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  1. Just to confirm, one of you editors are on standby to give Newcastle United it's riches on FM once the deal is done with the Saudis right?
  2. Question: If I train my player the role of Inside Forward even if he's naturally a left winger does it solely improve the stars needed of an inside forward or just allow him to play that role better? sometimes I set all my players training based on ther role in my tactic that's all it's a waste if they aren't soley working on the attributes for the role..
  3. I thought this tactic must only work with good teams as my Lens team in Ligue 1 finished second bottom and were relegated, I switched between the two tactics as the original post says, I have no idea how but I got the AS Monaco job the season after being sacked and the tactic is better but I am still conceding a lot of goals (especially from corners) we are currently 6th in the league which in my opinion is still not good enough for a team like Monaco and the players I have at my disposal!
  4. I downloaded this, which nation do you select when starting a game?
  5. STABILITY - Fixed rare crash when adding player to transfer target/development list Thank you Sigames! I wouldn't say it was rare though everytime I grouped a load of players and right click / added to development list it crashed lol
  6. Never knew about that Stat Pack screen! Brilliant thread this is.
  7. I was going to suggest the same as Alex, watch proper football where possible, the MLS is improving if your based in America you could maybe give that a watch, you can also manage those sides on FM! When asking what stats you need for each position you can click on a players name, click attributes and click where it says show attributes needed for the said position. Hope this helps.
  8. Surely if his AM is in charge and playing him out of position that is still a bug? The fella is a goalkeeper.
  9. A) Nice Skin! B) What on earth!? He's a goal keeper, you've been playing him in goal.. he's unhappy cos hes played out of position!?!
  10. I understand mate, it wasn't a test as such I just loaded the game before work and didn't have time to play so decided to put it on holiday. I have started again with Southampton playing properly and the results are much better, I agree that Southamptons team on paper look perfect for this formation.
  11. Sorry to say, I tested this tactic last night with Southampton for one season on holiday, they finished 16th and I was sacked at the end of the season lol.
  12. Yes a lot of his goals are from the back post, and/or rebounds. Bale has 22 assists, nearest in the division is 8.
  13. I'm amazed, were now 23 games into La Liga and his CB has 16 goals leading the scoring charts and the nearest player is Ronaldo with 11. I thought it must of been an exploit, i've called him worse than poo too I guess I owe him an apology lol
  14. I was wondering if there are any corner exploits in this years version of the game? Just me and a friend are playing together in an online game and his centre half is the leading goal scorer in the whole division, bare in mind were like 15 games into the season now and hes 5 goals clear of second place, I was wondering if their is an exploit and if theirs a way of proving that he is cheating just I keep having a go but he just claims hes just good with set peices? Thanks
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