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  1. FC Santa Claus Mega Update (Seasons 2013-2016) I last posted after season 1, having won promotion to the Premier Division. I've kept playing since, but haven't had a chance to post, so here's a mega update to catch everyone up. 2013: Our first season in the Premier League, the board upped us to professional status, and allowed me to start scouting all of Europe. A few new talented youngsters came in from around Europe. My board also sold off last seasons star young central defender Oyvind Johansen for 675k pounds, costing me a talented player but helping to secure our finances. We had a very successful season, finishing runner-up to HJK, who have some individual players making more than my entire wage budget! Table Squad Transfers 2014: A great season, we finished top of the table by 1 point! Champions League, here we come. Table Squad Transfers 2015: Another league title, and I finally began to have money to spend. After going through 4 starting keepers in 3 seasons, I splashed some cash on a young Icelandic keeper who my scouts are extremely high on. Hopefully he'll solidify the position well into the future. The board sold defender Arkady Smirnov for 2M pounds. I'm losing talented players, but our financial situation is getting better and better... Table Squad Transfers 2016: Things are starting to get dicey. Some of the young players I signed are approaching the end of the cheap long-term contracts I signed them to, and are looking to get paid. My wage budget still isn't high, and some didn't want to discuss terms. Anyone who refused to sign was sold in January, for some pretty large sums (for Finland). Between European competition and player sales, our financial future is secure. The board also allowed us to start scouting worldwide, and a few young South Americans, as well as Shigeru Ubukata, the 18 year old captain of the Japanese national team, were signed. An even more dominant season saw us run away with the league, and HJK is finally starting to drop off the pace. Table Squad Transfers Unfortunately, things could really blow up in 2017, as a large number of my core players will be out of contract after the season, and I may be unable to re-sign them. We'll have to see... [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Year[/TD] [TD]League[/TD] [TD]Finnish Cup [/TD] [TD]League Cup[/TD] [TD]EURO Cup[/TD] [TD]Champions Cup[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2012[/TD] [TD]1st (1st Div)[/TD] [TD]Lost 7th round[/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2013[/TD] [TD]2nd (Prem)[/TD] [TD]Won[/TD] [TD]Won[/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2014[/TD] [TD]1st (Prem)[/TD] [TD]Won[/TD] [TD]Lost quarter final[/TD] [TD]Lost 1st knockout round[/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2015[/TD] [TD]1st (Prem)[/TD] [TD]Won[/TD] [TD]Won[/TD] [TD]Lost semi final[/TD] [TD]3rd in group stage[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2016[/TD] [TD]1st (Prem)[/TD] [TD]Won[/TD] [TD]Lost semi final[/TD] [TD](Currently playing)[/TD] [TD]3rd in group stage[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  2. FC Santa Claus 2012 Season Review Since the team was filled with terrible players, I set about bringing in some new blood, probably too much like I always seem to do. A number of free Finnish players were brought in on trial or signed during preseason. We also had a milestone, near the end of February when an agent offered us our first full international, Alex Msiska, who we gleefully signed. OK, he's a Zambian international willing to sign a part-time contract in Finland, but its something! Over the next few months, our scouting would kick in, with my scouts bringing me reports of three free talented young Norwegians as well as two talented young Finnish strikers (well, they were very fast, and that's all a striker needs to be at this level), who I signed away from their clubs for 50 pounds each. The youngest, Norwegian central defender Oyvind Johansen, instantly became the best player at the club according to our assistant manager. Transfers It was an interesting first season for Santa Claus, as after a mediocre start we hovered near the top of the table all season. Heading into the final game of the season, we held a 3 point lead over TPS, a well as being up 5 on goal difference. Of course, our final game was away to, you guessed it, TPS. We had beaten them twice previously, but quite frankly, their players were far better (and better paid) than ours, including former Aston Villa youngster Mika Aaritalo. TPS attacked from the start, controlling most of the possession. Under siege, and knowing we just needed a draw or close loss, I switched to more defensive tactics, and hoped to catch them on a counter as they pressed. In the third minute of first half injury time, we made a breakthrough, as defender Oyvind Johansen scored off a corner kick by Vegard Bjorkly to give us a 1-0 lead at the half. Early in the second half, we doubled our lead, as 32 year old Finnish striker Peke Huuhtanen, who only played 9 games all season, scored from another pass by Bjorkly. I was feeling confident until the 53rd minute, when the referee awarded TPS a dubious penalty, which they converted. They then drew level in the 73rd minute on another penalty, and I began wondering if TPS were the Man Utd of Finnish football. However, they couldn't break us down again, and even a 90th minute red card shown to midfielder Kari-Peka Koivunen couldn't take the shine off our performance. We were out shot 12-5, and lost the possession battle 61%-39%, but we got the draw we needed to win the league! Table Player Stats Key Players for next season: Central defenders Arild Rabben Erichsen (Nor), Oyvind Johansen (Nor) Midfielders Vegard Bjorkly (Nor), Alex Msiska (Zam) Strikers Dorian Ujkani (Fin), Hannu Keskitalo (Fin) All young regens, who will hopefully develop into solid First Division players. Back soon, as I'm almost finished season 2. [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Season[/TD] [TD]League[/TD] [TD]Finnish Cup[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2012[/TD] [TD]1st (First Division) [/TD] [TD]7th round[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  3. Sounds fun, I'll give it a try. And when I saw that the Finnish league is home to the (soon to be) mighty FC Santa Claus, my choice of league was made! Profile Located way up north in Rovaniemi, we play out of Keskuskentta, a 4000 seat all-seater with a synthetic surface. Of course, with a season ticket base of 75, I can't see us filling it any time soon. Training and youth facilities are adequate, although the youth facilities are rented. Junior coaching and youth recruitment is very poor, don't think I can count on any star youth coming through the system. The media is predicting a last place finish, let's hope we can beat that!
  4. Vikingur Olafsvik 2011 Season Update Apparently the Icelandic season begins with the Icelandic Upper League Cup including all 24 teams from the top 2 divisions, starting with a group stage of 8 teams. Not a great start to the season, as we finished 7th in the group with a 2-1-4 record. My first league season in Iceland was distinctly average. No real fear of relegation, but never close to the promotion places either, we were mid-table throughout the season. We had a surprising run in the Iclandic Cup, reaching the semi final, knocking out Premier Division squad Vikingur before losing to fellow Premier team Fram. Table Had a couple big transfers before the season began, who should be familiar to people in this thread. Agents offered me Cristiano and Ibrahim Shikanda, who I proceeded to sign, even though I'll be paying for Christiano for 4 years. Hope he's worth it. He had a solid debut season, being voted fans player of the year, and forming a solid strike partnership with Serbian import Igor Plesic, a holdover from the previous manager. Ibrahim Shikanda Cristiano Igor Plesic Transfers We had a takeover during the season, unfortunately the new chairman did not provide any funds, but at least I was allowed to keep my job. All in all, I'm satisfied with the team's performance, especially some of the players who I thought wouldn't be able to cut it at this level. They'll hopefully be gone soon, so let's give them one last moment of glory: Best 11 Goals for next season: 1. Hopefully bring in some better players to get promoted, starting with a new keeper, and hopefully a new DC and DL. A couple new midfielders wouldn't hurt either... 2. Do a better rotating the team, as some players who played in Icelandic Cup games were unable to play in the next league game, something that hurt me a few times. 3. Keep tight control of finances. Even using only half my wage budget, we consistently lost money each month, with no real sponsor/TV money to look forward to. Hopefully making the Premier League will help. PS Thanks to those above who provided some background information on the club. Interesting stuff!
  5. For some strange reason, I've always wanted to try a game in Iceland, and since someone else is already trying FC Sanata Claus, let's give it a try now, with Vikingur Olafsvik (there's some accents in there too ). Profile Overview Facilities Squad Oddly, it's a much more international squad than I would have expected from a lower league Icelandic team, but what do I know? They do seem to be among my better players, although at this level, it seems better just means slightly less likely to trip over the ball. After telling the team I can avoid relegation, I've been given a transfer budget of £10k and a wage budget of £245k p/a. Our current wage budget is only £53,144 p/a, so I have some money to hand out, but will anyone want it? We'll see!
  6. Wow! The Saudi manager resigned after the World Cup, despite beating Brazil(!) and Canada in the first round (losing to Ukraine prevented them from qualifying for the second round). So I of course applied for the job. And what happens? They give the job to former Al-Ittihad player Mohammed Noor, who had just ended his playing career after the 2016-17 season, and has no managerial experience! I guess being the most successful manager in Asia, and being the manager of 9-10 of the Saudi first eleven, plus a few bench players, of the last World Cup team wasn't enough.
  7. Al-Tohami 2016-17 & 2017-18 Season Update When I last posted an update, we had just won the Club World Championship. So how did the rest of the season go? 2016-17 League Table With wins as well in both Saudi cups, it was a dominant season. Poor Al-Hilal was almost as dominant as us, and could be filling their trophy cabinet if we weren't here. At this point they are the only Saudi team keeping things interesting. Goals for next season? To see if we can finish with an even better record, and maybe win another Club World Championship. So how did it go? 2017-18 League Table We achieved the first goal, cutting our goals against in half and setting a new record for goals scored. Victories in the two Saudi cups, and the Asian Champions League, added to the trophy case. We only lost one game all season, 3-1 against Inter in the Club World Championship semi final, so we didn't achieve my second goal. All in all, a very successful season. Things are starting to drag a bit though. We won every game but 4 (2 league draws, vs Inter, and 1 draw in the Champions League). Even when the team gets a red card, we still win. The national manager's job status is very secure and they are in the 2018 World Cup, so unless they fail terribly, I can't see him getting fired. I was actually struggling to find a reason to keep going with this save. But I kept going, and things should start getting a bit more interesting soon. My new stadium will be ready this season, and I want to at least play a season there. More importantly, the team may need an overhaul after the 2018-19 season. A number of my better players' contracts expire after this season, and although I've been trying to renew them for over a year, they have been unwilling to sign. The foreign players don't bother me much, I have too many anyway, and I can just start playing some others that have been sitting unregistered, or one of the many I loaned out to other teams. But some of my best Saudi players, the core of the team forever, don't want to re-sign. Should I play out the season and hope they don't walk away for nothing? Or, and I received some very good offers in the past for many of these guys, is it time to try to sell them off for whatever I can get? Re-tooling will be tough, as most of the best Saudi players in the game are already playing on my team, so who do I replace them with? Should be an interesting couple of seasons ahead... So what would everyone here do? Do I play it out and hope they stay, or is it time to cash in and rebuild? If nothing else, it's renewed my motivation to play this save. Back later with another update, and maybe a plan of attack for the next two seasons.
  8. DodgeeD: I hadn't thought of that... although I did play a game in the snow in one of my first seasons (think I posted a screenshot), so I guess it must happen once every 10 years or so.
  9. Just a quick update on Al-Tohami's progress. As of my last update, we were in the Asian Champions League quarter final vs. Al-Ahli (KSA). After a 0-0 draw on the road, we won the home leg 3-0 to advance to the semi final against Okayama FC. In a result that was far to close for comfort, we tied the away leg 2-2, and then scraped through at home 3-2. I was very worried that they'd get that third goal and scrape through on away goals. On to the finals, a rematch of last year's final vs. Al-Ittihad (KSA). Despite somehow only having 37%(!) of the possession, we managed to out shoot, and more importantly out score them 3-2. A second consecutive Champions League title was ours! On to the Club World Championship, being held this year in Nigeria. Our second round match had us up against Nigerian side Heartland FC, who we easily defeated 3-0, out shooting them 23-2, setting up a semi final match with Liverpool. Goals in the 44th and 52nd minutes had me feeling confident, and then Glen Johnson was sent off in the 66th minute. A Fernando Torres goal in the 80th had me worrying, but we held on to reach our first final! Sao Paulo defeated LA Galaxy 3-0 in the other semi to reach the final. In front of 60000 fans at Abuja Stadium, Finnish striker Aki Bjorkvall scored two goals to lead Al-Tohami to our first ever Club World Championship victory, 2-0. So now what? I'll play on at least until I get my new stadium. Hopefully the Saudi job comes up some time soon, so I can try the international portion of the challenge. They made the second round of the last World Cup, so the current manager's job is pretty secure...
  10. Life got a little busy again, but I'm back with: Al-Tohami 2015-2016 Season Update Since I did most of this before taking having to take a break from the game, my memory is a bit hazy, so just a quick update. We had another successful league campaign, although not nearly as dominant. League Table I signed a number of new players early in the season, as I was finally able to scout outside of Asia, and a lot of good young European players were available on frees. In fact, like a kid in a candy shop, I ended up signing too many, and actually couldn't fit them all in the squad because of foreigner registration rules. Oh well, at least they would get to play in the Club World Championship... My starting keeper for most of my career demanded a transfer, so of he went to Panathinaikos for £1.8M, to be replaced by a young German keeper who had been released by Dortmund, even though he started 14 games with 10 clean sheets in his 2 years with the club. I know I wanted a Saudi keeper, but I couldn't find a good one, and this kid was so tempting. As far as cups, as I previously posted, we won the Asian Champions League, and came third in the Club World Championship. Combine that with victories in the Crown Prince Cup and Saudi Champions Cup, and it was a trophy filled year. I did notice that there are serious issues with Olympic qualifiers clashing with Champions League games in my next campaign. Luckily, as I write this we had manged to get into the quarter final vs Al-Ahli (KSA), so a second consecutive win is still possible. The off season brought big changes to the club. For the first time, my chairman decided to inject cash into the club. This was quickly followed by the announcement that the board was building a new stadium, as well as upgrading the training and youth facilities. Of course, this could cause financial problems for a while, as we now have this loan to repay. I can see the club bleeding money until the new stadium is ready. So, its time to take my pretty sizable transfer budget and buy a few top young Saudi players, since I doubt I'll have much money to spend on transfers in the future. Be back with another update soon. The new stadium coming has renewed my interest in this game, as I want to see how things play out once its built. Let's hope nothing gets in the way again.
  11. Quakje, you're right, once you have one of the best teams in a high rep league (especially when its the only league running), continental competitions aren't too tough. 3 of 4 semi finalists being from Saudi Arabia shows that this nation is dominant. Kind of makes me wish I had started in Nepal after all... By the way, are you still doing your mad foreigner report? For some reason I always found that interesting. rancer890, I'm going through the same serious problems with internationals this season that you experienced. I just went through a stretch where nearly all of my first team (except the foreigners) were away on international duty, missing league and Champions League games. Needless to say, this season isn't going quite as well as the last.
  12. Just a quick Champions League update. Like I mentioned before, Saudi teams dominate this competition, as you can see below. Our run: 2nd round: Al-Ahli (KSA) 2-1 Quarter Final: Okayama FC 6-4 agg(4-1, 2-3) Semi Final: Al-Hilal (KSA) 3-3 agg (1-2, 2-1 won on penalties) Final: Al-Ittihad (KSA) 1-0 Yes, we won the Champions League on our first attempt! Highlights included the nail biting semi final against my personal enemy, Al-Hilal, made worse by the fact we played them in the league (and lost) between the two games. Three consecutive against my rival, with losses in the first two, made that penalty victory all the sweeter. And the lone goal in the final came in the 91st minute, I was really stressing out during that one. So on to the Club World Championship, full of confidence. We won our first game against Gold Coast United 7-3, setting up a semi final with Valencia, which we unsurprisingly lost 2-0. A 2-1 victory over Kaiser Chiefs did earn us third place in the competition, and some nice prize money. My team for this competition is actually stronger than my domestic team, as I went a little overboard on foreign signings, as I'll talk about in my season update...
  13. I might try for the international, not really sure yet. I usually keep playing my saves for as long as they're fun, so it doesn't hurt to plan for the future. We'll see how long this save keeps my attention... I've got several solid Saudi defenders as well (most of my team is actually Saudi), there's a surprising number of decent Saudi players. There's more on the top Saudi teams that I just can't afford. Haven't seen any decent keepers yet though.
  14. Al-Tohami 2014-2015 Season Update This update will be shorter than I originally planned (still long though), since my play was interrupted for a while. I was planning to do a few more screenshots... The season went very well for us. Star striker Park Jin-Ho demanded a transfer, and while I was sad to lose him, the £4.3 million pounds he brought in was a staggering sum for a club whose balance normally hangs around £100k. Plus, he didn't leave until December because of the transfer window, and scored 12 goals in the 10 games he played to help us on our way. I also used £300k of the money received to buy a very good young Saudi striker who I had been tracking for a while, but could never afford. With veteran Afonso Alves stepping into the scoring void, the season went extremely well: League Table The Crown Prince Cup did not go as well, as we lost in the quarter final to Al-Hilal. Things did pick up at the end of the season, as we were entered into something called the Saudi Champions Cup, getting our revenge on Al-Hilal in the final to win. Season Award Winners Top Goalscorer: Ahmed Khalil (Al-Ittihad) 19 Player of the Year: Majed Al-Muntashri Young Player of the Year: Khalid Al-Harbi (also led the league in assists) Goalkeeper of the Year: Khalifa Essa Manager of the Year: Night Owl As far as the Champions League, we eased through our group with 5 wins and a draw, then beat fellow Saudis Al-Ahli in the second round. The competition continues after the season update, and I'm pretty confident of doing well. Saudi Arabia has won 4 of the 6 competitions completed in game, and provided 8 of 12 finalists. With my record last year, I'd better be able to win this trophy... Goals for next season: 1. Try to find a decent Saudi goalkeeper - I don't like wasting one of my 3 foreigner spots here. 2. Start scouring the world for good young talent - after the season update, the board is finally letting me scout outside Asia. It takes 5 years to get Saudi citizenship, so if I can sign them at around 18, they should be ready to step in as locals when they start to hit their prime... 3. Find a new striker to replace Alves, who can't possibly last much longer at his age 4. Get new signing Alou Diarra to mentor as many of my young central midfielders as possible before he retires
  15. Well done rancer890! I've noticed occasional issues with internationals conflicting with club games, hopefully it won't cost you another trophy. After a bit of a break, I'm back at this challenge. Should post my next update soon.