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  1. How has everyone found Aubameyang plays a few seasons into the game? I see quite a few players move him on in the first 2 seasons. Will be interested to see if anyone has managed to squeeze anything out of a 33-34 year old forward like him. On my save, his performances are on the precipice of falling off a cliff. Despite a fairly decent natural fitness, his attributes have shown a lot of red and orange arrows recently, without the expected re-balancing of physicals to mental attributes. I kind of want to squeeze that off-the-ball attribute and decisions and composure up to 20 but can't figure
  2. Early performances are promising I think he has scored 1 and assisted 1 so far in 3 games. I think the main issue is getting the other positions right. I often find the left sided inverted Winger (usually Saka or Pepe) often make the same run off the ball. Also, other player ratings have dipped in a few games. I think the next tweak will be to increase the attacking width to give more space to the players, but this probably works against the Gegenpress as I've found the counterpress works best when playing narrow width as the players are all closer together when they lose the ball.
  3. New season, new tactic. Going into the 2022/23 season with this new set-up: Half inspired by Cancelo at Manchester City in real life, we have Bellerin joining a midfield 3 and even pushing on. A few quirks need to be worked out with regards to individual instructions (Pepe needs to stay wider, Aubameyang needs to be further forward and Partey needs to fine tune his positioning.
  4. Inverted Winger is so much better than Inside Forward in this match engine. It really makes the most of Auba's physical attributes.
  5. 2021-22 - Season Round Up. We enjoyed another exemplary season domestically winning the league comfortably . We were top 35 of the 38 game weeks, and never really looked threatened by the chasing pack. Consistency and a good defensive works wonders in this game. Our rivals suffered massively from inconsistency and indifferent form. Manchester City hovered around mid-table before going on a run of form to qualify for the Europa League. Tottenham led by the now-departed Klinsmann has descended into mid-table obscurity. Manchester United and Chelsea, still under the stewardship of O
  6. Just a brief update on my save. We are approaching the end of the second season, we lead the league by 3 points with 4 games to play. We play our closest challengers Manchester United in the next game after suffering a run of sub-par form in all competitions. We **** the bed in the Champions League quarter final and was knocked out by an impressive Benefica side who somehow has spent £139m in trasnfers this season including Esposito and others, but have still turned a net-transfer profit. We were magnificent in the league up until the end of March. We stormed through what could have been
  7. How does Werner perform for everyone on here? I have an option as Arsenal manager to pick him up for under £30m. He will join for the start of the 3rd season, he hasn't really had a look in at Chelsea, and suffered an injury midway through his first season. Here are his attributes and the contract he will sign under? Is he the 30 goals a season striker he has been on previous versions of the game?
  8. As previously mentioned, I thought I would comment a little about the finances of the club so far. After expectantly winning the league last season, we are looking in a much better financial position. The bank balance and the easiest way to measure financial health, is in a much better position than September 2020. This grew from £139m to £231m. With a combination of reducing the annual wage bill from £153m p/a to £135m. This was actually at its lowest in February 2021, at £120m after a month of shifting players on the biggest wage bills out on permanent deals. We have strengt
  9. The 4-2-3-1 Gengenpress is serving us well so far! Played 3, won 3. Below is our first choice line up. You can see from our heat map and average positions in a 5-0 win against Newcastle, we have a strong left sided bias. We almost look like a asymetric 3-4-1-2 when we are attacking. Oddly enough, our highest pass combination is between Bellerin and Pepe on the right flank.
  10. So we started the 2021-22 window as Premier League champions, with bloated squad of overpaid players who were no better than back-up or rotation options. The departures of a number of players were sanctioned early in the window, with Xhaka moving to Fulham for £30m and Cedric making his loan to Wolves permanent for £8m. Kolasinac moved to Milan for £16.25m, followed swiftly by Elneny (part exchange) and Chambers, creating a small ex-Arsenal enclave in Italy. Lacazette was anticipated to join them, but turned down the personal terms they offered, causing us to miss out on £33m. I’m sure his tal
  11. Our boy is back! Not sure how old everyone is here - but here's an obscure Wenger-era Arsenal old boy. He joins as U-23 assistant manager. Also, has anyone ever noticed Steve Bould has a 0.5 star rating as manager of the u23s? I desperately want to change his role to coach, but he never accepts the change in role. Still sorting out the mess that is the backroom staff at the start of the game. So far in summer 2021, I've brought in Kolo Toure and snagged Rodolfo Borrell, who was unemployed after Pep was sacked at Manchester City.
  12. He plays as a ball-winning midfielder on support in a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress system. I occasionally encourage risky passing from him when we need some cutting edge.
  13. 2020-21 Season Review: League: 1st I started the season with the aim to just to qualify for the Champions League. Instead, we went above and beyond expectations and won the title. A strong start propelled us to the summit of the league and by the end of January, we had only lost once. A slight wobble followed in March, where we didn’t win a game (admitted only two games were played) which could have been a warning of an impending dip in form. We were knocked out of both domestic cups earlier than I would have liked and were brutally dumped out of the FA Cup by Tottenham 5-0
  14. This is pure sneaky bum time. Liverpool play Manchester United in the last game. I have no idea how the team has managed to get to this position. Tottenham play Chelsea. Our form has been inconsistent as we have finished the season with a too many draws. Aubameyang hasn't seen the net bulge in the league since February. I think we could even end up in the Europa League. ---- WE DID IT. A comprehensive and resounding 4-1 win over Fulham secures the title for us on the final day. Aubameyang breaks his goal drought and lifts the trophy at the Emirates! Will post a
  15. I would love to see a KBD as a false 9 tactic. Whenever I watch this I can't help but think - is he the Aguero replacement?
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