML (inside forward) and AMR (winger) don't have any extra player instructions. Their duty is to both create and score goals. In my first two seasons my biggest problem was getting Christian Benteke to play above the standard of a pub player. He was dreadful in my first two seasons and didn't matter what I did he just didn't play like I wanted him to. This all changed this season - it's like everything suddenly fell into place. So with five matches left in the season we're sitting in 1st place having already won the Carling Cup and in the semi's of the FA Cup! I can't stress how important it is to have patience when building a team now. I was so close to quitting on so many occasions but when you see your team play the way you want it's all worth it! Thanks for a great thread, I think it will be a help to many players. Especially the part on using player instructions to do make players do what you want the to do and try to offset their weaknesses. I've been afraid of using the player intstructions in the past because I was afraid it would offset the whole tactic but when they are used right it's FANTASTIC!
  3. FM14: What Team should I be?

    Anderlecht in Belgium, I've had enormous fun with them trying to develop youngsters. Check out the Anderlecht thread.
  4. FM14: Rate My Regen Thread

    Got this guy when he was sixteen from FC Midtjylland for 18.5K pounds. He then went on to win the best player and golden ball awards at the 2016 Euros when he was just 17! Is one of the best players in the world now, both scores alot and makes a ton of assists.
  5. I'm currently in my eighth season with Anderlecht and it's been great fun. From the beginning I set out to build a young team that could dominate the league with the ultimate goal of winning the Champions League. I would recommend Anderlecht for anyone who wants to build a young team. Safe to say that we managed that in my seventh season at the helm beating Manchester City in the final 2-1 with the winning goal coming two minutes into stoppage time. The goalmachine from France, Mohammed Appiah, scored the winning goal and was after the season bought by City for 60m pounds (my biggest sale). Below are a few screenshots of my best players. The team that won the Champions League is very young (average age about 21) and I'd like to continue with them but I just need a challenge so maybe I'm going to change teams. My main trouble has been producing youngsters good enough for the first team using my own youth setup but they are never good enough and I end up selling them. The 2020 Champions League Final About the club Information Screen Facilities Competition history Champions League history League history Europa League history 2020/2021 Jupiler Pro League Standings (as of December 2020) Top players Youri Tielemans - Scored on his debut as a 16 year old and has gone on to become one of the best midfielders in Europe. Plays as an attacking playmaker for us and makes plenty of assists and scores goals as well. Is the current club captain and the only players who has been a key player in all the seasons I have managed the team. I've had plenty of offers for him but he won't leave unless we get something ridiculous for him. Morten Andersen - A right winger who plays as an inside forward. Came as a 16 year old from FC Midtjylland in Denmark for 18.5K pounds. The best signing I have ever made on FM. Won the golden boot at European Championships as a 17 year old and as gone on to be one of the best players in the world. Same as with Tielemans, he wont go unless we get something ridiculous for him. Silvio Heinrich - Young Austrian centre back who is comfortable with the ball at his feet. Can also play as DM. Crucial part of the team but Man Utd and Real Madrid both want him so maybe I will sell for the right amount. Antonio Gusic - Croatian centre back who plays as more of a stopper. Strong and powerful and constantly getting better. Anthony Neveu - 17 year old French left back who has the potential to be world class. Only a matter of time until he gets called up to the France squad. Mohammed Appiah (now at Manchester City) - Powerful striker who I had to sell as I thought I had a decent enough youngster ready to step up (Jan Olesen). Zoran Cabraja - Croatian Defensive midfielder who has the potential to be world class. Real Madrid have been testing me with offers but I want him to reach his potential before he leaves. Jan Olesen - Our main striker now that Appiah has left. Not yet at the level Appiah is at but he'll get there in maybe two years.
  6. Alfred Finnbogason Aron Gunnarsson Kolbeinn Sigthorsson Thanks!
  7. I agree with those who have said that the goals scored post-patch is ridiculous. Surely SI has noticed this? It seems to me that every cross ends in a goal. We need a hotfix as soon as possible.
  8. I'm not a 100% sure that it's not possible now but it would be great if a manager could agree to join another club at a set date, say after the current season. So when big club sack a manager mid season they can come with an offer to you to take control when the current season has finished. Maybe even have the possibility that the offer wouldn't be formal so my current board wouldn't even know!
  9. If anyone has problems getting the demo downloading while using google chorme try using another browser. Works with Firefox.
  10. Could you check Gylfi Sigurdsson for me, please?
  11. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    That is one hell of a player you've got there.
  12. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Hendon - BSP - 2010/2011 - End of Season Update Blue Square Premier summary; Media Prediction: 24th Final Position: 11th I had hopes before the season started that we would be battling for the playoff spots but that seemed to difficult for us so we floated midtable the whole season. League Table League Graph We were never in any sort of danger of being relegated and didn't have the quality to push for the playoff spots, so all in all it was a very boring season. Squad A pretty good squad but I'll have to replace a few if we are to gain to promotion next season. Star Player Boden came in November and managed to bag 14 league goals. He's the first striker I've had who can score some goals and hopefully he'll be with us for a few seasons. Once again we had no real cup runs but I think I'll try to concentrate a bit more on the cups next year as well as trying to gain promotion to League 2.
  13. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Hendon Season Review - BSS - 2009/2010 - dagurol It's taken over a week but I've finally finished my first season with Hendon. The media had predicted that we would finish rock bottom in 22nd position but we proved them totally wrong. Final League Table It was a pretty solid season and no one really threatened to take our place but it was easy for us to concentrate only on the league because we fell out in the early rounds of all the cups. Squad My squad is way too big, so I will spend the pre season throwing out the dead wood and bringing in a few quality replacements. My two best players: Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Mariyan Tonchev People have said that the BSP is not such a big step up from the BSS so I think my aim will be trying to get into the playoff positions. This will of course depend on a how I do in the transfer market in the summer.
  14. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Go to options and select end game. That should do it.
  15. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Hendon - BSS - Season 09/10 - Halfway Update Having played 22 games in the league we are top of the league with 43 points, three better than Sutton Utd (who have a game in hand). I'm out of all the cups but I really don't care because now my single goal is to get promoted. I'm doing much better than I thought I would and the key has been keeping my tactics simple. Key players: Mariyan Tonchev - My Bulgarian left back who has been fantastic and probably my best player. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas - Midfielder on loan from Arsenal. He's different class than all the players in the league. Those to have been very important in my success so far. I hit a bit of a slump recently so I signed up a few players and they have done the deal for me. Especially these two: Alaksandar Antalov Ciaran Toner I'll hopefully finish this season tomorrow or on friday and will bring a full update then.