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  1. Well i've been playing since its launch with the graphics and never had a problem until very recently. I can try without if you think that might help. It just seems so random when it happens.
  2. Hi, Yes I have the logos, facepack and kits from Sortitoutsi. They've never caused this issues before. I've attached the DXdiag DxDiag.txt
  3. I've recently came across a problem where my game needs reinstalling every 4th or 5th time I load it up. It only installs 91.7kb each time as the files haven't disappeared, but it also corrupts my latest save, meaning I need to go to an earlier save to play. Even the start screen looks bizarre the first time I load up after installing, with my manager standing in random places in the changing room, which is usually back to the generic yellow kits. I've no idea why it would do this as I don't do anything different from the way I close down the game each time. Has anyone experienced this b
  4. First thing i tried. I've worked out the problem anyway. I tried to move the logo folder out of the sports interactive folder and then back again. Everything moved apart from one folder which it turns out had corrupted. Windows 10 wouldn't let me delete it, spent an age trying work arounds before eventually doing it with a command prompt disk check, reinstalled the logos and downloaded the corrupt ones again and its working.
  5. Hi,I was wondering if anyone could help. I've loaded up my game tonight, having changed nothing, and suddenly the small logos on the league do not work. They show next to the player stats, and every other graphic addition works, but they've suddenly stopped working. I've attached a screenshot. Any advice on whats happened and how I can fix it? I've done the usual, cleared cache, downloaded the latest update etc.
  6. When i'm playing a match, I have team stats visible during the commentary, however the team always appears in a mixed up order. For example in the tactics screen its set out by position, so would show; GK Dcr Def Dcl Wb Wb Cm Cm Stcr Stc Stcl but during a match the order of the players is all over the place, so at present ive got this: Gk Wb Dcr Dcl Wb Cm Stcl Cm Stcr Dc Stc Its not a huge issue, but makes it hard to glance at the team and se
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