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  1. Approaching the end of the 2024 season, it's going to be a close one. Looks like a 2 horse race, but City and Liverpool will both have their say in deciding what part of London the trophy will go to. We have just limped to a quarter final defeat to Barcelona in the ECL.
  2. I'm plan on using him as an inverted winger on the right. He has started reasonably brightly so far with a goal or assist in his first few games. I've had to bin off David Neres though as I was overstocked in that position. Joe Willock is the latest Hale end casualty. He was sent to Porto for £20m as he was never getting ahead of Kessie. I fancy Patino to fulfil a role in central midfield at somepoint next season. I aim to pay for the Kulusevski transfer by selling Memphis Depay to one of the elite clubs in Europe. This should give Nelsen or Martinelli the chance to finally have a s
  3. Just a little update of the financials of the Leno deal. Making big money on him, although that average rating at Bayern is quite something! I also made a big January purchase of my own in this window. He is also on £14m p/a.
  4. @Duckelfsc perhaps try bring in a long term replacement for Leno? I find eventually Bayern Munich always come in for Leno and are usually willing to pay quite a lot!
  5. I think it will be fine. What is his personality? I've always found high natural fitness means the physical attributes decline slower than the others. While a bad personality leads to all of the attributes dropping rapidly. Sign him on a 3 year deal with an option.
  6. @VP. How did Rice do as a CAR for you? I've got him in my save for quite a cut price deal and he's displaced Weigl as the starting DLP. What sort of numbers did Saka put up for you?
  7. Hope to get a bit more done of my save soon. Into my 4th season, with the aim of doing 5. I've tried to keep a track of the club's finances and see how much we've grown. I started doing it quarterly in game but that became far too tedious. I think the "balance" for my finances has gone up 300% or something ridiculous like that. I do have quite a few good regens at the club now who are probably about 1-2 seasons from being starters. That might increase the longevity of the save. Might keep bugging the owners for a new stadium even though the Emirates is only about 18 or 19 years old
  8. I think it depends on a couple of factors. I've found the biggest boost to values usually occurs if after you win the champions league but before the massive reputation boost kicks in. Therefore, the big clubs with the budgets for £100m+ players have a higher rep and your players pop up onto their radar. I remember seeing something on this forum a few years back that suggests the larger the database of players the fewer offers you get for your players? Something to do with the algorithm that determines player value based upon supply? Not sure if this was ever proven though. I find of
  9. I think I aged 10 years when Muller was clean through l will be telling my grandkids about that miss. I've never heard a stadium cheer a missed chance so much!
  10. Has anyone contemplated selling Saka? I've just had an offer from HSC Berlin for about £71m. Not sure if that's acceptable considering I would use that to replace him with either Sancho or Kuvlevski from Juventus and both would cost well over £100m
  11. I've always found 4-3-3 a really tough nut to crack tactially. I would usually got for something like an anchorman, box-to-box midfielder for more conservative sides and like your above - halfback, advanced playmaker (attack) and mezzala (support). You could try a focus play down the middle, coupled with a look for underlap? This should boost the mentality of the central midfielders. Maybe try a winger on one side (or have one side as a winger or have instructions on the IW with stay wider as the instruction. Could you be struggling with a bad match of players and PPMs? Does Grealis
  12. Just a brief update, will do a longer one in a little while. We have conducted a lot of summer business and turned a profit. Our first eleven when all fit now consists of: Leno left the club in a huge deal on deadline day to Bayern Munich for £71m. His replacement was between Woj, Dean Henderson or Gulacsi from Leipzig. The romantic in me could not turn down the chance to resign Woj - even on £10m p/a wages! £10m upfront with another £10m due after 50 appearances. We've upgraded and have about £50m left in the balance profit. Bellerin left for AS Monaco, after his agent
  13. Having just concluded the 4th season (2023/24) , an easy way to summarize this is to say we were very far away from being competitive. We finished 4th on 73 points. A massive 23 points behind runaway champions Manchester United, who cantered to their first title since 2012/13. We were also unconvincing in Europe and were lucky not to be dumped out the groupswhere we finished 2nd before being dumped out by a very average Inter Milan side. Tottenham dispatched us in the FA Cup quarter finals again and Manchester United knocked us out of the League Cup in the 3rd round. No additions to the
  14. How has everyone found Aubameyang plays a few seasons into the game? I see quite a few players move him on in the first 2 seasons. Will be interested to see if anyone has managed to squeeze anything out of a 33-34 year old forward like him. On my save, his performances are on the precipice of falling off a cliff. Despite a fairly decent natural fitness, his attributes have shown a lot of red and orange arrows recently, without the expected re-balancing of physicals to mental attributes. I kind of want to squeeze that off-the-ball attribute and decisions and composure up to 20 but can't figure
  15. Early performances are promising I think he has scored 1 and assisted 1 so far in 3 games. I think the main issue is getting the other positions right. I often find the left sided inverted Winger (usually Saka or Pepe) often make the same run off the ball. Also, other player ratings have dipped in a few games. I think the next tweak will be to increase the attacking width to give more space to the players, but this probably works against the Gegenpress as I've found the counterpress works best when playing narrow width as the players are all closer together when they lose the ball.
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