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  1. In the picture below you could see for example: England have Championship and Premier League playable and the rest as view only. This feature is amazing to setup new savegames.
  2. I loaded my save with all 119 leagues and around 380k players (the most possible to load with original db). I run the game in a i7 5820K, 4x4Gb and GTX1070 without any problem and this version of the game was much more smoothly than FM20 or 19. I'm planning to go 10 or more seasons in this savegame. I used a new feature when the country has an option to play the major league and load the other with view only.
  3. I loaded the FM21Editor and found some new attributes to players, like Peak CA and Peak PA. I don't know yet how they work in the game, but I think they are good for players extrapolate his initial CA/PA.
  4. I'm thinking between Camavinga and Florentino as DM. Maybe Rice, but don't know yet.
  5. Aarons is a better player now and has more potential than Laird. Another option is maximize Williams (bigger potential rating by staff) at RB and begin a serch for one new LB (Nuno Mendes, maybe).
  6. Martial is a beast in this game. Late november of first season and he scored 3 hat-tricks playing as Advanced Forward. I'm using 4231 and 433 based on vertical tiki-taka. Total of 13 goals for the frenchman. Cavani has 7 goals as rotation option. 4231 sometimes with Bruno as AMR - Advanced Playmaker and Beek as AMC - Enganche/Advanced midfielder changing positions since Greenwood picked an injury (7 weeks out, returning on early december). Mata came as rotation with the duo. I'm looking for Max Aarons as a offensive option for Wan-Bissaka and don't decided yet about a CB, a DM and o
  7. I use 4231 as main formation, Rashford as IF-At, Bruno as AM-S, Sancho as W-At (sometimes as AP-S) and Greenwood as P-At. Rashford has instruction to stay wider when the team has a ball to open space between the opposition fullback and center back. That instruction also create space for my MCL to give some runs into space or make room for Bruno in the build up play. Greenwood is a beast with instruction to be Poacher and put him trainnig a new PPM (likes to try to break offside trap). He and Rashford will always run behind the defence with this PPM and enhance more direct and count
  8. First, sorry for my bad english, I'm a brazilian fan and I don't write or talk in this language very often. Maguire is one of the best defenders playing in England and the last season he was very solid for Leicester. McTominay is the most regular player this season so far and Tuanzebe is close to cement as starter ahead of Lindelof. Greenwood is a exciting prospect and if you go back when Martial come to United he was -95 PA in the game. I think Greenwood have more ability and excites so much more than Martial when arrives. Garner and Williams, I've forget them in first a
  9. Maguire = 158+ CA at least (150 in game) McTominay and Tuanzebe = improve PA and CA Greenwood = -95 PA
  10. My carreer with Man Utd so far: Season 19/20 Premier League: Winner (94pts), Liverpool 2nd (92pts) and City 3rd(91pts) Europa League: Winner against Roma (3-1) FA Cup: 5th Rnd, eliminated by Leicester (1-0) League Cup: 4th Rnd, eliminated by Fulhan (p1-1) Transfers (Winter): Håland - £25M Eriksen - £40M Fred - £25M sold to Shanghai SIPG Season 20/21 Premier League: Winner (103pts), Liverpool 2nd (86pts) and City 3rd(85pts) Champions League: Winner against Barcelona (2-1) FA Cup: Winner against Watford (3-1) League Cup: Win
  11. The answer for your problem is in the question. Put the wonderkid to play in his favorite role for a couple of games and he'll be happy again. The squad status of the player will guide how many minutes/game he needs to be involved. I've bought Antonio Marin as a hot prospect status and he complains for first team at second season. The solution was to give him 15~20 minutes and after 2 or 3 months he was happy again.
  12. I`ve started my new save with United on the day Mourinho was fired (December 18th, with a custom db). Here are my results so far. And this game, biggest score against a Top 6 PL team. FINAL PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE
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