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  1. 3rd place = Money back for me but who else won what? I think the below is correct from a quick check but could be wrong on a couple... Winner £150 - France (Merry_Miller) 2nd Place £65 - Croatia (CMOZZA) 3rd Place £10 - Belgium (Hodgy) "Last place finish" (Lowest points & GD) - £21 - Panama (Collzy) Least Goals conceded - £21- Iran, Peru & Denmark (SouthcoastRed, Cardiovascular & Lucas Weatherby) Fastest goal scored - £21 - Denmark (Cardiovascular) Most yellow cards during tournament - £21 - Croatia (CMOZZA)
  2. The only one I've missed since Italia 90 was 2002 and this has been my favourite World Cup thus far although my favourite international tournament was easily Euro 96.
  3. You're correct that it is better however that wasn't the stipulation for the payout, least goals conceded is a tie regardless of how many more games a team has played and what coloured glasses you're wearing
  4. I should've simply just clicked the link rather than do maths, miss out games and get it completely wrong shouldn't I?
  5. They still all conceded the same though so it's clearly a tie
  6. France and Belgium both on 10 yellows now I believe, Croatia have 8 and England 5 all behind Argentina and Panama both with 11.
  7. It's not really fair on those who are due to win money though is it? I didn't even notice it as I was sure top team scorers were a prize but it really should've been flagged early on to be eligible for change not once the outcome has been decided...
  8. Lowest goals should never have been a money winner tbf unless it was for group stage only, top scorers would have been a better option for sure or even most goals conceded but it can't be changed now, Iran and Peru win it then due to the fact they played less games
  9. Does anyone have the current stats for the following as I can't seem to find a stat site at all Last place finish (Lowest points & GD) - I think this has been decided hasn't it? Least Goals conceded - This may have been decided too, if it hasn't who is leading and who still has a chance of winning? Fastest goal scored - Who is leading this and what time was the goal scored? Most yellow cards during tournament - Who is leading this and how many cards do the remaining 4 teams in the tournament have?
  10. Lucky so and so being drawn first, 9 minutes in for me but worth the wait, cheers @Readingfanman
  11. Cheers however... This video is unavailable
  12. I forgot all about this, was that the plan all along RFM? Didn't you do a live draw on ???periscope??? for the last World Cup sweepstake? I seem to recall that but could be mixing it up with something else entirely... Im not pushing for that either even though it'd be decent, like the rest I'm just hoping this gets drawn before the 2018 World Cup and we haven't accidently signed up to the 2022 sweepstake
  13. I'd have missed this if it wasn't for the betting thread, I'll definitely take a spot
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