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  1. Ah right, doesn't matter anyway. Had enough of India already haha. I think I'll come back some other time in Australia.. maybe as my next save.
  2. I've decided to return to India... here's my profile Let's see how this goes!
  3. Taken over as Kingstonian Manager. Let's see how long I can last. Manager Profile
  4. Melbourne Victory FC 2015 - 2016 A-League: 1st Finals Series: Winners Champions League: Runner Up As you can see the CL final was pretty horrible.. not only 3 own goals but I had decided to cancel a transfer for Cleo at the start of the season who scored their other 2 goals Anyway.. moving on, we're through the group stages again and beat Ulsan 4-1 in the second round so we'll see how it goes next season. I've also signed Hervin Ongenda on a free and after finding his form in the last few games I'm hoping he can fill a place I've been struggling with on the right wing. edit: Forgot to say, a tycoon takeover attempt failed! They promised to give me a massive £50+ million transfer budget aswell! Instead a director took over Season A-League Finals Series Champions League ------------------------------------------------------------------ 2012/13 6th Minor Final N/A 2013/14 1st Runner Up N/A 2014/15 1st Winners N/A 2015/16 1st Winners Runner up
  5. Lost 5-2 in the final, 3 own goals. I'll get a screenshot up next update.
  6. Melbourne Victory FC 2014 - 2015 A-League: 1st Finals Series: Winners Another good season which included my second A-League title and first Finals Series trophy. We're also still going in the champions league after winning Group E and knocking Seongnam out in the second round, 2-0. The rest of the competition will be played in the early stages of next season. I made one main addition to my team from last season; Richard Porta. I couldn't resist signing Porta whose contract had run out at his old club. That signing proved to be very important as my second best striker missed half the season due to a 3 month injury only a few games in. Porta ended the season with 28 goals in 27 games. Season A-League Finals Series ------------------------------------------ 2012/13 6th Minor Final 2013/14 1st Runner Up 2014/15 1st Winners
  7. Melbourne Victory FC 2013 - 2014 A-League: 1st Finals Series: Runner-up This was an easier season than I expected, though I believe this is because of the signing of Odafe Onyeke Okolie, an old favourite of mine from my times at Salgaocar . The Finals Series was a massive disappointment after beating my big Melbourne rivals in the semi finals, then having so many chances in the final and conceding the only goal due to sloppy defensive work. My project of developing Australian youngsters has been going very well this season, in particular Anthony Williams who I can definitely see in the Australian squad in a couple of years time. Also, Leonardo Ziada has been progressing nicely, don't be fooled by his attributes. He's been performing fantastically and I'm confident he can replace Harry Kewell now that he has retired. Finally, we'll be looking forward to Champions League football next season . Season A-League Finals Series ------------------------------------------ 2012/13 6th Minor Final 2013/14 1st Runner Up
  8. Melbourne Victory FC 2012 - 2013 A-League: 6th Finals Series: Minor Final Struggled a lot in the early parts of the season with no quality up front and a pretty weak defence. We managed to strengthen up the defence a little with a few free transfers and also signed Brazilian striker Reinaldo back to the A-League from Al-Ahli for £22k. After that we began to really push ourselves up the league table and looked like grabbing a top 3 finish had our form not dipped towards the end of the season. The finals series was really used to give some youth a chance, I don't see it as an important competition. Next season targets: Challenge for 1st place. Sign a quality striker. Help Anthony Williams and Joso Setka progress as much as possible (both 5 star potential). Season A-League Finals Series ------------------------------------------ 2012/13 6th Minor Final
  9. Haha, he's my brother. I showed him what you wrote and he said.. "I'll be back."
  10. Hi guys, returning to Australia with Melbourne Victory FC who finished bottom last season. Delighted to find out Harry Kewell has joined them in real life and is still there in the game. Manager profile
  11. How many leagues do you think that one you recommended me could run?
  12. Hi, can someone check out this laptop and tell me if it will be any good for FM12? http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/acer-aspire-5750z-15-6-laptop-blue-10783822-pdt.html Thanks.
  13. I'm playing Dzeko in the trequartista position. He finished last season with an average rating of 7.42 and got into the Premier Division team of the year.
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