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  1. id say sell Jefferson, loan out Junior.
  2. I have in my game fired most of the physios, only main guy left. Not more really needed, as far as i notice... For lower leage its a great place where to get more coaches, becuase coach and physios are calculated toghter.
  3. No more messi in Golden Ball.. No more messi in Golden Ball
  4. Intresting result in Club Champsionship Semi-Final.
  5. strange thing happend to me with the new patch.. I asked the bored to sign me Cavani, in November. I had no money (in budget). I thought i mess around and ask the bored, and they simply said, fine we agree Cavani is good singning and deal agreed less then few days for 68 mil...
  6. i usually do alot of changes, because if you look at the stars in training, its not really good enough. (swe fitness coach for example). Also i try to bring in a assistant manager.
  7. confusingly, i am getting asked 15mil+ for fierro... (never going to happen)
  8. what update are you playing? As i cant sign Lucas Romero, because he simply dont want to come. Seems, that if you disable the trasfer budget at start, its more difficult to sign anyone?
  9. I am in Skrill premier and this was the result in FA CUP... Many penalties... using only the Silk & Steel. With Rainmaker i conceed way to much (sometimes 3-4-5 goals).
  10. Bouhgt Erikson for 15 mil in third season for Arsenal.
  11. you allways do, (i get offerd in everygame the benders from borussia). I usually likes hes brother more for 20sh mil
  12. For right back, cheap option is Sam Byram from Leeds. He has decent potentsial. And did i say hes cheap and english (more home grown!!)
  13. you surely forgett siging him for 25 mil. Juve knows hes value. I think 35-50 is the price range. In my save he moved to City for 42mil. chelsky singed sanches from Barcelona for 36 Manu singed Ac Milan Stephan El Shaarawy for 37mil.. Everyone has money and lots of it.
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