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  1. I'm still playing and enjoying FM18, so no plans to upgrade unless something major is added. I'm pretty happy just updating 18 each season.
  2. Pretty cool that the game is available for free on the epic store, but without the pre-game editor it's not much good to me. Any plans to either make it available for this version at some point or for FM21 on the epic store? If not then I'll just keep buying it on Steam.
  3. FM11 and FM15 for me. Countless hours put into both.
  4. Enjoying the game overall, but a few minor annoyances. * Penalties seem to be missed far too frequently, both for and against me. * The game seems to artificially create runs of form for teams to catch up if you get too far ahead. More noticeable than in previous years. I get that it's to keep it competitive, but I don't really like it as it seems unrealistic for Arsenal of all teams to go on a 20 game unbeaten run. It ain't 2004. * Players ask for new contracts far too often. Not sure if it's realistic, but it certainly is irritating. * General UI seems clunkier and less
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