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    I play in a band and make websites.

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    Manchester/ Lake District

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  1. Zavon Hines and Lee Cook are players that are doing well for my Barrow AFC team. Lionel Stone was a great addition too. A good 9 points clear at the top of the conference. I also got Ngoo but he's being kept our by Harrison.
  2. Bringing this back. Thou shalt always instruct thy team when losing in the last 5 minutes to go route one, overload. - All or Nothing.
  3. When asked 'who do you think will win the league?' thou shall always state thy own team.
  4. Just as abit of a laugh, those little things in football manager that you have to do (No Debates, or Questions asked). I'll Kick Start things. Thou Shalt always appeal Work Permit denials.
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