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  1. The game begins badly with Manchester United's aerial bombardment starting strong with them hitting the bar inside 3 minutes. In my error I set Aubameyang to man mark Pogba to prevent him dictating the game from deep. This prevented me building any counter attacks . United take a early lead through a Lukakau header, followed by Gelson Martins turning Monreal inside out before lashing one home from 25 yards. . A tactical change saw me go striker-less with Lingard as a shadow striker finding space in-between the lines and driving at the defensive line before finding Aubameyang as a Raumdeter taking advantage of Daley Blinds lack of pace at left back. We strike either side of half time to level the game in identical fashion to the below. Before the first half ends, Ander Herrera picks up a second yellow card and is sent out and Mourinho responsds by bringing in Mata. This vacates the left side attacking position sided, leaving Bellerin plenty of space ahead of him to exploit. However, Bellerin has a poor game and fails to complete any of his eleven crosses. Loftus-Cheek who was playing as an auxillarily target man holds up the ball in the Manchester United Half, waiting for midfield runners. Searches out Lacazette playing as the right side raumdeter, who knocks it down for Ramsey who plays it back to Lacazette. Jack Wilshere, the only midfielder behind the ball finds himself in time and space on the edge of area, receives a pass from Lacazette and lashes home a half-volley to make it 3-2 to Arsenal in the 82 minute. This was my formation before that went in! I then go full-defensive mode, changing formation, set pieces and individual instructions. To not avail though, Gelsen Martins who has a superb game skins Bellerin on the right and crosses for Lukaku to find space in the middle of my three center backs to head home the leveller, breaking Arsenal hearts. I took multiple screenshots in the game, as I watched on full detail. The adrenaline! This means we finish the season trophy-less and Manchester United having the first piece of silverware for a FA Cup, League Title and Europa League winner treble. Manchester United and Liverpool will contest the FA cup final. Chelsea will play United in the Europa League final and Liverpool play Monaco in the Champions League Final. I will do a full season review once I write it up tomorrow and get some statistics.
  2. Into the final game of the season with a straight game 38 play-off against Manchester United for the league title. They only have to avoid defeat to win the league. Its at Old Trafford, with the reverse being a 4-0 win by me at the Emirates. Any chance of an unlikely away win on this FM? They have INJ status' for numerous players while we will miss Ozil through Injury, with Aubameyang only fit enough for the bench. Earlier in the season I purchased Lingard with Welbeck going on loan there as a makeweight. So many subplots!
  3. Building on the previous post. Can we take a moment to appreciate the versatility of Ainsley Maitland Niles, Ben Sheaf and Josh Da Silva. Between them they can do a job covering anywhere on the pitch . If I can get them to any form of premier league standard they could be utility players for years! Ben Sheaf was tutored by Kolasinac and have pick up some his left wing-back positional attributes and has even come on as a Mezzela in some games!. Josh Da Silva has deputised there for a few games since Kolasinac's long term injury. AMN has been his dependable self. Hopefully, I can get him a England call-up at some point!
  4. What type of player would they be? Would they be a goal getting midfielder who works on the end of moves off the ball or a more play key passes and lay on assists type player? I've just reached the half way point of the second season. The save is going very well. Enough going on tactically to be interesting and having key players perform how you like them to is a big part of it. Sitting second currently behind the usual formidable on FM Manchester United. We lead the league by quite some distance for goals scored and have a pretty decent defensive record - considering Matt Macey has played 19 of 21 games so far. Hazard has been an utter revelation. Being in double figures for goals scored and assists by the half way point. His efforts contributed to him winning the World Footballer of the Year, ahead of Messi and Ronaldo (not sure if this is the Balon D'or). His 50 Key passes and 34 chances created are miles ahead of anyone else in the league. But a questions rises of what happens if he gets injured. As previously mentioned I've tried to give a lot of minutes to under 23 players. Matt Macey being the number 1 for half a season has benefitted the most and has probably filled out his potential. His kicking has developed as I would have liked and would like to see how much of a sweeper keeper he could be going forward. He will probably go out on loan until the end of the season to continue his development as Joao Virginia will step up for half a season between the sticks.
  5. I switched to a variant of this tactic for the last 20 minutes of a EPL game the other night and was delighted with the results. I took of a number of senior players off and replaced them with u-23s. As Arsenal with Ben Sheaf playing as a Mezzela assisting a goal from Josh Da Silva as an inverted wingback lashing one in from the edge of the box. Also experienced the pitfalls of defending with being exposed to long ball and through balls in behind. Will see how it goes as a backup tactic when chasing a game or seeing out a dominating win.
  6. God damn! Every time I go into a well put together tactics forum thread I want to completely change my team! Could you mitigate the players not holding width by setting team instructions to the widest possible option?
  7. 10 games into the season and things are going very well. We have not conceded a goal in 7 game since a half time switch to a holding 4-3-3 below after being constantly cut open in a 4-2-31 with a carrilero and a central midfielder. Since Elneny came into the team we have been on an upwards trajectory. The 4-3-3 gives us a solid triangle base with the central defenders and half-back performing a defensive triangle. A huge number of chances, especially against title rivals, result from winning possession deep in our half. This can be from crowding out the area in front of the box, or with wide forwards tracking back and winning possession from a misplaced opposition out-ball to the wing back. They then transition the ball to the forward or deep plying playmaker. The raumdeter would led provide the out ball by being on the shoulder of the last defender and being threw on goal for a scoring chance or cut it back for the onrushing attacking central midfielder or box-to-box midfielder. The signing of Hazard has been a revelation. He tops the charts in chances created, assists and key passes. A possible hard-brexit on the way?
  8. After watching the word cup and following our preseason so far, I have started a new save with arsenal and hoping to progress further than the last save. I holidayed the first season to try simulate the final damaging Wenger year and surprisingly the AI controlled Arsenal won the Europa league, finished third and made a few astute signings. The AI staved off any major interest in the squad and as a result I had a similar starting squad, with a few additions, to what we have currently in real life. I decided early on that if there was interest in any players I would move them on and accept the AI offers. As a result Iwobi moved to Manchester City in a structured deal worth up to £55m. Jesse Lingard was transfer listed by Manchester United and as a player who I quite like in real life was signed for a £31.5m fee with Welbeck heading back to Old Trafford on loan. Chelsea under AI managed Conte disappointed in the previous season and finished 5th in the league. As a result a few players availability was brought up by my scouts. Hazard had a falling out with Conte and was unhappy after too many broken promises. After a few failed negotiations with first Lacazette and then Mustafi not willing to make the swap to West London. Eventually, Raul Sanllehi managed to broker a deal for an initial £82m, rising up to £113m in instalments. With Hazard being secured a real marquee signing, a number of departures followed. PSG came in for Xhaka with a deal worth up to £43m, Mustafi was a target for both Barcelona and Real Madrid, but signed for the latter in a £56m transfer that left us light at the back. An influx of rotational players also occurred, with Ruben Loftus-Cheek following Hazard to the Emirates in an £8.25m transfer. We further added to our English contingent with the signing of Jamaal Lascelles from relegated Newcastle. Following his impressive perfomances in real life and in game for his national team, Domagoj Vida arrived as a senior option at centre-half. Below show the remaining outbound transfers. During the pre-season friendly, I tested line-up variations of the 4-2-3-1 and 5-3-2 and will go into the community shield with the below tactic and lineup. I will back Macey as the number one for the first half of the season to see how he progress. Cech will remain at the club as an understudy. The first choice back four may be heavily rotated as I’m undecided who to give the most rotational minutes to out of Chambers, Mavropanos, Lascelles and Bielik. The central midfield pairing will also likely to be heavily as I want to give plenty of game time to Maitland Miles and Loftus-Cheek. Elneny will slot in as a defensive midfielder in games against rivals and tough away games. Wilshere and will compete to be Ozil’s backup. The right sided Raumdeauter is also a position a number of players can potentially play with Mkhitaryan, Lingard and Lacazette being well suited for the role and performing well in preseason. Ramsey may be deployed here also, or as a rotation option for Hazard. Up front Aubameyang will lead the line as the main outlet, with Dembele or Lacazette providing rotation. I hope to give plenty of game times to u-23 graduates. I will also see leave the DoF in charge of incoming transfers with me confirming the final deal. It will be interesting just to see what players are targeted. The same responsibility will be given to Mertesacker as HoYD when recruiting youngsters. I have since played the community shield and European super cup which ended up being high scoring occasions with a 4-2 win over liverpool and a 4-3 loss to Bayern Munich. We conceded a number of goals from set pieces, something I aim to correct. After being inspired by a blog post, I aim to try and make the most of set pieces offensively and defensively. The results are immensely rewarding when they come off, but hugely disappointing when they lead to goals conceded from poor marking or counter attacks. The below two are defensive - one completely zonal marking with the striker forward and creative power as the edge of the area player to transition the counter attack. The other is more a desperate, we need a goal late on counter attack set up. The below attacking set piece has Vida attacking the near post, with Loftus-Cheek on a near post flick on, using the strength of Kolasinac to block off the goal keeper collecting the cross. This came to fruitation in the European super cup final, with Monreal blocking off Neuer and Vida outjumping his marker Brandt.
  9. Do you have any screenshots? Any suprises from the original u-23’s or U-18’s?
  10. Swills417

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    How much strength training do people here incorporate into there running regimes? Had a few Physio sessions to treat a bad knee and they prescribed all kinds of different strengthen exercise to fix issues hip imbalance and ankle instability. Went for a 9km run at the weekend and my knee was a little sore. Just proves I haven’t been diligent in ensuring I do these. I aim to do about two strength sessions a week. Probably to include some variation of single leg leg-press, deadlifts, step ups and light squats/lunges. Curious to know what people on here do? Whether they are scheduled workouts or more “chuck in a few planks at the end a run” sort of approach.
  11. Swills417

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Aiming to do a evenly paced Parkrun this weekend. A steady 4:30 /km for 4 then an absolute blitzed final kilometre for the finish. It’s just so hard not to get sucked in and do a 3:45 first kilometre and struggle the rest of the way round
  12. Love it. Maybe teach him dictate tempo and play as a regista? Training his positional trait would be key here. You may need to pair him with a rather combatative midfielder.
  13. So tempted to start a new save reading all these updates. Will holiday the first season and play from 2018/19. Kind of fancy a continuation of retraining player positions. Fancy a Welbeck and Iwobi as CMs with someone like Kolasinac as a DM.
  14. Swills417

    2018 World Cup squads

    Will this be the first time Reus is fit for a World Cup or Euros?
  15. Swills417

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Beyond: Two Soul included with PS+ looks good. Has anyone played it? Is this this one with William Dafoe in it? Also managed to pick up Limbo for about £4. Played about 1 hour so far and plays well. At a bit where there are two swinging bear traps to dodge at once. I have also completely given up on Far Cry 4. It’s a decent enough game but I just can’t stand that you can’t get from A to B without being killed by Bees or some other random animal. It’s just frustrating if you want to do and get to the the missions without using fast travel!