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  1. How about the other part? E: I'm gonna retire to bed now, but I gotta ask why does a [EDIT] lovely young man troll like tomtuck keep roaming free.
  2. "I decided that I think" does not constitute as reasoning by any stretch of imagination. Anyways, is that your sole argument in a topic in which you'd posted about 10 messaged even before tonight?
  3. Where is your reasoning though? You've stated your opinion about half a dozen times, "Busquets is a DLP" but you haven't given any reason as to why. I'd like to know what it is exactly that lead you to think that.
  4. I mean, for me there's no problem and we can continue if tomtuck01 can go back and make an argument. I've made mine in the "500 word essay" already.
  5. Are you suggesting no argumentation is better than excessive argumentation?
  6. The best way to recreate Busquets' role is putting him in the DMC slot and giving him the role DM-defend. End of. If you disagree you're stupid.
  7. You decided but can't argumentate for ****. Just save the insincere smileys and weak-ass trolling. I've made my argument with solid grounds a number of times and you've shown no substance what so ever. Wonder who the troll is.
  8. Anything concrete to support your claims? Didn't think so. But people ignorant so you go tell 'em.
  9. Clearly you do not watch enough barca, man. You're so ignorant and clueless. You think that's appropriate and good for discussion? Especially when such ad hominem is just used to dodge arguments. Why don't you start with going back and responding to the points made? I'm getting kind of tired trying to figure out new views to reach out. Do I need to repost my whole message in order to avoid a meta-discussion of what's said? Are you really unable to read back? Let's forget the fluidity issue? It's non-pertinent. Can't you agree that if you had to choose, you wouldn't choose Busquets first. Busquets doesn't see significantly more of the ball than any of the players nearest to Xavi. Compare his figures to unarguable non-playmakers Alves or Piqué and you won't see a big difference there. He makes a lot of simple passes and creates roughly the least chances in the Barcelona starting line-up by any meter. To get the point across, he doesn't create. There is nothing to suggest he is more important to the attack than about any other player in the team. All this I deducted by watching dozens of games and then having statistics that congrue. What kind of backing do you have for your claims? Also, attributes do not dictate role selection. Busquets has ability no doubt but you can't have 11 stars thinking like they're the stars on the pitch. And make no mistake, Busquets is not the go-to guy whatever might the hipsters say. "He is key" is the only argument seen for DLP in this topic really. It doesn't get any more ambiguous and nonsensical than that. Ironic that tomtuck despises "makes things happen" kind of talk and then the argument for Busquets role is just similar blabber without depth. It really boils down to a couple of you guys calling every deep-lying midfielder with the least of technical ability a playmaker just to spite "the ignorant".
  10. Yonko, instead of one-liner responses and childish personal attacks you might want to clarify what makes Busquets a playmaker or what defines a playmaker. I've made (numerous times) the point about a) being a primary, designated playmaker and/or b) having expansive passing compared to his peers. You aren't even willing to accept that Xavi's role is more crucial to the set-up than that of Busquets. What gives?
  11. I never suggested key pass count = playmaker. The point I was getting at is that Barcelona's defensive midfielders do not do anything creative to the extent you'd expect a playmaker to do. They do not spread the ball consistently, they do not see more of the ball than people around them, and they do not "make things happen". Barcelona's centre-backs play more long passes to the wide men. They do about the same amount of playmaking as the DM. I struggle to see what it is about Busquets' game that qualifies him as a playmaker role in FM. Maybe we can agree that if you decided to go for a more fluid set-up the first specialist roles you'd hand out would be to Messi and Xavi. In a more rigid set-up you might give additional specialist roles to Iniesta, the centre-backs and Busquets.
  12. The thing is Xavi played 150 passes and had 163 touches to Song's 111. What makes you think a player that plays the least key passes (by the aforementioned definition), the least long balls and the least through balls and is not focus of the team mate's passing should be classified as a playmaker? If Xavi played 102/102 he'd still have spread the ball to the flanks consistently, he'd still have dwelled on the ball more, he'd still have looked to create chances. Not the case with Song. Song plays a disciplined midfield holder role. He's so far off a playmaker there's no debate, like kazm said.
  13. Define "key pass". By Whoscored.com's definition Busquets plays the least key passes in Barcelona's first eleven after Valdés and Piqué. Btw, Song just completed something like 102/102 passes in a liga match, some kind of record this season. He really plays the least ambitious passing game in the whole XI.
  14. I'd go for standard defend duty. The key is what features of his game you want to highlight. For me the discipline of the defend duty is more important than moving forward. Never gonna emulate real life perfectly though. Sometimes Barca's midfield looks like 2-1 with both Xavi and Busquets staying deep, sometimes even both of them go forward at the same time and the full-backs play narrower - and everything in between. FM just can't replicate that. In reality their roles aren't just concepts but good in-depth understanding of what to do in different scenarios.
  15. IMO, the defensive midfielder on defend duty hits more checks than the deep-lying playmaker. Quickly closing down and stopping the opponents attack before it gets even started, recycling possession and offering Xavi a constant simple passing option are the defining points in his game. His role is pretty basic really, he just does it better than anybody else. That said, I don't declare you ignorant if you disagree.