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  1. I remember playing an online championship and I saw Mangala (he was at Porto back then) do this so many times, so I think that this already happens. But it should be easier to do, I would like to be able to instruct my CB to do this.
  2. Camilo Mayada (River Plate). I've bought him playing with Botafogo for just R$ 1 million (~260k euros) and he turned into a South American beast playing as a classic winger. Was top of the assist ranking by miles of distance and scored one of the three goals that helped me to win the Copa Libertadores - and also scored the penalty kick who seized the FIFA Club World Cup. I've stopped playing after three seasons, he was valued 7,5 million euros, such a great investiment.
  3. "Can I be sure, that this +1 to dribbling in my striker stem from a better coaching stuff, or sth else? Or maybe even without better coaches the result would be the same? " Football doesn't work like this. Of course, if you have a good coaching staff, your players can develop more easily. But it isn't the only thing that influences this, and that's why Football Manager can't tell you: "Player X had +1 increase in his Finishing ability due to the good level of our coaches". Imagine two "twin" players - attributes, club, reputation, everything. But one have Determination 15/Professionalism 17, while the other have Det 4/Pro 5. The first one is more likely to work harder in training, and that's another factor who can help him to develop those attributes. And there is also other things like morale.
  4. I haven't played FM18 yet, but I heard that now there is a song in the main menu. Currently, we have integration with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Twitch. Why not have with an music app like Spotify or Deezer? I know there is a lot of people who love playing Football Manager and listen to music at the same time. I'm one of those. But it's annoying to keep pausing/playing songs when a match is starting. My suggestion is: we should be able to import our favourite playlists and albums from the app, and when a match is ready to begin, the music is stopped. Of course it's difficult to do this because of commercial reasons, but that's not impossible and I would love it.
  5. I would try to use some player with the "Comes deep to get ball" PPM.
  6. First of all, I'm not sure if I should raise this issue on this thread, but I'm seeing good discussions, so here I go. And oh, sorry for my english. I'm having some problems trying to use a 4-1-4-1. I started this career with Istra 1961 from Croatia before seeing this thread, but already using 4-1-4-1 due to Tite's system used in Corinthians (2015 Brasileirão winners) and now with the Brazilian National Team. My problem is: I'm playing with two "fake inside forwards" and an False 9, and my False 9 doesn't seem to link into my tactics. Here's my current setup: Ok, some of you will say that my team is too defensive, specially because there isn't an attacking role in advanced positions. I'm managing one of the weakest teams in the league and my players lack physical attributes like acceleration. So, my aim is to press higher, win the ball and when with the possession, be patient and look for my FBs to overlap and search for an CM/RM/LM/ST to finish our offensive moves. So, what's happening? I'm in the preseason and our team played against two lower league teams and against Slovan Bratislava. We beat both lower league teams away from home by 1-0 and drew (1-1) against Slovan, but the thing that is annoying me is that my team create chances, but my ST doesn't drop deeper enough to build-up play and look things easier. In the match against Slovan, I had 68% of possession and 90% of completed passes, but only 9 shots (7 from distance). Our heat map clearly explains with images what I'm talking about. My striker only got a 7.0 rating because he scored in the last minute, but he only passed 34 times. I would like to hear some suggestions and to know what should I change? Maybe change my BBM (S) to an CM (A)? My F9 to an DLF (S) - it's hard to find CF in this league, so it would be a option. Change something in my mentality?
  7. FM 16 - 4pts FM 14 - 4pts FM 15 - 3pts FM 17 - 3pts FM 13 - 2pts
  8. Rishøj Boldklub - First Update I've created two or three posts here announcing a new career, but after some choices, I finally found my favourite place to play following my sack with Stuttgarter Kickers: Denmark. There are a lot of weak teams in Denmark, but the country generates good players, so it's a good choice. Manager Profile | Club Info | Facilities | Finances | Current Squad | U19 Squad Decent setup here, now let's try to avoid relegation.
  9. @MCPlay all I want as a FM player is a game like this! Amazing!
  10. Sacked with Stuttgarter Kickers after a predictable relegation. I'm a mess in this game. Now I'm going to Hungary, let's see if I'll have more luck this time.
  11. Ok, so I decided to start again and this time I'll manage in Germany. Please welcome the new manager of Sttutgarter Kickers! Manager Profile | Squad | Club Info | Facilities A club with a lot of history this time, we are fierce rivals of Sttutgart and I'm hoping to be promoted and to face them in the 2. Bundesliga or even in the Bundesliga. Our finances are really good and we are with € 3,5M in the balance. Our media prediction appoint us to the 19th place, only above Energie Cottbus, but I'm aiming to do better than this.
  12. Following this thread now. I need to show this chant from Racing fans, they're one of the best supporters in South America. Their games in 'El Cilindro de Avellaneda' They have an simply amazing atmosphere. Lucas Vega seems to be a great player, really good intake.
  13. Or maybe Sherman Cárdenas? Actually, this isn't my hair type but is the closest one, so I had no choice.
  14. KINGSTONIAN FC - First Update Please welcome Breno Peçanha, the new manager of Kingstonian! Here's our current squad. We're predicted to finish 21st, only above Poole Town, but I'll try to buy some key players and do a good job this season.
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