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  1. What Should Be My FM17 Beta Save?

    As others have said, do your first save with a club that you support/know the best. Gives you a chance to experience and get used to the new features in a familiar environment, then move on to a new, more challenging save. For me this means starting as Newcastle United, which is more interesting than usual due to the relegation (and possibly a large transfer kitty?); then moving on to whatever takes my fancy.
  2. Dundee United, Athletic Bilbao, Tromso, Valledupar (Colombian 2nd Division), Corinthians Alagaono (Brazilian Serie D). Managed them on various editions of FM and follow them all.
  3. 2013/2014 FMS Fantasy Football League

    Joined just in time - Bill Quay Bombers FC Hoping to stay interested for more than 3 weeks this time around
  4. FM 13: SK Brann - Norwegian Tippeliga

    If you're looking for a home grown GK you can't do much better than Andre Hansen, starts playing for Odd, is young for a keeper and is relatively easy to get. Bought him for Tromso and he is reliable enough, took over No.1 from Sahlman after a few seasons. Another one is Erik Brathen; slightly older and harder to get as he is backup at Rosenborg and its almost impossible to get anyone from there if you play in Norway. These two will become the best Norwegian Keepers for the foreseeable future. Other Norwegians I recommend are Magnus Wolff Eikrem (Molde) play him as a winger or attacking midfielder and he will be immense. Not the fastest but his technical ability makes up for it; brilliant at dead ball situations. Stefan Strandberg (Rosenborg) play him as a ball playing defender (cover) and he will dominate. A couple of years into my Tromso save i got to the semi finals of the Europa League with mostly Norwegians and a few scandinavian regens. I play fluid, direct football with big, strong players in a 4-1-2-2-1. I've won the cup 7 times in a row and keep alternating the league with Rosenborg, they hardly ever lose and usually the season is decided by results between them and me.
  5. On playing stronger teams; initially I changed nothing from what i did in the league (Norway), same tactics, roles, fluidity and mentality (4-1-2-2-1, direct, fluid, control strategy) and i got to the semi finals of the Europa League with Tromso. This wasn't working so well when facing teams in the CL group stage so all I did was change my strategy to counter and nothing else; I'm now dominating the league and I can compete with the best in the CL with a tenth of their budget. It depends on the way you play though as I have giants in my defence, center mids and up front; and fast wingers cutting inside. I guess it would be hard to replicate this in Portugal though. On using young players; I like to develop norwegian youth (because of the registration restrictions) and if their current rating is 2 stars or over i make sure they are in the first team (22 players, a replacement for each position, at least one of which has to be home grown) I sell older foreign players when this happens so you can imagine my squad is fairly young. I only keep older players (26+) if they are homegrown, still useful to the team or there is no one better coming through to replace them in their respective positions; so I have a core of 5-6 experienced/exceptional players to build the squad around and to tutor appropriate youngsters. So the answer to your question is you can win things with kids if you have access to good enough players (i.e good facilities and/or rep for poaching) as long as you have those good mentors on hand to keep the team moving forward in tight situations.
  6. End of season clear out

    Come the end of the season, if anyone in my squad has: A. Less than 3 star potential B. Has an average rating of 6.69 or lower (if they played more than 10 first team games in that season) C. Wants to leave and I cannot Change their mind (good for squad happiness if you get rid of the unhappy players) I try to sell them, if not loan or release them. I aim to have 22 players (2 for each position) in my first team. They all must have at least 2 star current rating (or they are not ready for first team football) and at least 3 star potential (or they are declining or not good enough in the first place). The only time I ever bring in senior players is when there is a gap in my first team and none of the reserves/youth are good enough yet to move up. I keep 11 players in my reserve and youth squads (1 for each position) so they always play when they are fit are not acting as replacements in the first team. None of these players are below 3 star potential so they are always playing with quality, this and guaranteed games really accelerates their development I find (alot of 15/16 year olds get released). If I have more than one player in a position in my reserve/youth sides with good potential but not ready for the first team, then I loan them out to some team that guarantees first team football in a lower division. I find it better to keep most of my players playing together in my system, using the same tactics as my first team, than loaning all of my reserves out which I have seen many others users do. At the end of a transfer window (mid or end of season), I aim to have 44 players in my squad (22 first, 11 res, 11,youth), this is OK in England and other larger European nations but it is harder to do in smaller countries. This policy can mean anything from a couple of players leaving each window up to around 10, depending on how well we are doing and if our reputation has changed significantly. This can be brutal (especially when it comes to getting rid of your favorates) but it keeps the team moving forward and improving.
  7. 2012/2013 FMS Fantasy Football League

    Bill Quay Bombers - Farmerg07
  8. Better Season

    Started a game with Lille and never looked back, 20 years and counting, never gets boring. Bilbao are good too.
  9. Regen Siblings

    Ive got two players born a year or so apart in my youth team with the same surname. Their from different places though.
  10. Just Signed My Mate!

    Chris Basham (Bolton) was a few years above me in my secondary school and lived in my street.
  11. Your soundtrack to FM

    I usually have radio 1 in my headphones while im playing, mainly Zane Lowe :-)
  12. I originally got into the LMA series 2003-2007 on ps2, bought a laptop and fm07 with it, much better than LMA i can tell you that, never went back.
  13. Best Formation

    A classic 4-4-2 with attacking wingers, occasionally a diamond in the midfield.
  14. How do you play your game?

    I usually randomize a lower league team.
  15. I dont know if this happens aito automatically in the game at some point but suddenly all assistant, coach and even scout reports come back with three or four stars less than the day before. i this a bug? Im newcstle in my second season in november.