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    Part time football manager addict. Saints fan, will be updating a career soon, however i'm very slow at getting through games... ;)

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  1. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    New update will be coming in the next few days... along with a new title hopefully
  2. Mod Requests

    can you change the title of this to Fleckers Managment Mastermind cheers
  3. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    2014 Season Review After resigning from Dunfermline in mid-July, I went about looking for a club willing to take me on. I had an offer from a few foreign clubs however the most standout offer was definetly Watford. However, don't get too excited. By the time they had a managerial role on offer it was already October and were deep in the mire of a relegation battle, not in the Championship but infact League 1. There are some big teams in League 1 so I had a look into the finances and squad and it was clear they were underperforming very badly, and with the likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Charlton, Millwall and MK Dons down there it would be a tricky league to challenge in. In any case I decided that it would be a wise move to manage in England and decided to accept. So here we go... From Wikipedia I started managing in Mid-October with the club in 21st Position and seemingly in for a long, hard season. However, the fans needn't have worried, after a few games and a few great result, it was clear that we had a truly great set of players and staff and with a boardroom which were willing to part with a bit of money the club show great potential. The matter at hand though was to push up the league and finish with a respectable position, after a bad start. Although, any fears of relegation was almost completely dimiished by late december as we had cemented a place in the top half and knocking on the door of the play-off places. With Sheffield Wednesday just 2 points ahead of us, going into the Christmas period. Although, a bad draw at home to Doncaster cost us a bit of ground on Wednesday and, frustratingly dropped us down to 8th for the next month. I didn't make any signings in the January window as the squad as a whole were performing well week in week out and I didn't want to change the squad harmony. We moved through the Winter period slowly moving up the table and by late Febuary we were up to second, by this point I felt that Promotion was there for the taking. So predictably we completely took our foot of the pedal. By the last two weeks of the season we had dropped all the way down to 7th position with Leyton Orient just above us. We went into the last two weeks of the season needing a massive turnaround with Orient needing to lose atleast one and draw one. Fortunatly they had too play two very tough games against Swindon and MK Dons, who were fighting for there lives. On the penultimate game of the season we played Barnsley away from home and won 3-1 with a great performance from Striker Troy Deeney scoring two. It came into the the last game of the Season with us having to play Wallsall at home, A point would be enough aslong as MK Dons beat Orient. This was by far the most edgy 0-0 draw I have ever come across, with all the tension coming from the other game wear MK Dons saved our's and there own season winning 4-3. So we had made it to 6th place, well above what was expected of us, yet I was dissapointed that we had made it so hard for ourselves when we could easily have got automatic promotion. Anyway, we moved into the Play-Off semi's against Sheffield Wednesday. We had the first leg at home, and even though we had home advantage Wednesday were clear faviourites, it took the pressure off us and I think really helped us just get down to performing well and getting a great 3-1 win, putting us in a great position for the second leg. In the second leg, I wasn't expecting a win, if anything I was praying for a draw, yet the team completely controlled the game and a brilliant performance from Will Buckley saw us through to win 5-1! We were to be playing Brighton in the Final. Brighton finished just 3 points above us, and the bookies made them slight faviorites however, I always felt it was ours to lose after the brilliant performances against Sheffield Wednesday. It was a very tight and edgy game with most of the action in the second half. We took a one goal lead in the first half, but in the second, Brighton pegged us back to lead 2-1 heading into the last 20 minutes. On the 75 minute mark we suddenly put ourselves back into the driving seat with Danny Graham scoring a penalty and we really pushed on after that. The 'Keeper really kept them in the match then, until the 88th minute when Will Buckley scored a truly wonderous goal to seal promotion. We won the game 3-2 in the end and very much deserved the victory. Overall it was a good season, although it could have been so much better. You have to look at where we started the season, down in 21st to then gain Promotion via the play-offs it was quite and acheivment. Hopefully I will have more luck in the Championship than I did with Dunfermline in the SPL. Previous Clubs Dunfermline - They finished the season in second place in the SPL. Four points behind winners Morton. Final League Table 1.Charlton-88 2.Swindon-80 ----------------------------------------- 3.Sheff Wed-78 4.Brighton-76 5.Southend-73 6.Watford-73 ----------------------------------------- 7.Leyton Orient-72 8.Tranmere-69 9.Preston-67 10.Bury-66 11.Notts County-65 12.Barnsley-62 13.Bournemouth-62 14.Rotherham-61 15.Millwall-60 16.Gillingham-59 17.Exeter-54 18.Doncaster-53 19.Accrington-52 20.MK Dons-50 --------------------------------------- 21.Wallsall-48 22.Chesterfield-47 23.Brentford-41 24.Rochdale-40
  4. FM 2011: What Team Should I Be?

    Hi, looking to start a new game. Want it to be a decent second division club in any major league in the world i.e anythin from argentina to scotland. don't want an english club, nor any teams from MLS. decent transfer budget but with fans and board with reasonbly low expectations.
  5. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    A new season. A new update style... Final League Table 2012/2013 1-Rangers-80 2-Hearts-70 3-Dundee Utd-69 4-Celtic-67 5-Dundee-64 6-Motherwell-61 ------------------------------ 7-Hibernian-52 8-Inverness-42 9-Aberdeen-42 10-St Mirren-42 11-St Johnstone-27 12-Dunfermline-12 To put it blunt, we were rubbish. Two wins in all competitions, one in the league, one in the cup. I completely underestimated how much the step up from First Division to the SPL was and I payed for it. However, I won't take all the blame, the board gave me less than 100k to improve the squad, and that was with the wage budget being at a minimum. I think the less said about this season the better. I can't really think of many positives from this season. I guess it was always going to be hard to compete but I didn't think that hard. When the season finished I'm afraid to say I actually resigned as manager. I had become very angry at the players, staff and boardroom throughout the season. From the lack of commitment from the players, and lack of funds and really lack of help from boardroom and staff. So right now I'm in search of a club. I'm siaapointed to have left Dunfermline on a bad note as I really hoped to bring succes to the club but that's how it goes. I always seem to have trouble with promoted clubs so I guess I should have expected such a bad season! And there we are, season 2012/2013 come's to an end. I'm going to have a little break from this save maybe, however I'd like to see who's intrested in taking me on. Hopefully by the next update I will have had more luck. P.S. I hope people like the new more simplistic type of update. In future I will make it more detailed with the odd pre-match interview or comments on new signings, and a few screenies here and there. Just in case you haven't realised; Red means relegated and Lime means in a european competition. I leave you with another glance back at the table... Celtic... at 4th?!
  6. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    I will be doing an update of the 2012/2013 season soon. I'll give you a hint to how it went... Does anyone remember Derby in the Premier League a few years ago?...
  7. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    Number 1... Well to say this was a surprise would be an understatment! This was just a few weeks after the season ended and was very much looking to bring in some players for Dunfermline, albeit with little funds. Yet Inverness parted company with there manager and offered me a very tempting Wage and the fact that it would be a step up. Although I was tempted I didn't want to leave Dunfermline just yet as we were newly promoted and I wanted to try and pit my wits up against the likes of Celtic and Rangers. So I declined. Would I regret this in 4 months time in a relegation dogfight? I didn't know... Number 2... A strange one this was, I'm surprised that the ... Elche board (whoever they are...) would look into signing a foreign manager. I did look into the club and players and felt I would be in a worse position than at Dunfermline, so I graciosily declined and waited patiently for the new season. However something was happening in America... Number 3... Another strange surprise. Real Salt Lake had just sacked there manager and offered me a tempting position in the, ever-growing, MLS. This was probably the most tempting offer I'd been offered as I didn't want to manage in the same league as Dunfermline if I was to leave. However, I felt like loyalty was key to succes and declined yet another job offer. Thankfully, this was the last of the job offers and I think I showed the Dunfermline board that I really want the club to grow, no matter how little they invest! I hope the team repay my loyalty with a good performance this season. Also, all these job offers were within a few weeks of eachother and the last one was within a few weeks of the season but I'm not going to do a league update until I get the SPL season out the way, but let me just say the pre-season and first few games have been uhm.... interesting...
  8. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    Manager of The Year Pretty chuffed about that! Second year in the row I have won manager of the year. I also got a few manager of the months which is always great. Team of The Year Not really surprised McDougall got in team of the year. He was sensational year round and quite rightly got a new contract.
  9. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    [/b] Results Jan To May What a season! We absoloutely ran away with the title, and actually won it on the 4th April with a great win away from home against a good Ross County side. As you can see we completely took our foot of the pedal for the last few weeks and lost against Falkirk and Queen of Sth, but to be honest I couldn't care less! We won the league and a cup and I was delighted. I was hopefully we will survive up in the SPL and stay up then move on fowards. Dunfermline Win League We were one of the most widely tipped teams to go up but it didn't make it any less sweet, and the fans actually voted five of our players into the Dunfermline best ever line up! Table - May 5th 2012 There we are, run away winners 11 points infront of our nearest challengers. I think the biggest surprise of the season was Partick Thistle being 8th as they actually impressed me very much when we come up against them, I guess that's football though. Time to look onto next season and Scottish Premier League football at Dunfermline...
  10. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    How are Saints doing? won the prem yet?
  11. [FM11] To the Premier League in a Lymo...

    Cheers man ill give christchurch a go when i'm board with my dunfermline save.
  12. [FM11] To the Premier League in a Lymo...

    Yeah i'm a saints fan, football manager is gonna come in very helpful for the next few months until the real season get's underway! Can't wait for the championship. Nice to see lymington being used aswell, didn't expect to see them on this board when i registered. hahaa
  13. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    So then there we are. I won't be updating for a few days but I will try and get a few more games under my belt and maybe... just maybe seal promotion...
  14. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    CCCup Final - January 1st Thankfully the cup win didn't cause our league cammpaign too much harm and after a few good and bad reults in November we got straight back on a winning run scoring 7 and conceding 0! Table - January 1st So there we are, the 1st on January, and 1st in the League. It's been a very good start to the season, with some faults but overall brilliant performances left and right. I'd like us to have a bit more of a gap at this point but Queen of the Sth have been very good aswell and I just hope we don't let out good form drop. Also Just take a look at Brechin... 5 points from 22 games is the worst record I've ever seen I think!
  15. [FM11] Fleckers Managment Mastermind

    Dunfermline Athletic 1 - 0 Stirling So then my first trophy as Dunfermline Manager, and in obvious fashion, it was an incredebly dull game with few chances but a win is a win and a Trophy is a Trophy. Hopefully there will be more to come!