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  1. Summary: Rounding issue for annual UEFA country coefficient, referred to as 'Nation Club Coefficient' within game, points. Description: The calculation of coefficients rounds a years' calculation to the nearest 0.001, but the figure should be truncated/rounded down. (ie. a score 13.41666... should be given a 13.416 instead of the in-game 13.417). This should affect every game of Football Manager, as UEFA coefficients are hard-coded. Evidence: The example above is true for France in the second season shown below (22/23), while the proof of truncation is found on the UEFA website (see France 16/17 - 14.41666... is truncated to 14.416 instead of rounded to 14.417). Other examples of this area noticeable in the same image elsewhere when nations had six or seven teams in European competition (also affects nations with three clubs, but not shown in image). [Imgur Link] Implications: There's very little impact unless the nations in question are very close in the rankings. Example 1 shows how truncating instead of rounding produces a different score than reality and how it affects the overall ranking positions through accumulation of these additional 0.001 points. NatA would end up with more points than NatB in game, while the reverse would be true in reality. Example 2 shows how variation between the game's calculation and the actual calculation affects rankings positions (where Realx relates to the seasons before the start of the game and Seasx relates to the seasons following the start of the game). NatB would end up with more points than NatA in game, while the reverse would be true in reality. ~~~Actual calculation~~~ xxxx - Seas1 - Seas2 - Seas3 - Seas4 - Seas5 - Total NatA - 0.666 - 0.666 - 0.666 - 0.666 - 0.000 - 2.664 NatB - 0.000 - 0.000 - 0.000 - 0.000 - 2.666 - 2.666 ~~~Game calculation~~~ xxxx - Seas1 - Seas2 - Seas3 - Seas4 - Seas5 - Total NatA - 0.667 - 0.667 - 0.667 - 0.667 - 0.000 - 2.668 (+0.004) NatB - 0.000 - 0.000 - 0.000 - 0.000 - 2.667 - 2.667 (+0.001) ~~~Actual calculation~~~ xxxx - Real3 - Real2 - Real1 - Seas1 - Seas2 - Total NatA - 0.666 - 1.500 - 0.500 - 0.333 - 0.000 - 2.999 NatB - 0.500 - 0.500 - 0.666 - 0.666 - 0.666 - 2.998 ~~~Game calculation~~~ xxxx - Real3 - Real2 - Real1 - Seas1 - Seas2 - Total NatA - 0.666 - 1.500 - 0.500 - 0.333 - 0.000 - 2.999 (n/c) NatB - 0.500 - 0.500 - 0.666 - 0.667 - 0.667 - 3.000 (+0.002)
  2. I just picked up a refurbished desktop on eBay for £335 from a recycling company. Processor: Intel i7-3930K RAM: 32 GB Graphics: Nvidia Quadro 600 Drive: 750GB HDD My long term aim with this is to upgrade the graphics card and to get an SSD drive. Apparently, the graphics card is good enough to play games in 3D - although it's a dud in comparison to more modern cards. Any ideas as to how good this would be for FM? I'm currently using a laptop, with an i5 (3rd Gen), 6GB of RAM, Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics and a 250GB SSD, as my primary machine - it would be an improvement on that anyway.
  3. Something that I'm sure has been discussed in the past, but I feel that being able to play non-manager roles would be a way to add some depth to the game. At present the only role that you can be appointed to is first team manager. However, a lot of managers have had non-playing careers outside this role at various points, which have aided their development as a manager going forward. The main roles that I think should be considered for human players are reserve/youth manager, assistant manager, head of youth development, director of football, coach and scout: Reserve/Youth Manager: This would be a fairly straight forward addition to the game. The player would only manage the reserve or youth team of a club, being responsible for matches and training. They would not control things such as contracts or transfers, although it may be possible to suggest contract extensions to the first team manager. Assistant Manager: The assistant manager role would most likely be an advisory role, with the player recommending training set-ups, tactics, line-ups, etc. Head of Youth Development: Playing as the Head of Youth Development would give the player control over development squads and youth intake/contacts, but wouldn't manage the development teams. They may be responsible for a budget to enable them to sign players from other teams. Director of Football: The director of football would be responsible for contract and transfer negotiations. May be responsible overall for transfers, depending on the club. Coach: A coach would be limited to the training options, being able to set and suggest various player development options. Scout: A scout would recommend players to the first team manager and would increase the player's knowledge of various countries without having to manage there. Each of these would have the ability to increase attributes and reputation of the human player, allowing for a different path through the game. In most cases, these would be roles that simple restrict various functions of the first team manager, negating any major game development to implement them, but would give a potentially more realistic path through the game, especially if you're working your way up from the lower leagues.
  4. Reading, who I support, quite recently went to Old Trafford and had 60% of possession - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46706809 Albeit not a full strength Man Utd side, but you wouldn't expect a side fighting Championship relegation to go to Man Utd and have that much of the ball. It does happen occasionally in real life, it just depends on the tactics that both teams employ. Interestingly, the time before that we had 55% of the ball - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38474766
  5. Once you've selected the database(s) that you wish to play, click Advanced Set Up. Then select the leagues that you want to have loaded into the game, before clicking Start Game. You will be able to select the team you want to manage once the game has loaded. Hope this helps.
  6. Does anyone know what the difference is between UK Points System (Alternative 1) and UK Points System (Alternative 2) in the decision type settings for work permits? I'm assuming the original option is the current system. I think that the alternatives relate to changes to the system following the UK's exit from the EU, with one being a 'hard Brexit' and the other being a 'soft Brexit', as I can only see them used in the Agreement Changes for England. Although there may be additional differences between them.
  7. It's an added challenge, I guess. The one draw back that I find with Gibraltarian clubs is that you can't gain any additional European places - as Gibraltar has fixed places, so there's no real challenge in terms of improving the league. That was the main reason that I didn't manage a club as well.
  8. Epilogue: Starting Up The Set-Up I loaded all of the English, Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish and Gibraltarian leagues and the top flights of France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey and Wales in a large database, plus all of the current continental reputation players in each continent and all international players. This means that there are roughly 84,000 players in-game at the start. I have no managerial qualifications and have Sunday League experience set. I have Scottish first nationality and English second nationality. Initial Expectations Football Manager 2017 is the first game to include Gibraltar as a FIFA member and, thus, Gibraltar are able to take part in FIFA competitions for the first time. The GFA don't have any expectations at the start of the game, with Gibraltar in a World Cup Qualifying group with Belgium, Bosnia, Cyprus, Estonia and Greece, Realistically, only Cyprus and Estonia are sides that I feel I can get any points off in this group. Background While Gibraltar are one of the smallest countries in world football, they benefit from having strong a footballing history. The Gibraltar FA was set up in 1895 and became affiliated to the English FA in 1909, meaning that the British Overseas Territory did not have its own national team in the traditional sense. They played against British Military teams, due to there being British bases in Gibraltar. In 1896, the first major tournament for Gibraltarian clubs played out its first season, the Merchants Cup was won by Gibraltar FC. In 1907, the Gibraltar Football League was set up, with military side Prince of Wales winning the first season. In 1997, following a number of other small European nations joining FIFA, such as San Marino and the Faroe Islands, Gibraltar applied to join themselves. In 2000, UEFA and FIFA conducted a review of Gibraltar's facilities, but in 2001 UEFA changed the requirements to join the organisation, following pressure from Spain. This meant that all applicants must be members of the United Nations - ruling Gibraltar out. Gibraltar was finally admitted to UEFA in 2013, following a number of legal cases, and they took part in the Euro 2016 qualification process - losing all their matches. The GFA became members of FIFA in 2016, allowing them to be added to the European section of the World Cup qualifiers. The strongest two Gibraltarian clubs are Lincoln and Europa, both of which are the only two professional clubs in the country. Lincoln have won the league for the previous fourteen seasons, while Europa have finished second in the previous two. The Gibraltarian league is full of foreign players, particularly Spanish ones, meaning that a large number of the league's best players aren't eligible for the national team. Long Term Goals Win a match Win a qualifying match Reach a qualifying play-off Qualify for a major finals Win a major finals Initial Squad The Gibraltar national team starts with a huge range of quality across the squad. The standout players are attacking midfielder Liam Walker, who used to play for Portsmouth, right-back Scott Wiseman, who's at Scunthrope, and goalkeeper Jordan Perez. The most concerning attribute in the squad is the age, with eleven players being over twenty-seven and five over thirty - most of the squads best players are the oldest. The players coming through don't have the potential the replace the better players in the country, although regens may balance this out over time. Most of the side is on a professional contract, which gives Gibraltar a great advantage to other small nations that don't have many professional players in their squads. Fixtures The first game that is scheduled is a friendly against Cyprus, who feature in my group, before a trip to Greece.
  9. It seems to be an issue with the terracing capacity. The Premier League doesn't allow terracing, while the Championship does - so it may be that the terracing wasn't taken into account properly when the club was replacing terracing with seats (which is what appears to have happened). When did you get the news that the stadium was going to be expanded - was it before the end of the previous season?
  10. It's plausible the former is a factor. The board may feel that if you're using youth players and succeeding there's no need to upgrade it, whereas if you're signing players they may feel that the youth players your bringing through aren't good enough for the first team and would sanction the upgrade. Were the players signed any better than the players that were already there?
  11. The media prediction was 8th (which does seem quite high for this Reading squad), and the board expectation was "mid table". I was having to get rid of a few first team players (including loanees) due to the financial situation at the club and a few players were injured in that run of games. I've just had a look at my stats - after 30 games (29 with Reading; 1 with Cardiff) - GF 66; GA 71 or 4.5 total goals per game.
  12. I'm more thinking about in England though. Eight games after having 100% confidence in the league to being sacked does seem very quick and unrealistic.
  13. I've gone from having a 100% board confidence and 3rd in the league to being sacked within eight games with Reading. Run of games (following six wins in a row): Opponent - Score - Their position - Explanation of game Cardiff (A) - 2-6 - 4th - Fell apart after the 70th minute. Norwich (A) - 2-4 - 10th - Final goal conceded 91st minute, after pushing for an equaliser. Bolton (H) - 1-3 - 13th - Final goal conceded 86th minute, after pushing for an equaliser. Birmingham (A) - 1-3 - 17th - Played poorly. Watford (H) - 1-3 - 2nd - They converted their chances, we didn't. Brighton (A) - 4-4 - 16th - Threw away a two goal lead. Norwich (H) - 0-0 - 5th - Edged the game, stat wise. Man Utd (H) - 1-2 - FA Cup - Never expected to win. Middlesbrough (H) - 1-2 - 10th - They converted their two chances, we didn't convert any of our twenty. The board reckoned that this wasn't a difficult run of fixtures (average position 10th)... I was sacked with Reading in 16th position. I doubt a board in real life would lose confidence in a manager that quickly - especially when the season objective was mid table, which we were... :confused: Oh well, that's football management.
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