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  1. PA reflects natural ability ceilings, or just the level they can reach. Natural ability is obviously going to be affected by numerous factors. Genetics, Socio economic status, training time, parental support, spotted early by scouts etc. All these factors affect a players ability, some more than others and i'm sure it will be quite tough to program something without a widespread cap on players abilities.
  2. You can change his striking role to something like a Target man, Treq or DLF as he loses pace. If you want to keep him in your team as he progresses to the end of his career
  3. Adam Gemili (Fastest person in UK)

    these researchers obviously missed that bit of information giving him his acc+pace, Walcott has more and he must be about 0.5-1 second faster over 100m
  4. Russia are my dark horses for the tournament. If they can keep solid against the bigger nations, their counter attacking skill could be profitable, as long as kerzhakovs finishing improves
  5. Also your front three set up is crucial and most likely interlinked with how you play. Having a fast poacher can offer a long direct pass over the top and stretch defenses, or make space for quick short passes through midfield then a defence splitting pass to get on the end of. Have one drop deep from the front line and a midfielder taking his place creates confusion in the opposite defence, Also having a Targetman gives an outlet from defence and midfield, so there are many different options depending on personnel and philosophy of play
  6. I found that the DLP and CM helped out arriving late in the box. the BWM D was there to sweep up and stop counters. Having intelligent Midfielders such as Cambiasso Stankovic and Zanetti obviously helped as they would pick times to get forward, especially stankovic. Basically support from the Midfield came from the CM S after the AP S. You could possibly change that to a CM(A) to provide more of a attacking threat. The wide play would be generally their starting position, especially if you play counter. When the full back came into the play, the striker moved into the channels or towards the centre, essentially he was taking the opposing fullback out the game, much like a winger would do. Obviously, the opposite striker will be somewhat near the Far post and Midfielders will be looking to get into the box as well. With this wide play, the striker can take a fullback and a centre back out the game, standing in between them before a fullback bombs forward. I see the hug touchline much like the Move into channels, but more frequent. Maybe your poacher forward can have these instructions, with your second forward dropping into space and moving into channels? how would the link up play be?
  7. I believe the 4-3-1-2 can work. I have used it at Inter, for example. I had the midfield set up with a DLP(d) BWM(d) CM(s) and a AP(s) in the Hole in front of the 3, this was wesley sneijder I also used the Poacher and Treq set up, this produced the poacher to get the most goals, but the other 2 from the 3 produced goals too! As I was Inter I used a rigid control strategy, but with 'More expressive' for creative freedom. This allowed them to switch it up if need be. As for wide play, having the fullbacks aggressively attack is a good option if you can get the midfield filling the holes without exposing itself Another option is have strikers have 'Hug touchline', This means during the match they will move and stay in the channels, opening space for the midfield to exploit Just my thoughts
  8. "Doesn't relish the big occasions"

    to be fair ronaldo does get goals in the big games. latest one being the win against Barca which practically got them the title. Ronaldo scored!
  9. Pundits In FM

    Maybe a feedback section somewhere were they actually critique you. There's a feedback system already but it has no detail and provides no atmosphere. revamping this to have morale affects or change attributes of supporters or the board towards you could be Interesting. Such as, Legends back inexperienced manager. Players trust increases (leading to improved effect of team talks for example) and Fan base has more patience towards you.
  10. FM12 Arsenal Thread - Life after Cesc

    Really hope todays game is a bit easier than your version :|
  11. FM12 - Santos FC - 100 Years of The Fish

    What kind of database did you guys run? I'm going to start a santos save as I want to get the most of neymar and ganso as well as the long term prospects seem to show The save as pone that gets better as it develops!
  12. Antoine Griezmann or Marko Marin?

    He got the response he needs. No need to Mod for the Mods. Anyway, Griezmann looks better for me, If I remember, Marin has a low determination stat. That annoys me quite a bit and wouldn't buy him on that basis anyway.
  13. FM12: Official Rate My Regen Thread

    Thier historys, or generated face.
  14. FM 12: Athletic Club Bilbao- A New Era Begins!

    'Unrealistic transfers' filters it, or you can manually apply them, or you can sort view by reccomendation from scouts, to see the players available.
  15. Rich But Unestablished Team?

    Rather than just bash him with wannabe modding.. you could also provide an answer. Obviously teams like PSG and Malaga are the obvious candidates, but generally most top 6-7 teams in top countries have decent transfer budgets. But definitely PSG and Malaga are the tycoon money bags