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  1. Both Liverpool and Tottenham managers retired on the same day, when a few days later free agent Jürgen Klinsmann (former Tottenham/Premier league player of the year) joined ... Liverpool!
  2. Dear SI and SI community, I have been playing manager games ever since I got my mom to buy me CM2. Back then I was still a kid and I was just playing it for fun, but believe me when I say that even then I used to be quite fanatic! That is not the point of this thread so, I am not going to dwell on my own legendary saves. Being a loyal customer, almost a fan, I got some of my mates to start playing aswell. Even though not all of them kept on pretending to be a manager like I did, I never stopped praising the game we all enjoy. When I moved out of my parents house, my mates always see me playing FM on the couch with my laptop and a beer watching football. Every new edition I download the demo and get my mates to do it aswell. For me the demo has never been a reason to start playing a ''serious'' save yet, I like to wait for the real thing! Never the less every time I tell my mates it is out again, but this year I decided not to. At first atleast... The funny thing about this story is; since I have been bugging my mates to play each demo they somehow reminded that around this time of year the demo got out. Because I was not positive about the new release I did not mention it to anybody yet. Today a mate of mine asked me why and wondered if I had quit being a manager after all those years. It really started to itch again and after having played my own sunday-league match today, I gave the FM 2012 demo a decent try to convince me to buy the full game on October the 21st. I really started to enjoy my new quick start and even reloaded the one that I gave up on and enjoyed it just like the old days! I want to let you all know, tomorrow I am back to praising Football Manager!
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