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  1. Won the league again with Atletico, but its not easy. I've to get like 100 points to win. Still using Annihilator and loving it. Haaland is still a beast with over 50 goals for 3rd season in a row (all competitions). 41 goals in 32 league games, 7.99 average rating.
  2. In this test Annihilator scored the most and Cerber conceded less. I will say the tactics performance are very similiar. You'll overachieve great with both anyway. I prefer the Annihilator because I love the formation and it's got more attacking potensial. But its no right or wrong, it also depends a lot of what players you have. Like if you've many good central midfielders or attacking midfielders.
  3. My season with Atletico using Annihilator. Won all 30 games with that, and 8 games played with Cerber. I was winning with higher goal difference in the first part of the season, but still kept winning in the second part. Also won CL final 4-0 over Liverpool.
  4. Cerber V4 really didn't work that well for me. Conceded a lot more and scored a lot less. Almost always even games, even against bad opponents. Went back to Annihilator and 8 wins in a row with 3-4+ average goal wins, including 4-0 against Real Madrid's superteam. I find it so important to score early goals, touchline shouts works much better and the other team's morale drops. So I like Annihilator much better, its more offensive, but I also have the best defensive record with that. Not conceding goals at all. And for me it's a more sexy formation, I love to use two attacking midfiel
  5. Thank you! This is my lineup if all players are fit and in good condition.
  6. Still not conceding goals with Annihilator. Simply amazing
  7. Great start to the season But Real is following me, not easy to win the league.
  8. I took over Atlético before 2nd season, and I ended up with 99 points, 120 goals scored/22 conceded with Annihilator V1. Didn't win the league because Barcelona got 104 points, but I'm still happy with the result
  9. Really loved Cerber V3. I won the league 3 times, in 3 seasons, in 3 different divisions I'm gonna use Annihilator for next season, and I'm very excited. These tactics are amazing and the best for FM20. Well done, TFF!
  10. So i just got promoted and I'll surely get promoted again. This tactic is like a cheat
  11. My first season with Cerber v3, got promoted easily. Predicted 6th, got 3 players in on free transfer. My only loss came against the team ending in last place. And many unexpected things happened. I was thinking my ST and RM would get the most goals as they were my star players in the attack beforehand. They're are the fastest and has got the best shooting stats in my team. But my AMC, LCM and LM all scored more, and are kinda awful players compared to them haha. My LM is normally a LB that I converted to LM. He's very slow and has very bad finishing stats. My LCM is better in defens
  12. My biggest ever win in a league game on any FM. I'm in my first season, predicted 6th, but I'm miles ahead of everyone half way through.
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