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  1. I’ve created an eerily similar tactic with my Sporting side, only just recently discovering Nagelsmann’s work. I instead usually play in the counter (45-50% possession) sometimes switching to controlling possession more if needed. And I focus more on attacking from wide with CWBs usually on support with two CF-As up top scoring most of the goals and assisting each other. I also use double Mezzalas, again usually on support and have converted a midfielder into the centre of my back three. I use a flat midfield three with a DLP-D in the middle. Defensively I don’t press. I have a very high line and I make the pitch small, but don’t engage until they are in my half. I don’t use a sweeper keeper. So like this: CF-A CF-A MEZ-S DLP-D MEZ-S CWB-S CWB-S DCB-D BPD-C CB-D GK-D GK-D (Wallace) - Solid. Tends to come out and sweep less than his predecessor (Calla) did but I’m not asking him to do much (and he doesn’t do much, given who’s in front of him). Mixed distribution, we usually win a lot of second balls when we do send it long. DCB-D (Josimar) - Doesn’t have much technical ability (hence his role) but inexplicably sprays the ball around to the wingbacks and the strikers with devastating results and average rating, especially from who is on paper the worst player in the team. CB-D (Choi) - Puzzlingly more technical but less effective than Josimar... BPD (Ulysses) Relative new comer and a natural SV really. I converted him to cover for the other two CBs and he also plays the ball out a bit. This role was originally intended as an experiment for the player (Viola) who I sold to Man City to kick start the trophy trail. I played him as a L but found it broke our shape up too much and caught us out at the back (the lad could do anything but jump and head). CWB-S Left (Gianerelli) - Captain. Best Left Wing Back on the planet. The more defensive of the two, gets himself up and down, covers a lot of ground. Both footed. Very, very small. CWB-S Right (Stevovic) - More attacking, lots of assists, pops up at the back post on crosses and sometimes just run up the pitch and scores. He does what he wants. DLP-D (Andonias) - Tiny bloke who can tackle and play make in equal measure. Told to pass short and simple. Mez-S Left (Jovanovic) - The natural successor to the great Viola. Can play make but just loves to get up and shoot. Primary set piece taker. Mez-S Right (Vaslinka) - More B2B. Also likes a shot. Good at penalties. CF-A Left (Mina) - Balon Dor winner. Runs up the left and either scores or crosses to his partner. Considered changing to Ramdueter but again messed with the shape. This one is insanely good. CF-A Right (Ribeiro) More central and gets on the end of low crosses provided by Mina or the CWBs. I’ve just won a septuple in 2026; 5 years into the job. So I think I’ll take a look at some of the variations above to see if I can change things up a little.
  2. Haha It's like FMs way of reflecting what happened to Julen Lopetegui before the World Cup.
  3. Update: Went in for the Juve job (admitted slightly lower rep then the teams before), promised to resign my international post and was offered the job.
  4. I'm at the end of the season, have simmed forward to check and I'll fail FFP. Does this mean I'll be kicked out of the CL this season or next? Either way, if I used the in game editor to add a sugar daddy would any version be able to prevent me from failing FFP? Or am I doomed? I'm not bothered about a foreground one, an underwriter would do if they can clear the debt before it's counted for next season.
  5. I manage Sporting Lisbon on FM18. Won the domestic quadruple 4 times (5th year) and gotten to semis of CL. Fancy moving on so applied for the Barca (finished 5th in La Liga) and PSG (beaten by them in CL) Jobs. They are both 5 star rep and I’m 4 and a bit. I also manage Brazil, so in the interviews a question comes up asking about how you’ll juggle club and international jobs, answered it and didn’t get either job. I was bookies favourite for PSG, but lost out to a lower rep manager (Barca manager was 5 star). My question is does also managing a nation put clubs off hiring you? Or is it just a rep thing? Cheers
  6. It can be sometimes annoying when you load up a new save in the ‘out of the box’ database, choose a start date; for example the beginning of preseason, and find half your squads has already been loaned out and are unable to be recalled; especially at larger teams. For realism sake, at the time you ‘get’ the job at the start of the pre season, you’d expect to have all of your squad; including reserves and youth, available for you to decide what you want to do with them. IRL loaned players from the previous season would have returned to their parent clubs by then (unless they are on multi year loan deals) and most loans are made towards the end (or after) the transfer window closes, when managers know who they are going to play and who’ll need to get game time somewhere else. I get because FM releases after all of this happens, so the game ships with a snapshot of what each team looks like when it goes gold. If that’s the case, then different start dates become less relevant. Questions Why are so many loans not agreed until later in the season (not talking about winter updates) already in the game at the start of pre season? Why can’t you recall the vast majority of these players? Is there a mod/way around this? If not, is this something SI would consider changing in future instalments? Cheers
  7. Sounds about right. His CA is 92 so a bit higher but his differential is still 107. He's wanted by Arsenal, Celtic, Rangers & West Brom.
  8. I was messing about with FM Genie Scout tonight on a save using Claassens database to open up all European countries and I've stumbled upon a newgen striker playing for Tweedmouth in the East of Scotland League with 199 PA. Is this rare or does appear frequently in these situations? I've never seen a player who has the potential to be as good as Messi before, especially from Berwick. Can't get a screenshot unless I became Tweedmouth Manager, as I've got masking on. Could do a screen of Genie Scout though.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I've started an unemployed save in Latin countries (South America plus Spain & Portugal) and got the job at Las Palmas Athletic (their B team) just before the January window. Never done a B team before so that's instantly more interesting. I've also turned on attribute masking and I'm not going find players or staff using the search function; both of which I don't normally do. I'm about to advance from day 1 (a big step) so with me luck
  10. This topic has probably been discussed before but... I’ve been ‘playing’ FM for 11 years now but in the last couple of editions I’ve found it hard to commit to a save. I usually choose saves where I’ve seen a team IRL that might make an interesting save, madly obsess over the teams history, tradition etc and then lose interest somewhere between day one (yes) and the first couple of competitive matches and repeat the same exercise a week later. Either that or I attempt to rekindle the enjoyment of a previous save/team. The same results apply. The longest save I have done since the release of FM15 was four and a half seasons. I long for the days when I could have a long term save, not just live out others careers on here or on YouTube. Am I forever doomed or can someone save me from this maddening managerial limbo? I welcome all suggestions.
  11. As others have said, do your first save with a club that you support/know the best. Gives you a chance to experience and get used to the new features in a familiar environment, then move on to a new, more challenging save. For me this means starting as Newcastle United, which is more interesting than usual due to the relegation (and possibly a large transfer kitty?); then moving on to whatever takes my fancy.
  12. Dundee United, Athletic Bilbao, Tromso, Valledupar (Colombian 2nd Division), Corinthians Alagaono (Brazilian Serie D). Managed them on various editions of FM and follow them all.
  13. Joined just in time - Bill Quay Bombers FC Hoping to stay interested for more than 3 weeks this time around
  14. If you're looking for a home grown GK you can't do much better than Andre Hansen, starts playing for Odd, is young for a keeper and is relatively easy to get. Bought him for Tromso and he is reliable enough, took over No.1 from Sahlman after a few seasons. Another one is Erik Brathen; slightly older and harder to get as he is backup at Rosenborg and its almost impossible to get anyone from there if you play in Norway. These two will become the best Norwegian Keepers for the foreseeable future. Other Norwegians I recommend are Magnus Wolff Eikrem (Molde) play him as a winger or attacking midfielder and he will be immense. Not the fastest but his technical ability makes up for it; brilliant at dead ball situations. Stefan Strandberg (Rosenborg) play him as a ball playing defender (cover) and he will dominate. A couple of years into my Tromso save i got to the semi finals of the Europa League with mostly Norwegians and a few scandinavian regens. I play fluid, direct football with big, strong players in a 4-1-2-2-1. I've won the cup 7 times in a row and keep alternating the league with Rosenborg, they hardly ever lose and usually the season is decided by results between them and me.
  15. On playing stronger teams; initially I changed nothing from what i did in the league (Norway), same tactics, roles, fluidity and mentality (4-1-2-2-1, direct, fluid, control strategy) and i got to the semi finals of the Europa League with Tromso. This wasn't working so well when facing teams in the CL group stage so all I did was change my strategy to counter and nothing else; I'm now dominating the league and I can compete with the best in the CL with a tenth of their budget. It depends on the way you play though as I have giants in my defence, center mids and up front; and fast wingers cutting inside. I guess it would be hard to replicate this in Portugal though. On using young players; I like to develop norwegian youth (because of the registration restrictions) and if their current rating is 2 stars or over i make sure they are in the first team (22 players, a replacement for each position, at least one of which has to be home grown) I sell older foreign players when this happens so you can imagine my squad is fairly young. I only keep older players (26+) if they are homegrown, still useful to the team or there is no one better coming through to replace them in their respective positions; so I have a core of 5-6 experienced/exceptional players to build the squad around and to tutor appropriate youngsters. So the answer to your question is you can win things with kids if you have access to good enough players (i.e good facilities and/or rep for poaching) as long as you have those good mentors on hand to keep the team moving forward in tight situations.
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