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  1. Swills417

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    How much strength training do people here incorporate into there running regimes? Had a few Physio sessions to treat a bad knee and they prescribed all kinds of different strengthen exercise to fix issues hip imbalance and ankle instability. Went for a 9km run at the weekend and my knee was a little sore. Just proves I haven’t been diligent in ensuring I do these. I aim to do about two strength sessions a week. Probably to include some variation of single leg leg-press, deadlifts, step ups and light squats/lunges. Curious to know what people on here do? Whether they are scheduled workouts or more “chuck in a few planks at the end a run” sort of approach.
  2. Swills417

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Aiming to do a evenly paced Parkrun this weekend. A steady 4:30 /km for 4 then an absolute blitzed final kilometre for the finish. It’s just so hard not to get sucked in and do a 3:45 first kilometre and struggle the rest of the way round
  3. Love it. Maybe teach him dictate tempo and play as a regista? Training his positional trait would be key here. You may need to pair him with a rather combatative midfielder.
  4. So tempted to start a new save reading all these updates. Will holiday the first season and play from 2018/19. Kind of fancy a continuation of retraining player positions. Fancy a Welbeck and Iwobi as CMs with someone like Kolasinac as a DM.
  5. Swills417

    2018 World Cup squads

    Will this be the first time Reus is fit for a World Cup or Euros?
  6. Swills417

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Beyond: Two Soul included with PS+ looks good. Has anyone played it? Is this this one with William Dafoe in it? Also managed to pick up Limbo for about £4. Played about 1 hour so far and plays well. At a bit where there are two swinging bear traps to dodge at once. I have also completely given up on Far Cry 4. It’s a decent enough game but I just can’t stand that you can’t get from A to B without being killed by Bees or some other random animal. It’s just frustrating if you want to do and get to the the missions without using fast travel!
  7. Completely agree with the thoughts on the combat. A variation of quen, fast attack, roll and repeat made every enemy (apart from a few) feel very samey throughout. The best fights were against the wraiths were you had to use the sign to trap them and make them vulnerable to damage . I think if I had discovered the game at the same time Skyrim first released I would of enjoyed it more. It’s massive world makes it very hard to put a dent in when you only play between 30 to 90 minutes at a time.
  8. Swills417

    What is your favourite videogame of this generation?

    Life is Strange.
  9. Have hit a purple patch in December of the second season. My tactic has just been massively exposed as one dimensional. I am over reliant on Lacazette for goals. My formation and tactic has brought good performances from Ramsey as a Advanced Playmaker on the right and enable Zielinski and Ozil to play together in the center of midfield. However, we have shipped loads of goals and have lost 4 premier league games in a row. We have sunk to 5th in league. Tactically, I think it is time to move beyond this 4-1-2-3 tactic. I wanted to experiment with possession dominance and with mifield players playing in defence and just having all eleven outfield players being capable of picking a pass. However, we have been desperately exposed from this. The below screenshot shows this. I've noticed we concede numerous goals from crosses from deep as we play with a higher line. If we face a target man with the above back 5 we are usually dominated by this. I think the low positioning and marking attributes of the back four is a fundamental weakness of this approach. We have also conceded the joint most from corners in league. Our attacking play is also leaving a lot to be desired. Of Lacazette's 14 league goals, 6 have come from the penalty spot. Despite cramming creators into the side we have only created 47 chances (7th in the league) and no players in the top 20 chance creators in the league. I can only assume this is due to a lack of "runners" in the team. Moving forward for the rest of the season, I will go for a tactical change. I know its often preached to not chop and change tactic when in bad form. I will give a browse of the tactical forum for inspiration. Perhaps it would be better to simply play players in their natural positions .
  10. Has anyone ever experienced a complete mauling from a former player? Three games into the new season and things are looking promising. Keeping clean sheets, creating loads of chances. We come up against Southampton and Lucas does this. 4 goals and an assist to completely destroy us. Will look into how my defence allowed him to be so devastating to us. I suspect a combination of a high line and a regista instead of a more defensive option at DM. Pre-season I have tried to get out team playing with the ball on the pitch, making use of our many options with cramming as many midfield and forward creators into the team as possible. Playing twelve preseason friendlies including hosting a tournament which I cam third in. We won the European Super Cup with an excellent 3-1 victory over Atletico Madrid. A huge number of players returned from loan spells and I had the task of trimming the squad while exploring various options of keeping players. Very early in the window, I decided to refresh our goalkeeping options. David De Gea was the number one target after falling out with Mourinho. Unfortunately, the club would not negotiated even with a £70m+ various first team players. I instead decided to turn my attention to the maligned Claudio Bravo from Manchester City in an intial £6m deal, on a one year deal. This was followed by a high profile departure and arrival. Piotr Zielinski arrived in for £10m plus Cech moving to Napoli the other direction. Zielinksi is perfect playmaking partner for Mesut Ozil in the central midfield. Being either-footed compliments his uniqueness in this position. Another playmaker also arrived from Serie A, Hakan Calhanoglu will provide danger from his set pieces delivery and drifting in from the left. With the club being well stocked with squad players in every position, I set about moving players on. A number of players left on loan including Oliver Giroud to Seville, Ospina to Benefica, Chambers to RBL, Coquelin to Roma and various under-23s to clubs in the championship and below. Di Maria, who arrived just the previous January agitated for a move after failing to win the title, a promise I didn't deliver to him. I was going to make use of him as an advanced playmaker on the left. However, Barcelona came in with a structured deal worth up to £64m which I could not turn down. I would of preferred more time making Di Maria a talisman for my team, but his inconsistency persuaded me to move him on. Lucas and Joel Campbell also left on permanent deals. Two deadline deals were completed as Anthony Knockaert arrived from Brighton for an initial £12.5m and Sammer (Our new DoF) was bidding manically for central defenders - a number of which I had to cancel. Eventually, I allowed him to complete the signing of Argentine Emanuel Mammana from Zenit. He will provide good Rotation. My starting eleven and tactic as below. Martinez and Claudio Bravo will contest/rotate in the sweeper keeper role. Martinez being a promising shot stopper and Bravo capable at playing out from the back. Bellerin will be a mainstay at rightback, with Walcott providing backup here. I plan to rotate Mustafi with Koscielney and Elneny with Kramer as I play with one converted midfielder and one natural centre back. The evergreen Monreal will be rotated with an offensive minded inverted wing back of Wilshire. Cazorla, Ozil and Zielinski will be the midfield creative hub, with strong tactical dynamics appearing early into the season. Ramsey and Knockeart will rotate as wide advanced playmakers. The left will be up for grabs and contested between Jeff Reine Adelaid and Calhanoglu contesting the position. Lacazette will be the main striker in the set up, being able to create and score. Mario Gomez, although injury prone, will provide poacher cameos, with Welbeck performing a more defensive forward role.
  11. My experience is that he blows hot and cold. He started the season really strongly for me then tailed off as he lost his place in the team. Giroud has a better goals per 90 minutes. Made three signings so far in the summer transfer in my second season. Zielinski from Napoli to fill the roaming playmaker role in central midlfield. He arrived as part of a cash plus player deal with Cech going the other way. De Gea was my number one target as he feel out with Mourinhk after they had finished 5th. I couldn’t complete a deal though even tried a £70m + Lacazette or Ramsey but they would not accept. Decided to take a chance on the sidelined Claudio Bravo from city to help build from the back. Hakan Calhanoglu was also signed to inject further creativity into the wide in the wide advanced playmaker position. I have yet to find an adequate player for the defensive forward role I have planned. Welbeck is probably the perfect fit, with Gomez and Akpom deputising.
  12. These signings are interesting as they are not conventional Arsenal signings. How is Chilleini getting on so far? How do you play Berardi on the flank or up front. Ive decided to go with two new tactics for the 2nd seasons. A 4-3-3 Manchester City inspired tactic with 4 playmakers, two inverted wing backs and ball playing defenders. Might not even play with recognised natural defenders. The other is a all out attack 3-4-3 with a high line and a sweeper keeper. I will need to make a whole bunch of signings to make these work!
  13. Having just finished my first season, I thought I would post a wrap up/review of how the season went from February to May. Our form became very inconsistent as we smash Liverpool 5-1 at home, with a hat trick of assists fo Jeff - who finished the season with 9 goals and 15 assists. He was the leagues second highest assister despite only featuring in 19 league games. We also dropped points away to Huddersfield and Bournemouth. We also lost two games away to 20th placed Brighton and Manchester United with a period of three games without a single shot on target! Displaying some awful form. Di Maria struggles in this period with a number of key penalty misses and poor games. We reached the final day of the season with us contesting finishing 2nd to 5th with Manchester City, Tottenham and Manchester United being able go finish outside the champions league places on the final day. All team won their games except Manchester United courtesy of a late defeat from a 93rd minute Rooney goal. We managed to dispatch Galatasary, Nice and Lazio on the way to the final only winning 3 of the games with strong second leg performances. We faced Dortmund in the final where we were battered by Dortmund but managed to score two counter attacking goals through crosses to Giroud - who finished as our top goal scorer with 21 goals but only 8 in the league. As a team we were second best defensively conceding 31 goals level with second place city who outscored us, however we were both very far behind Chelsea who conceded only 16 goals all . Offensively we performed much better creating the most chances in the league and completing the most crosses. Wide players such as Reine-Adelaide, Bellerin, Walcott at right back, alongside Ramsey and Lacazette who played a number of games as Raumdeauter created the most chances. Tactically, I believe we create the most chance due to our wide playing style. It telling this extra width did not help Ozil by creating space, only he registered only 5 assists all season with a key passes per 90 minutes of 1.38. None of our players appeared as the top 20 key passers. ` Defensively no players particularly stood out. Mustafi was the most consistent and Monreal tackled the most. Elneny and Kramer were solid yet unspectacular as the teams defensive midfielder. I will look into a more defensively solid tactic next season. I maintain a system of starting Cech for the first half of the season in the league and Ospina in the second half of the season. Going into the next season the question of goals and chance conversion will need to be answered. Giroud score the most goals but nearly left in January, Lacazette started really well but became more of a support striker or creator as the season went on. I will need to decide whether to build a system around a pure goalscorer or spread more of the goals amongst the team. I hoped Di Maria could be the teams main attacking threat cutting in from the left but I don't believe he played well in tandem with Ozil as a number 10. His best performances came as a left winger. Can they played together in a 4-2-3-1? Ramsey and Wilshere were mainly used as rotational players as Xhaka was preferred as a more robust central midfielder. Wilshere may undergo a positional change and become left back for me similar to how Walcott was standout as a right back. Ramsey will likely score more and create more as a wide forward liberated of defensive work. Around the world and other leagues. RBL won the German League, Monaco the French league, Juventus in Liga BBVA and La Liga will be decided in a final day classico with both teams level on points. Real Madrid will attempt to win their 3rd Champions League is a row against Athletico Madrid and the FA Cup will be between Manchester United and Chelsea.
  14. Apologies for the jinx! I reckon it’s a combination of play narrower and stick to positions. You have some formidable players in defence also! Chelsea, in my save first season conceded only 8 goals in 30 league games in my save. Will attempt to replicate this somewhat in my second season. Trialed a very structured, narrow and deep 5-2-3 in an home game against Galatasaray. Lost that game thanks to a deep cross that had Mertersacker backpedaling.
  15. That is some defensive record! How do you set up your team?