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  1. Amazing PreachinBlues451 tactic

    First season Valencia, won the league and the cup easy, way too easy, lost only one game against Barca

    All games played in 3D, my own team training and individual training, OI to Ass Man

    Minimum 10 games in the pre season, same tactic in all 3 slots in the tactic screen


    Thx Knap for this tactic   :applause:









  2. 50 minutes ago, Whufc10000 said:

    I've been West Ham, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Villa and I've tried a fair few tactics, new games from pre season 1.

    I had a few good starts, but quickly faded into bad results.

    It might be something I'm doing, or not doing, I find the whole thing with the tactics spread everywhere very confusing. 

    If you can't have success with teams like Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea then you don't know how to play FM21. Go on Twitch and watch people how they play or look for the videos on youtube, you have everything there. There's no more plug&play and you need to learn how to play the game. 👍 good luck

  3. On 26/01/2021 at 12:40, knap said:


    I would be interested in how this tactic works with a Fulham type Club It is a sort of Counter Attack tactic.

    FM21.4KashmirKnap4141KINSTONIANP97COUNTERATTACK.fmf 45.75 kB · 46 downloads

    Tested 3 times with FULHAM   6th - 7th - 8th

    Good tactic, more defensive that those tested a few days ago

    Finished 8th in my last save because i got a lot of injuries

    As you can see, around 60 points every time, i think it`s ok for a team like Fulham using a defensive tactic like this one





  4. 1 hour ago, nartay12 said:

    My dear Knap. I would like to ask you to update tactics FM21BEOWULFKnapCrusho4231PRMDP105ALLCUPS. Otherwise,Ihave a desire to play fm21. I beg you to help me please. I hope for your humanity. Greetings from Kazakhstani players ) Thanks!!!

    Try these 2 tactics, they are as good as that one



    FM21.4PaeisienneWalkwaysKnapPar1s4231P100.fmf FM21.4PARISIENNEWALKWAYSKnapPar1s4231IFP103ECCC.fmf

  5. 7 hours ago, calimero80 said:

    Knap, 41212 tactics weren't too much? We want 433/4231/343 Guardiola/Klopp etc. tactics like last year. By the way thank you for the tactics.

    It`s not about what people want, it`s about the ME

    What`s the point in uploading tactics that don`t give really good results? 

    Best tactics will come after march - april when SI will stop updating the ME and 3D Engine

  6. 12 hours ago, stonini90 said:

    Defending in this game is a joke. How many times have you seen irl defenders turn their back to a long ball instead of jumping and heading the ball. I mean what the hell, goalkeepers are giving assists to the strikers all the time. How do you deal with this horrible ME?

    Defending in general it`s a joke with this ME...

    I`ve seen bugs not fixed from FM19 to FM21, it`s the same ME with some changes to players movement in 3D and that`s it, same bugs just like last year. Everybody sayin` this year we have the best FM ever...NOT!

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