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  1. Fair enough. Kramer looks decent so i doubt you will be too disappointed with him.
  2. There are plenty of players you could buy for that. Lucas Paqueta, Sandro Tonali or Antonio Marin all look like they have great potential and all cheaper than £27m
  3. Thanks! Yeah that's my fear, but i think it'll be a good season nevertheless. I had a short one when we drew 4 games in a row and lost 2 after, but after that the team really picked itself up. I noticed that it's quite important to praise and criticize the team frequently. When i started doing that the players really started to perform. That's also one of the reasons i think we got out of the slump in form. I'll keep a lookout for him. He's currently unhappy so should be able to pick him up for a cheaper sum i hope. Just bought the FM favourite Luan from Gremio for £17m and he's a natural striker, amr and aml so i'm not sure i need Belotti at the moment. Will launch a bid a see how much he goes for at least. Yeah i think i will hold on to him for now. He's still on his original contract so he's quite cheap. If he demands a better one later i will be truly tempted to sell him! I usually do the same, but i thought Zivkovic looked too good to pass on. Yeah i still have no idea how it truly works. I was in the red at the end of the season but i still passed it somehow. Maybe because of the prize money but not sure. Thank you! And yeah, he looks like something special. Hopefully he will fulfil his potential. I mean it might work if they do, but i don't see them giving up on Hazard if you won't fulfil your promise. Yeah Zappa hasn't been too amazing for me either, but on the other hand he doesn't complain anything so i'm fine with him for the moment. Vietto for £5.5m is a steal, i would pounce on that immediate! Morata scored 40 goals over 35 starts and 25 subs, so i can't complain too much! Michy wa a different story however. I gave him 24 starts and he only managed 6 goals in them. So it was a easy decision to sell him
  4. Glad to see someone trying it out! The tactic generates a lot of shots (i have about average of 15/6 shots off/on target) and usually not giving the opponents any ccc. I'm sure you could tune it and i know that i've been lucky with injuries and some results. I'd probably develop another tactic for the harder games in the future. I actually managed to win the triple! The League, Champions League (lucky me or else i'd be forced to sell Hazard!) and the FA Cup. I finished 15 points ahead of United, also defeating them in the CL and defeating Arsenal in the FA Cup. Can't say i'm too disapointed about that! Did lose the Carabao Cup to City, but i'll survive. The two stand out players were Kanté and Savic. Kanté truly played amazingly in the end of the season and was the reason we won those last games. Savic was the one who carried the team to get to those opportunities however. As a BBM, he got 17 goals and 14 assists over 36 starts and 10 substitutes. He won Footballer of the Year, Players' Player of the Year AND Players' Young Player of the Year. I had no idea that you could win them both but apparently you can (unless it's a bug?) I bought Andrija Zivkovic at the start of the season, but he didn't get a work permit so i sent him to Vitesse, where whe managed to get 7 goals and 14 assists in 29 games with an average of 7.76! Hopefully he'll get a permit so i can replace Pedro (who didn't have a good season) with him. So the summer transfer window just opened, and i have no idea who to buy! I'm looking for a striker, Batshuayi decied that he woudn't get game time here and wanted to leave. Do you have any suggestions? I currently have £49m, but i'm going to try and increase it. Could use some youngsters with decent potential as well Got a couple of exciting regens as well: Vaclav was brought in for £4.3m and will hopefully replace Fabregas in a couple of seasons. And now for the most exciting one: Fleming came through the youth system and looks truly amazing! I might even sell Alonso and keep Fleming and Castillo as reserves. Do you think that's a good idea or is he still too young? I have to say that i love that the thread is quite active nowadays. I usually never post, but i've always been lurking in the shadows lol. Even though this edition of the game has been getting some complaints (which i agree with plenty) it has still been one of the most fun experiences so far for me. I usually give up after one season but this time i'm motivated to continue... At least for now! EDIT: Zivkovic didn't get a work permit, so i'll be looking for a winger as well it seems...
  5. I'm not sure. On one hand, you'll get a great english youngster who'll still improve. On the other hand, there are players around his level who will cost significantly less. I'd recommend Sergej Milinovic Savic, probably one of the best players you could buy and will only cost £30-40m. He's my best performer with 9 goals and 9 assists in 21(3) games.
  6. Yeah i don't know either how it works. 11 days later and i'm in the green now. So it apparently changes over the course over the season depending on results etc.
  7. The European one is fine for the moment, but the wages might be too much for the Premier League one. Hopefully i'll be able to sell some players to lower it in January. Kanté just came and wanted an improved contract, thankfully he was happy with a £25k raise!
  8. I managed to send him to West Ham for a loan and £12m after 15 games, so i'm good! The only one who's been annoyed is Alonso for buying Alex Sandro and not playing enough. Fortunately, Azpilicueta managed to talk him down the first time and I the second. Other than that, my save is going really great. Currently on a "decent" winning streak Here's my tactic, if anyone's interested. And the transfers. Zivkovic didn't get a work permit, so he's tearing it up at Vitesse for the moment. Bernardo Roque is a regen i found at the start of the game who i hope will turn out to something special If you're curious about anything, fell free to ask!
  9. I believe it was north of £20m, i'm sure you could get him cheaper than i did however. I'm simply to lazy to negotiate too much lol. Also, he has 4½ star potential after i bought him, just a heads up
  10. I went for Victor Lindelöf, looks good and can play at cb too in case i need it. He's also on the younger side so he could probably improve a bit as well
  11. It doesn't work for me, it just loads up the default fm skin instead.
  12. Exequiel Palacios Looks like a great prospect which could be acquired quite cheap. You could probably retrain him to be a great wing back, considering his defensive and technical attributes.
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