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  1. Having played the first 5 games of the season of the 2026-27 season, I thought I would do a quick recap: Results were as followed, with a few notable statistics and observations: Juventus 0-0 Ascoli (A) 0 CCC created, 118 passes completed by Bentacur who was MOTM Juventus 4-2 Frosinone (H) Pogba impresses in his first game back with the club, 4 key passes and 2 assists (admittedly one was a 2 yard pass sideways to Bentacur who scored from range). Immobile scores from a goalmouth scramble following a dangerous free kick. The left side overload is fairly obvious here, with most of the key passes in that direction. Lisandro Lopez, makes first mistake leading to goal – out of position closing down winger – vacating the space where the eventual goal scorer appeared. Most likely covering Mendy who was caught up-field. Second goal conceded was from a superb diagonal ball from Praet, to Jota who shot across Szezsney and score far post – possibly more pressure on ball from Pobga on Praet. Juventus 0-1 Lazio (A) Lost to an early strike from Brazilian regen winger. Not a lot that could have been done to prevent this. Wonder strike, we only created on clear cut chance, a blocked shot by immobile. Juventus 3-2 Sampdoria (H) A better attacking display. 9 key passes from Bruno Fernandes. Martinez wins a penalty from a set-piece, constant threat. Immobile with 2 goals and 1 assist. Unavur and Immobile each assisting each other. Koulibaly error led to goal with a poor pass out from the back. Conceded from a near post corner also. Juventus 1-0 Parma (H) Won via a late Immobile penalty. Italian regen right winger, winning the penalty with quick dribble drawing the foul. Struggle to create chances, I assume this is due to the low block Parma defence. Immobile has excellent off the ball (20) and teamwork (19) but is not a physical specimen unable to force the issue with a dribble or being physical in the box. Notable the only chance created fell to Weah, a more physical player who hit the bar from the air. So overall, goal scoring is an early issue. I do expect this to improve over the season as tactical familiarity increases and Unavur settles into the side. Currently we are ranked 2nd in the league for chance creation, while only 6th in goals scored. AC Milan is leading here with 20 goals and 0 conceded, from 12 chance creations - alongside a handful of goals from set-pieces.
  2. Absolutely excellent read. I have a couple of questions: How did you calculate PAdj tackles per 90/interceptions? How did you migrate the data from the game used in the above graphic? Print screen as text file, then plugged into excel or something?
  3. What type of tactic are you deploying? I've shifted to a 4-2-3-1 to accommodate the embarrassment of riches I have in central midfield. In the middle of a transfer window where one legend may leave the club, which will facilitate the return of another. Whisper it quietly (#Pogback2) Have an issue at full back and goalkeeper. I have this brilliant young IWB on the left, but have also moved to sign an outstanding young left back from Brazil. Really want to commit to the IWB tactically, but when you have the next potential Roberto Carlos - what do you do? Also, let's not forgot poor Benjamin Mendy who may quickly drop from first choice to 3rd choice. Between the sticks it's just Sczezsney and no one else. Would love Donnaramu but he would be super expensive. So a move has been made for young Karl Jakob Hein from Arsenal. The Estonian youngster (now 24) is somehow still on the books for them and there is just nothing affordable or coming through the youth ranks to even contemplate.
  4. So my highest earner, on a similar amount to the highest earners in Serie A, Timothy Weah (American) takes home about £13m on a £17m annual salary. Compared to an Italian regen (Girotti) signed this window in 2026. Takes home only £275k of his annual £400k salary. Where as Harry Kane, playing for Liverpool on a £20m p/a salary only takes home about £11m p/a after tax. I think the idea is that Serie A as a result would be more attractive financially to non-Italians and come ply their trade her as they would earn more take home pay. Haven't seen it reflected too much in the save in regards transfer preference, with Italian clubs being able to pay more competitive salaries. It might not even factor into AI transfer decision making, I just like the added immersion it provides for me.
  5. I think this video sums it up pretty well. I think it works out that some players in the very high end of earners in Italy will be eligible for tax breaks. I think a few iterations of the game a few years back there were issues with Italy's taxes in the database. Meant that over long term saves the club's finances dwindled comparatively to other clubs in other leagues staying about the same. I'll try grab a screenshot of it in my save.
  6. Looking forward to it. I think it will take a while to overhaul a dominant Inter Milan side who are absolutely stacked and an AC Milan side that has recruited quite well and stayed competitive in the league. Napoli and Roma shouldn't be anything to worry about. Should also mention I also edited in a version of decreto crescita (Italy's Beckham tax law) just to make the save interesting long term.
  7. I've just taken over a Juventus team in 2026, who haven't won Serie A since the first season of the save. Since then they've finished 2nd, 3rd (x3) and 4th (x2) - winning only the Club World Cup in this period. I jumped at the chance to rebuild. Having a look through the squad, I think it's obvious what the issue is. The team is riddled with players in the twilight of their careers. There's a lot of players who would be considered world class in 2020. 6 years later, some are still considered solid players, while some are very might due their coaching badges and testimonials. We have in the squad: *I signed Acerbi, Immobile and Florenzi in 2026. Why not double down for fun? Other few metrics or statistics that jump out to me: Oldest average age of squad in Serie A (28.48) Highest average number of international appearances (43) Highest average annual salary (£7,656,000 p/a) Highest average natural fitness (15.37) 15th in Acceleration, 13th in Pace and 16th in Stamina. However, it's more all bad news. We have a first team that has outstanding mental attributes. Just look at the green bars below: Having seen this and deliberated over an approach to take. A lot of the players might even have a few more years left in them at the highest level. Their solid natural fitness means a decline is not necessarily a foregone conclusion. I initially took the approach to spend big on a big star forward to paper over the cracks for a few seasons while a gradual rebuild takes place behind the scenes. Mbappe was our top target, a £195m offer was accepted but he didn't want to come to the negotiating table. Next on the list was a Dutch regen from PSV who at 20 years old, had 20 flair, 19 vision and a whole host of technical skills and would be perfect center piece for a rebuild. We activated the £69m release clause. Liverpool however gazumped us in negotiations and we lost out. Next up was a Colombian striker from Tottenham who looks set to be one of the best players in the game, however the signing of Fabinho had taken up a non-EU transfer slot. (Reading above in this thread suggests if you sell one non-EU player you can use that slot for another non-EU transfer?). Also have the board trying to negotiate a Naci Unuvar from Manchester City to occupy that wide inside forward goal threat role we desire. If we are unable to sign anyone for a reasonable price, we are looking at a very odd tactical system of the below: The logic is to play a slow paced possession football. An average or deep line is essential for us to mitigate a lack of pace. Using Bruno Fernandes as our central playmaking hub, with Bentacur and Koulibaly providing runs from deep. Timothy Weah will be an attacking focal point, with Dybala providing the sparkle as a Trequartista. The defensive wingers role will vary depending on opposition, dropping to wing back in games away from home to title rivals, or to wingers when chasing a game or when we are overwhelming favourites. However, this could all change as a result of some good value world class signings. I have also deployed a 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 in pre-season. Interestingly, the wage bill is at an eye watering £244m pr year. Due to drop to £68m next season if all the contracts are left to lapse. Dybala, Icardi, Koulibaly and Cancelo are just a few of the players on over £10m p/a so there is a sense of success at all costs this season. Have a few aims to stick to this season: Scout extensively for young Italians to build towards the future. Currently the club has a roster of 55 players, with 26 being Italian (47%). Will look to bump this up to 55% come Summer 2027 and 75% Summer 2028 Score more than 50 league goals as a team. Profligacy is fine as long as your defense is good. However, the club has failed to maintain that rock solid foundation despite heavy recruitment. Sign a player from an affiliated club. Would love to introduce Notts County as a UK affiliate due to the history between the clubs. Have a backroom staff of 50% at least ex-players. Currently Ronaldo, Buffon, Tevez and Ibrahimovic have been recruited. The age profile of the first team should help with this. Keep on top of the coaching qualifications and they should be able to transition into the backroom seamlessly. Sign some athletes! The relative paucity of players with strong physicals in a symptom of having the oldest squad. Quickest and easiest way to remedy this is to go to the market.
  8. I've had a poor start to the season. The mixture of lacking team cohesion and a reputation bump leading to more teams parking the bus against me means goals have been greatly reduced so far. Compounded by a 5-0 thrashing away to Barcelona in our first Champions League game. We conducted a lot of transfer business in the summer. Resigning Gedson Fernandes on loan from Manchester United, and signing Dantas from Barcelona and Zaniolo from AS Roma. The team has issues of "prefers to play on the left in a two man pairing. Generally this is our line up. Tactically this produces build up the right hand side, with attacking play from direct running from Maldini and the LB on the other flank. This leads to this sort of average position, heat map and passing map of the below. Definitely suffering from a clogging up on the right hand side of midfield. I reckon we need to play wider, with the right winger really hugging the touchline. The mezzela can probably push on a little more also with the IWB covering for him in midfield. - -
  9. How does everyone usually approach the first round of the German cup? Just played a completely mismatched tie with my Wolfsburg side. We won 13-0 with Dani Maldini scoring 7. Stat padding.
  10. We managed to sustain our good form and even went about 17 games unbeaten in the second half of the season to finish second. Bayern Munich won the leage unbeaten, but lost to Dortmund and Leverkusen once the title was wrapped up. Our team was immense during this unbeaten run. We even had a number of players in contention for the top scorer. Haland, Werner and Maldini all narrowly missing out on top spot. Kingsley Coman also chipped in with 11 goals. Quite strange to see such a narrow top scorer margin. We've also managed to renew Haaland's contract and remove that awful release clause. For the next season, we've been allocated a £40m transfer budget. However, I am hoping to sign Gedson Fernandes and Werner permanently. The issue being the £39m option for Fernandes would wipe out the budget and while Werner has a £16.75m option, his contract at Real Madrid is £10m p/a Rugani, Kingsley Coman and Hannibal Mejbri will all return to Manchester United after their loans. I think we will need to be efficient in the market to reinforce the central-attacking position. We secured Alphonso Davies on a permanent deal in January and he could be key to us next season in Coman's absence. He have a couple of excellent prosects in the youth squad who could make the step up, including a central defender who just signed from Bayern Munich the previous season who is only 16.
  11. Those regen faces look good! Where did you get them from? With Wolfsburg we are currently performing above expectations and are right in the mix for best of the rest and European football. Bayern Munich have resumed normal service and have been devastatingly strong this year. They poached Frank de Boer from Gladbach, who against all odds won the league last season and they haven't looked back. We've been keeping pace, mainly through Haaland (who is miserable and is desperate to move) keeping up a good scoring record. The vultures were circling around a few of my key players with release clauses and have offered them better terms. Hoping we can maintain momentum and qualify for Champions League, having promised Haaland we would qualify. Maybe then we can bring him to the negotiating table and offer better terms. Dani Maldini has been a revelation as a bosman deal. Scoring 8 and assisting 4 in half a season. Hoping to turn him into a bit of an Italian Thomas Muller with his goal scoring exploits.
  12. Into the 2024/25 season with my Wolfsburg side. I have completely rinsed the loan market to my teams benefit . We've brought in Rugani, Kingsley Coman, Gedson Fernandes and Mejbri all for a total of £250k p/m - with options on all the others. On top of these I also secured Timo Werner on loan from Real Madrid for £250k p/m with an option for £16.75m. It was quite unbelievable the types of deals you can pull off a few seasons into the game where the AI has stockpiled players at the top clubs. Most of my permanent transfer dealings were for regens, but I also brought Armel Bella-Kotchap from RB Leipzig for a deal worth up to £10m and got Kevin Trapp for about £3m to replace the retiring Neuer as a stopgap. Also Dani Maldini and Troy Parrot on bosmans. So a few games into the season. The aim is Europa League football, I think we can push for champions league places. Played 4 games, won two, but lost to Bayern Munich away and Dortmund at home. We should be much more competitive this season with the below starting eleven: 4-2-3-1 GK: Trapp RB: Cuesta (Regen) CB: Rugani CB: Uduokhai LB: Saracchi CM: Gedson Fernandes CM: Xaver Schlager RW: Maldini (Werner) CAM: Mejbri LW: Coman (Sisto) ST: Haaland (Parrot) Hoping to get Haaland to agree to a new deal. His £43m release clause had me perspiring all summer!
  13. Well, I would call that job done. Just about. Haaland is an animal, as we all know. He won top goalscorer despite only playing 19 games. He currently has a £43m release fee clause. First order of business will be a new contract upping that to closer to £100m. Massively need to rebuild the defense. We conceded 64 goals last season, but scored the 3rd most in the league. We only have £24m to spend, so a few sales and astute loanees may be needed.
  14. A lot of 6 footers in there! Score many corners? Also that Gonzalez with that OTB attribute. You have the makings of the perfect Raumdeter there!
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