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  1. Looks like a great tactic from the results you have acheived so far. Especially the goals conceded!! Although I must say, you have bought rather a lot of excellent players, so promotion with them should be a given regardless of tactics. Second season will be interesting, so am holidaying the first to have a stab in the Prem. Cheers dude.
  2. Play 'old-school' and succeed!

    I kinda see what wakers is saying...if the difference is so obvious, you don't need to analyse it. If I breath water instead of air, I don't need stats to tell me it sucks! However all he is saying is that after his short tests it still seems to be holding true. Why shoot him down? He isn't claiming fact, just that it seems to be an unusual co-incidence and asking for help to verify. I'll have a go when I get home and see if I notice any difference, if I do then MAYBE I'll do a full season test. But if the change is really obvious, I'll just play the game instead!! Peace out dudes