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  1. I get that, I was never 100% but there were marks against you and other than the potential typo error from Gizzy which I knew was a possibility there was just nothing against Kawee. Also if you'd stepped up the previous day and claimed BG when Bliss was at you rather than saying you were waiting for stuff to happen that could've helped, with a townie head on it was game day but I think you missed the mark and didn't want to make a crucial error but saying you were waiting was the crucial error for me, it was always going to take something special from then if you were to win.
  2. Really? I told you when Bliss latched on to you yesterday to start talking and then when I got in today after the lynching I was clearly always aiming for you, also when I offered you the chance to try and substantiate your claims you ignored me completely. Absolutely no idea how you thought you'd swayed me and won, the only issue was the bodyguard typo that Kawee highlighted himself and I even posted that still wouldn't be enough to kill him Far too much against you for me but still a decent effort nonetheless, no way it's an easy role.
  3. Thank god it wasn't totally clear cut in here either as it seems like some of you were still unsure too. I thought I was missing something obvious and everyone in here either worked it out or that maybe SCR would've told you who his partner was, great that there was still uncertainty in here as well.
  4. Brilliant, enjoyed that, thanks all (especially Gizzy obviously) and I'll definitely be in the next game whenever that takes place
  5. Hasn't even attempted to answer me and provide proof so as much as I'm enjoying their back and forth let's end this as I've been decided since yesterday in all honesty Btw if town loses then Roseboy is a bloody idiot, for the win. @Gizzy Lynch the wolf (Roseboy)
  6. If that is a typo then would be nice for @Gizzy to clear it as that's nail in the coffin but either way I don't think it's enough to stop Roseboy. I was enjoying this game but now the pressure is on its not so fun as I'm picturing the rest of the townies going mad at me missing something bloody obvious
  7. Also @Gizzy Confirm your bedtime is 22:30 please? I've another busy day tomorrow so would like to have this lynching done by 22:00 if possible, if it's earlier just say as we may as well get this done, I just want to give @roseboy64 time to answer my above query, 2 hours is sufficient in his predicament too.
  8. I'm off to get the rope to hang that wolf however as we're in no rush just explain the above please as that's the only thing that's confused me.
  9. I'm just an innocent child and I'm being asked to decide the casting vote, what kind of a town is this @Gizzy Surely a law hasn't been passed allowing children to vote, how old am I ffs? & on too of all that I have a wolf and a bodyguard fighting over me. I've only just found my voice but I'm that terrified I may lose it again meaning my name will change back to Mr Wallin, what happens then Before Bliss got lynched I was sure it was you, right now? I'm sure it's you! I think you're hoping my inexperience will tell and rather than showing me that you are town or a
  10. It seems that way doesn't it, damn... @PaulHartman71 sorry dude, I said a few times that you seemed to have given up, if you hadn't posted the "I'll take it as a compliment " post I'd have weighed up your cop claim but there was no fight, again soz. Well played too SCR, I looked over stuff last night and re posted as you were on the radar early on and you had me interested again last night but I knew I wouldn't get on till late today so had to lynch PH71 whilst there was a chance and profil agreed too. Anyway Bliss SCR is confirmed so we can lynch him and do proper due diligence
  11. Right Smackdown has finished and I'm off to bed. I said I wanted to read through again and would have a decision at 3am and the only real change to my thoughts above from earlier are... Kawee is most likely town. So from my list above I have profil, Kawee, bliss and SCR as town and 3 of those have voted PH71. If PH isn't scum apologies however if he is which I still do believe then we can't miss this chance to lynch him. Lynch PH71
  12. I'm just going over things now that I'm actually invested in the game rather than a viewer and I'm pretty sure you're town too, previous posts seems to have you as a townie so unless profil or bliss need your info I'd keep quiet for now. Roseboy has previously cast crucial late votes and with how vague he is being I'm inclined at this moment to believe he is scum. SCR was really heavily suspected early on and managed to turn it around whereas PH71 seemed nailed on town early on and these two seem to have totally flipped positions. PH71 has done himself no favours this evening fo
  13. That translated to me as: Yes. Eventually. Once I'm targeted. That post just screamed nobber to me, if you're town things are happening, being quiet doesn't help town at all. Help me help you @roseboy64 , whenever you next post please just give your thoughts in general on the remaining players please, it'll help me massively which is surely what you want right?
  14. Things are happening though, the game isn't paused so if you're town just your thoughts in general on the remaining players would be really useful as we're struggling at the moment, saying so little and just biding your time seriously makes me worry about who you are.
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