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  1. 4 hours ago, pan1majonez said:

    I don't understand one thing. I am playing NAC Breda, i have 2032 year. I have loaded 3 tactics. 1 parisienne rdf tweak( tactics which didn't to the second phase test FMCADONI) 2 Spider v1(second place in test in home points) and 3 terminator v1(first place in test in away points). I did simulation many times and better scores i have with parissienne. So i am confused now which tactis i have to use...

    :idiot: Normal people would use the tactic that gives the better results...:onmehead:dohhhhh.jpg.39176c4a96576c5f8f261df58614f138.jpggiphy.gif.a3f2686ec5349c2f1bc438b80bc77482.gif

  2. 7 hours ago, ImDaWeasel said:


    Quick question. Are you still going to support FMScout with your tactics considering what's come out about the guy who does the videos for your tactics? Obviously you get paid for the privilege but when it's being used by a dirty piece of work surely a line must be drawn? 


    6 hours ago, Earnie is God! said:

    Didn't know anything about it and after searching for a while and seeing some comments on some of their youtube vids, decided it probably easiest to check on twitter, right?


    I've only just started watching the 1hr video within so not sure what to make of it at the moment.
    Make your own minds up


    Stop with this! PERIOD

    It`s a thread about knap tactics, not what happened with fm scout team.

  3. 34 minutes ago, r0ckvn said:

    Hi Gents

    May I know what is the best tac for 4-3-3 ManUtd ? I tried the one with All Attacking and Liverpool hit me hard :(


    The best way to play against bigger teams is with MR and ML tactics

    Those tactics offer better cover for the fullbacks.

    442 is a good way to play in the current ME, bigger teams will struggle to kill 2 lines of 4 players defending

    It`s difficult to play against Liverpool, they are the most overpowered team in the history of the game, not even Barcelona was so overpowered in their best years

  4. 8 minutes ago, QuickZombie said:

    Hi @Crusho79bv do you use these in tandem? For example one at home, one away? Been looking for a 41221 that is up there for a while as it's also my favourite formation being a spurs fan and our dislike of more than one striker....at the club lol

    ARGUS version is a bit more defensive, you can use it away against bigger teams, will bring great results

    Use them for a season, most players want instant success and after 10 games they quit on them, that`s not the way to play the game!

  5. I prefer to play with a holding midfielder, gives more cover to the defence

    Don`t like games that finish 5-3 or 6-4, love a good solid 1-0, 2-0 when i close the shop and just watch the opposition go full attacking and i catch them on a nice counter!

    Love HB and how he becomes the 3rd CD when defending, but that`s just me!

    My fav style is 4-1-2-2-1 with IF+AF or PF



    These 2 tactics will bring crazy results if you build your squad around them, from 2nd or 3rd season it will win title after title, even european glory if you know what you`re doing.

  6. 11 minutes ago, knap said:



    You had a couple of different roles so a different spin on tactic.


    Honestly, the style of play is almost the same

    From what i`ve seen in the last hour of testing, only my WM stay wider and DLP deeper

    Didn`t change the speed of play or something else

    SS and AM play the same, just that SS gets in front of the goal more often, but doesn`t track back as often as i would



  7. 13 hours ago, knap said:

    The narrow version is really good

    The AI is too stupid, doesn`t know how to handle so many players attacking the central area of the pitch



    For those who use this tactic and have problems in defence, switch the DLP To Defend and he`ll drop between the mid and defence, more like a holding mid

    Works with the wide versions also.

  8. 8 hours ago, radetzky said:

    Seems promising. 

    Two questions:

    - have you played with IR or watching the games?

    - mentality stays always on attacking, even for the exploit you had away against stringer teams?

    All games on 3D, i like to watch the games 

    Mentality Attacking, if i`m up by 2 or 3 goals i go Positive mentality in the last 15-20 minutes

    Rotate players in the League and Cup to keep morale up

  9. PASS & GO 4-5-1 


    High tempo 4-5-1 tactic with short passing and pressing from all players that will win the ball high up the pitch and counter attack fast 








    I didn`t use any OI with this tactic

    Training BALANCED all season


     >>> TACTIC DOWNLOAD <<< 

    PASS & GO 4-5-1 (FM20.4.1) FINAL AP+DLP.fmf


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