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  1. Read the Ozil statement and totally see where he is coming from.
  2. 3rd place = Money back for me but who else won what? I think the below is correct from a quick check but could be wrong on a couple... Winner £150 - France (Merry_Miller) 2nd Place £65 - Croatia (CMOZZA) 3rd Place £10 - Belgium (Hodgy) "Last place finish" (Lowest points & GD) - £21 - Panama (Collzy) Least Goals conceded - £21- Iran, Peru & Denmark (SouthcoastRed, Cardiovascular & Lucas Weatherby) Fastest goal scored - £21 - Denmark (Cardiovascular) Most yellow cards during tournament - £21 - Croatia (CMOZZA)
  3. Dermot Gallagher also says no pen. I said on page 1 it's too tough to call, in real time it's not a penalty, using slow mo it is however slow mo doesn't always tell the whole story, a proper 50/50 call.
  4. This is just taking the **** tbh, that we're renowned as being that crap that we should have a parade? Do one!
  5. Beating England with that squad doesn't deserve praise let's be fair, the difference in quality between the squads is massive!
  6. No one, absolutely no one would have predicted that they'd be good international managers and to be fair they'd all have been spot on as both are dog ****
  7. I thought about this the other day and yes I think we'd have been better under Sam but got no further. He is a good motivator, tactically more astute, we'd have been less possession based and more direct but we wouldn't have had a 1 man midfield and Sam would change things if not going to plan. I think we'd have still finished 2nd in the group and had the same route, I'd still have expected a tough game Vs Colombia but I reckon we'd have won without penalties, still beat Sweden and the game against Croatia would've been less open and we'd probably have lost on penalties instead of aet 
  8. I'm still not sure, there's genuine arguments for both sides, in real time I'd say no way but slow mo replays make me say yes, however after watching the slow mos and then watching it in real time again it's such a tough call, I've no idea
  9. I'd never noticed that losses and profit were available on skybet, I'm £96.67 up on the last 14 days and £60.11 over the last 30 however they haven't paid out on Kane top scorer yet which adds another £30 to the profit. On William Hill I've done okay thanks to my free bets on France winning returning £60, Lukaku e/w £16.50 and Croatia qualifying Vs England which I made £130 profit on so I think that's about £300 profit total across both accounts. Just realised that's far better than I thought I'd done actually but I'd have preferred an overall loss if it meant England got to the fina
  10. The only one I've missed since Italia 90 was 2002 and this has been my favourite World Cup thus far although my favourite international tournament was easily Euro 96.
  11. The majority seem to be saying they either prefer ITV or it has improved yet not one person has voted ITV in the poll BBC for me without a doubt, also agree with Weezer with regards to Gary Neville on ITV.
  12. He hasn't dismissed extra time has he? Croatia did beat England without a shootout
  13. Other than beating England without the need for a penalty shootout you're almost right
  14. Yet classing a penalty shootout as a W in a run of results is fine? We drew the match and won a shootout but you're correct I suppose as there's much less chance of winning a lottery, it's actually a 50/50 so more like winning a flip of a coin right?
  15. But, but, we're breaking new ground! Sir Gareth Southgate
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