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  1. FM11 and FM15 for me. Countless hours put into both.
  2. Enjoying the game overall, but a few minor annoyances. * Penalties seem to be missed far too frequently, both for and against me. * The game seems to artificially create runs of form for teams to catch up if you get too far ahead. More noticeable than in previous years. I get that it's to keep it competitive, but I don't really like it as it seems unrealistic for Arsenal of all teams to go on a 20 game unbeaten run. It ain't 2004. * Players ask for new contracts far too often. Not sure if it's realistic, but it certainly is irritating. * General UI seems clunkier and less responsive than the last FM I owned (FM15). General layout is the same but the sub screen mid match in particular is terrible. Those annoyances aside I'm having fun with this one, it feels like a mostly natural upgrade from 15.
  3. A good example here of what I mean. This is a regular occurrence using this tactic unfortunately (I'm using the 'here comes the stinger' variant), so I'd advise against using it unless you're managing a club with all world class players. It doesn't really work otherwise.
  4. It's good at home, but bad away from home. You'll have a lot of chances but miss most of them, whilst the opponents will score all of their shots on target. Against bigger teams away from home you can easily get trounced by 4 or 5. I assume because the wing backs are not providing enough cover for the centre-backs.
  5. I played FM11 for nearly 4 years until finally buying FM15. I had tried the demos of 12, 13 and 14 but wasn't convinced they were better than 11. There's a lot of things I like about 15, but the biggest issue for me is the lack of fluidity throughout the game. It's probably more realistic, but it can get grating to deal with injuries, suspensions, players unhappy about their loan deals (both at your club and out at other clubs), players unhappy about training, players wanting to move to bigger clubs, players wanting a wage increase, press conferences, and so on. It's really difficult to even get through a couple of weeks without having to deal with a multitude of problems which at times makes the game more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. With all that said, I do enjoy FM15, but it requires such a huge investment of time that often when I'm finished I feel like I've wasted too much time on it. It didn't feel like that on the older versions, even if I'd spent a few hours or practically an entire day on them.
  6. How can I lose 7-1 and not a single player have a match rating below 6.1 ?
  7. For me the number of injuries are fairly accurate, but the timing of them is stupid. They all happen in the same match and usually the same position as well.
  8. An inordinate amount of games seem to end 3-2, regardless of the quality of the teams playing.
  9. Played a season of this tactic with Blackburn in the Championship. Works very well away from home, but fairly poor at home. Regularly draw/lose against rubbish teams at home, but beat very good teams away from home. Update: Should note despite my average home form I did get promoted from the C'Ship with Rovers using this tactic at the first time of asking. 7 games into the Premiership season and sitting 3rd with 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Team is nothing special: GK: Paul Robinson WBR: Dani Estrada DC: Grant Hanley DC: Steven Taylor DC: Gael Givet WBL: Martin Olsson MCL: Gamst Pedersen MC: Kim Kallstrom MCR: Marcio Abreu AMC: Ruben Rochina ST: Jordan Rhodes With subs usually Scott Dann, Alexey Eremenko, Bradley Orr, Dickson Etuhu, Mauro Formica, Jason Lowe & Jake Kean. Thumbs up so far.
  10. It would be nice for the editor to work let alone be improved
  11. Go into the game library, next to the search bar there's a bit which should say "all games", click that and go to tools, it should be in a list on there.
  12. The editor doesn't really work atm so I wouldn't concern yourself too much with it.
  13. When I search it doesn't show results. I create players and they don't appear in the game. Very, very poor.
  14. I quite like the game so far in terms of playing it. My last version was FM11 so there's a lot different. The 3D engine is vastly improved. Defending is poor, but when hasn't it been? Tactics are still fairly easy to control. Transfer system is still decent. I like the DOF idea. Not a huge fan of the UI. It's like SI have just tried to cram tons of information into every single screen. It's quite messy looking, kind of like an amateur project. Simple is better. It's ridiculous that the overview match screen is now filled with information. If I wanted tons of info I'd pick a screen that had that info, if I'm going to overview it's because I just want the basic information.
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