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  1. Straight back to it, this time with Matlock. Profile
  2. On the verge of getting the sack. Second season started so brightly with us being at the top for a spell then we had a bad run and haven't turned it round yet with us lying in 15th going into February. Edit- Resigned before they could sack me. It was inevitable anyway. Second highest scorers in the league but the amount of goals conceded was stupid. I'll give it another go at some point with somebody else.
  3. @Quavis I had nothing to do with it really, but I couldn't help notice every time the youth match report popped up that they kept on winning. They had two half decent 16 year old strikers who weren't good enough for the first team yet so I threw them in there rather than the U-21 team. Both strikers ended up with a ratio of a goal every game in the U-18s and one of them became my first choice striker in the first team for a short while before his form dipped.
  4. AFC Hornchurch - Vanarama Conference South - 2015/16 - 6th League table - We narrowly missed out on the playoffs thanks to the very consistent towards the end Sutton United. We had a great run going and were sitting in 5th going into our last 5-6 games with one point separating us and Sutton United in 6th but inform striker Javlon Campbell got injured and our form wasn't good enough to stop them leapfrogging us to that last playoff spot in the final stretch. Oxford City were immense all season long and beat us both home and away. Squad - The standout players were goal and assist machine George Purcell and top scorer Javlon Campbell. Transfers Finances English Under 18s Group 8 Champions! - That was a nice little consolation after narrowly missing out on the playoffs.
  5. Decided to go with AFC Hornchurch. Profile
  6. Might aswell have another crack at this. I've gone with Whitehawk. Profile
  7. Scunthorpe winning the FA Cup and getting relegated from the Championship in the first season of FM11. Their fixture list was crazy the next season.
  8. Great OP pal! Going to give Groningen a go myself after reading this thread.
  9. Celano Marsica | Serie C1/B | 2012/13 | 13th League Table Amazing season full of ups and downs, one moment we look like promotion the next we look like relegation. As you can see by the league standings that it was one of the tightest leagues ever. Believe it or not with 4 games to go I was actually just 1 place and 1 point behind the final playoff place, unfortunately we only managed a draw in those 4 games and finished in the lowest position we've been in all season. Our main strikers started off brightly but somewhat faded towards the end with injuries and goal droughts, with the only available players to replace them nowhere near good enough for the league we're in and were just there until their contracts run out. We did nothing worth mentioning in the cups, getting knocked out early on against similar rated teams. Despite having one of the lowest wage budgets in the league and not spending a penny in the transfer market we find ourselve losing around £100k a month and are now £200k in debt. Oblivious to this the board have announced a new 9459 capacity stadium called the Giannitti Arena after club legend Marco Giannitti. New Stadium Moving On? However, I don't think I'll be there to see the new stadium in all it's glory as I'm possibly going to move on from Celano depending what jobs come up. I'm still hesitant at the moment as Celano look to have some potential, but with this new stadium and our ever dropping finances I feel it'll be too long term of a challenge for a journeyman like myself. Let's see what happens... Career Stats Celano | Serie C2/B | 3rd | 2011/12 | Promoted via playoffs Celano | Serie C1/B | 13th | 2012/13 | Nothing
  10. Wow, never had this much bad luck with injuries before. It wouldn't be so bad if maybe one was a defender or defensive midfielder but they are all attackers. For some reason I don't think we'll be staying top for much longer... INJURIES!
  11. Quick Update In November now in my second season with Celano. Sitting top of the table but not in great form, losing 2 of my last 3 games. Had some really suprising results such as beating Piacenza 7-2 and Triestina 2-1. I'll take a wild guess and say we'll finish just outside the playoffs this season, which is still over-achieving in my opinion, especially with the players we've got. My team is the same as last year with Ivan Dazzi my only player brought in and unwanted players leaving on free transfers. Pleased that the average attendance has more than doubled from 648 to 1414 and having 200k in the bank isn't bad either but we're still somehow losing money monthly. Oh and I think you can guess who's my top scorer! Mr. Grumpy himself, Martin Colombo!
  12. £1,200 at Celano Marsica, second season. £55k total career earnings.
  13. That stadium looks really miserable, maybe it's the weather/lighting what makes it like that I don't know lol. Good luck with this, mate!
  14. During the January window I signed a Uruguayan striker called Martin Colombo. He played absolutely awful for the five games he started despite having good stats so I dropped him to the bench. He gets upset at not playing despite only being on the bench for four games or thereabouts and after a conversation where he basically spits in my face, he requests a transfer which I accept. So, he sits on the bench for the rest of the season with the lowest morale possible and nobdy wants to buy him. We end up getting promoted and he comes crawling back out of nowhere saying he wants to stay. I hate this guy but it looks like he's staying because I can't afford to free transfer him and nobody wants him, well, who can blame them! Here he is
  15. Celano Marsica | Serie C2/B | 2011/12 | 3rd League Table Wow, a great first season in my career. We were looking like a possible automatic promotion place but faded towards the end and Perugia and our rivals L'Aquila pulling away from the pack, so we had to settle for a playoff place. The playoffs were quite a test but I was suprised we actually won them. We were so lucky in the second leg of the semi-final against Giulianova. As you can see they had a man sent off early but somehow rallied in the second half to tie the game and looked to be going to the final on away goals when in added time the legend that is Luca Angelucci slots home to send us to the Final. The playoff final was much easier although Aversa Normanna has their fair share of the action. Key Players I've only been in charge since December but these are the lads that stood out for me: Luca Angelucci Antonio Croce Francesco Campolattano Stefano Bianciardio Right then, let's see how the mighty Celano fare in the league above next season!