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  1. My Pentagon Challenge Career!

    It didn't take me long to find a job, South African team Blackburn (RSA) of South African First Division Costal seeming to take a liking to my CV of nothingness. And to be honest, the job offer is not as bad is may first seem. The Contract Offer A transfer budget is nothing much, but a wage budget of £4.5k a week is superb, especially when the current wage total is £270. This gives me plenty of room to improve the team, especially when you see the state it is in... The Team All players under the age of 18, it's nothing to shout about, the stats are a similar picture, a whole new team is in order, what i will do in the upcoming games as they are all ineligible, i do not know... Although, it doesn't really matter, it can't get any worse than the position i'm in really... The Table 1 point from 12 games, nothing world beating is it now? Although the gap to 7th place is small, so it shouldn't be too hard to catch up after a few signings. Although, 3 goals in 4 games and 36 conceded, is just insane.
  2. My Pentagon Challenge Career!

    This is the start of my Pentagon Challenge on Football Manager 2011, one of the hardest challenges ever created. What is it? The overall aim of the challenge is to win all 5 of the continental champions leagues; European, North American, South American, Asian and African, in a single save game. To make this even more difficult, you must start unemployed and have sunday footballer reputation. This means that you will only be able to get employed and some of the lowest jobs around the world. My Manager: I have decided to name my manager Jack Sampson, in honour of possibly my favourite signing of all time in FM. Because of the really poor quality of my computer, I have only been able to load a few leagues, but i am confident that the leagues i have loaded should provide enough quality to complete the challenge, even if it takes me 80 years. South Africa: Well I had to load it as it's the only way to win the African Champions League. China: Hopefully should provide a bit of quality for the Asian Cup Malaysia: Provides some small enough teams to get started with straight away, and provide a stepping stone to a better quality leagues. USA: A good enough league to win the North American cup, so only loaded this North Anerican league. Germany: Good quality teams with some not so good teams in the top league, so should be easier to get into the Champions League there. Spain: See Germany^ Australia: A really good league that have a good quality national team with lots of the team staying in Australia, should be good enough to win the Asia Cup. Brazil: Should be of good enough quality to see off competition from other South American nations.
  3. My Pentagon Challenge Career!

    Okie dokes, didn't realise that, i'll post in that blog and copy it here, sorry about that
  4. My Pentagon Challenge Career!

    As I want this to be shown on multiple forums at the same time, I decided that I would post my challenge updates on Blogger. If you don't know what the Pentagon Challenge is, then it is that you have to win all 5 Continental Cups, European, South American, North American, African and Asian Champiosn Leagues, in a single save game. Adding to this, you must start on Sunday Footballer Rep. FOLLOW MY CAREER HERE!
  5. Now, these are ideas i saw implemented in Championship Manager 10. It wasn't the greatest game, was a poor last game for the series that had been so good, i only bought it as it was £2.51. However, no matter how bad it was, there were some ideas i really quite liked, and when there are good ideas, you should use them. First Off: Watching Training/Training Routines Now, this was an idea i really really really liked. Basically, you could set up a training routine, such as a shooting routine, corners, free kicks or a practice XI vs XI match. I shall show this with images: which would result in something similar to this: Click here to see it as i had use a link not image as i ran out of image space. I really like this idea, not only does it train the players, but you can see how good players are without seeing them in a game situation. Although, the players may not be under the pressure of a game situation with defenders and such like, i would assume that the result would be exaclty as it would in a match in the same situation. This would be particularly useful for youth players or triallists, especially triallists that you take on mid season and cannot see in matches. I know that you can put them in reserve matches, but sometimes this won't be fair on the guy, as he probably won't get the same service he would in the first team. Also i think the XI vs Xi feature is particlarly useful: As it says in that box at the bottom, it could be used for all sorts of useful things. Testing triallists, youths, or a whole team when you first join them. This is particularly useful as it can be done any time and will also train players at the same time. Trying new tactics with your senior team without being in a competitive match mid season is also useful. Secondly: Creating Set Pieces Although CM 2010's effort at this was pretty poor, i am confident that FM could make a better job of it. In CM 2010 there was a feature that allowed you to create your own set piece routines. I know that FM already does this to an etent, but you cannot control the moves that the players take and who in particular the taker croses to, and how he does that. With this, you could create better set pieces, in my opinion. Such as a lay off type free kick done properly, that infamous man utd corner you may or may not have seen where they lay it off very short and aother player runs along and takes it, you may or may not have seen it, and it may or may not work, but that's not the point. We all see teams do routines which involve players running in different directions to lose markers and end up in prime positions for them to score. You get teams with players stading in bunches, then all running it different directions making them hard to pick up. This sort of thing can further benefit your game and get you the odd goal, and of course, if you make a bad one, not get you any. Thirdly: Better Match Analysis Here you can see that they have provided a replay of an event that was good or showed somethign useful, this time a shot on goal. I think this could be useful. It also provides the lines of where people ran with the ball, passed the ball etc, so that you can see who did what. I really don't have much to say about this, it pretty much speaks for itself as being able to review actions in a game and other things. These are some suggestions i think that could go in. I know they're all from CM 2010, but i'm going for the old Chelsea slogan, "if you can't beat it, buy it". So far i think FM is lacking these, so we are "buying" from CM.
  6. I have a couple of ideas. I have an Idea. It really annoys me when you see every single stadium looking the same. This is the example i have come up with. This is Adams Park, the home of Wycombe Wanderers. It may not be the best photo of the ground, but it demonstrates my point. Thie is the Weston Homes Community Stadium, home of Colchester. I chose these two stadia as, give or take 100 people, they have the same capacity. As you can see, at Adams Park the 4 stands differ in size, the far stand clearly being the larger with a double teir. Whereas the 3 others are relatively small, only one teir. Whereas at Weston Homes, all 4 stands are roughly the same. The two ends are almost exactly the same, apart from the box that homes the stadium control type thing being in one. The same can be said for the two sides. Both are roughly the same, the only difference being that one homes the VIP boxes or whatever you want to call them. This leads me to think, although these two stadia have almost exactly the same capacity, they look completely different, however in FM they will look almost identical in every way. Basically what needs to happen is this, as obolensky said, you need to be able to edit indivdual stands, not the stadium as a whole. Each stand should have it's own individual editor. Looking Like This, with an example: Stand Name: The Bobby Robson North Stand End or Side: End Capacity: 15000 Number of Tiers: 2 VIP Boxes: No Extension Capacity: 30000 Used Capacity: 15000 Seated Capacity: 15000 Standing Capacity: 0 Number of Home Fans Capacity: 15000 Number of Away Fans Capacity: 0 Roof: Yes Colour of Seating: (Using the Colour Thing) Blue Obviously, it's not going to look exactly alike, but you know, theres a general feel of it. Also for the stadium editor, it should have things such as if there is seating in the corners, some teams have curved corners to fit in steaing, some don't. Also, not all teams have their tunnel in the middle, like Old Trafford, we should be able to change that. Also things such as Running Tracks should be able to be added, or the fencing that they have in european stadia. The backgrounds could also be changed, with housing, rural or something else able to put in. Car parks could be added. This in turn could be a thing that the board could choose to add, if the club has room they may choose to build a car park to bring in more fans. I think with this suggestion, expanding the stadium would be much easier. Instead of expanding the whole stadium, you can expand a single stand, or multiple stands. This way you do not have to leave a stadium while it is expanded, simply not have the stand that is being expanded availible to use. I think these changes are an ideal suggestion for the game, and i don't know easy they would be to implement, but the stands having differing sizes shouldn't be too hard.
  7. Who is your best buy of FM11.3?

    Gotta be Jack Sampson. Got him for free after he was released from Bolton Youth, got him for York. Was great in the BSP in his first season, helped me get back to back promotions to the Championship. Scored 86 goals in 169 games, better than a goal every other game also 26 assists and 24 MOTM awards, good average rating too. Play him as an avanced forward and you can play him on his provided you have a AM behind him. Can cross well and run with the ball, does everything you want. Then, West Ham made an offer that was too good to refuse. 3 MILLION for him. Quite a good profit.