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  1. No job offers?

    I've probably had 2 or 3 offers in 7 years in my game. I get linked with quite a lot of jobs though. Took till the 7th season before I was offered a job that I wanted.
  2. Microsoft Surface

    It'll almost certainly be compatible with the high end version which is similar in spec to a laptop and will have a full version of Windows 8 on it. The lower powered model is a different story, would require a new version of FM from SI.
  3. Manager Knowledge

    Thank you.
  4. On my current game I've been managing in Denmark for 5 seasons yet I still have no knowledge of the country, am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
  5. He's retired on my game, left Man City for £5 million to play for Barcelona, averaged about 18 games a season, he retired with 250 appearences, 91 was goals and an average rating above 7. Not bad compared to most of your games. He is now a crap scout for Sunderland. He won quite a bit with Barcelona and won the Euro's with Italy.
  6. Playing a LLM game, went to Leicester who at that point in my save were in League 2, wage budget £140k. Currently about to start my 4th season in the Championship wage budget......... £115k.
  7. Villa on mine, straight up at the first attempt. Bolton, Wigan, Wolves, Fulham and West Brom are all in the Championship.
  8. True FM on iPad? How far?

    I've got a load of windows 7 based tablet devices sitting on my desk at work, got a panasonic toughbook tablet that I reckon could handle a couple of leagues on FM. It's better than a lot of low end laptops with an SSD drive and core i5 processor. Ah this device http://rmm.toughbook.eu/printpdf/809?vid=8782
  9. Some of my best seasons have been just avoiding relegation, think they're better than winning the league.
  10. I'm stuck in the Championship in my career game at the moment, think it's just going to take a few seasons to rebuild the team that got me there. Think it's quite easy to get disolusioned when you're not racing up the leagues.
  11. enjoyable save suggestion

    Load up a few leagues, start with sunday league reputation and unemployed, go on holiday until someone offers you a job and start from there, that's the way I play it.
  12. Same as this for me. I'm 27 full time job and minimal spare time, also stopped playing the series around the same time as you. I got back into it with this version. I go through about a season a week, sometimes more sometimes less. Tactically I use 4-1-2-1-2 attacking at home and counter-attacking away. Training I have tinkered with it but generally just leave it as standard. Finding players is the area of the game that can take up time, but learn how to use your scouts and just go with their recommendations.
  13. struggling because of a bit of unrealism....

    Just got into the Championship with Leicester took over them when they were in League 2. Found the same thing, clubs didn't want a penny for their players when I was in League 1 or 2. The moment I'm in the championship they want money for the loan, which is fine I'm aware that many loans now require a fee up front what I don't understand is why they never ask for money up front in league 1 but the moment you are promoted they do.
  14. Goalkeeper on Bench

    Always, I also have 3 keepers in my squad at all times. Used to be 2 but I got badly stung when both keepers got injured at the same time.
  15. I make wholesale changes quickly. At my current club I've been there for a season now. The only players in the starting 11 that were there when I got there are the GK and 2 CM's. Everyone else I have got.