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  1. Cycstorm

    What role should Falcao play?

    I did exactly the same thing. But, as with all strikers in Football Manager, the second he turned 30 he magically transformed into an asthmatic turtle with a particularly bad back.
  2. Cycstorm

    Order of Tasks in FM

    Well, I don't have a flow chart but my basic set-up always starts with my sorting through the existing backroom staff. I start by firing all the rubbish coaches, physios, and scouts that I don't want by offering them mutual termination. Then I hire the people I want to replace them. Then once they're hired I set-up the coaching instructions in training to maximize their attributes. Then I set-up my scouting to maximize their knowledge. Next it's on to the squad and a look at the reserve team. I promote anyone I think I will want to use to the first team and whoever is left I just terminate their contracts (if they have an especially large buyout clause or are worth any kind of real money I will attempt to sell them first. This should leave your reserve team empty, which means your U18 squad will play all the reserve team matches which I have found is very helpful for getting them maximum game time. After that it is onto the first team squad and the process of tying down everyone I definitely want to build a team around to a long term deal. If there is money available I then look at upgrading the training facilities and the youth facilities, looking towards the future. Lastly I go into the squad menu and set my formations, tactics, and sliders to get the team playing the way I want. Then you see what money is left and go shopping...
  3. Cycstorm

    Longest penalty shootout?

    Had a 13-12 last year, the only one that's ever gone past 6 iirc.
  4. Thanks. I was hoping that wasn't the case as the person I want to play with is in a different time zone.
  5. Can anyone explain, or point me in the direction of a threat that explains how online play works? Do you both have to be online together with one of you hosting? Do you have to be online at the same time all the time or can one play and the game will just lag fixtures for the offline player? How does it work?
  6. I always went with the mentality of going for it in the home leg and then trying to keep it tight on the road. Lately I've switched that around and go he'll for leather in the away leg. Even if I concede one myself, or even two, away goals ate so valuable in FM. I've had a lot more success once I started to really go all out away from home.
  7. Cycstorm

    anyone tryed this formation

    I played a 4-2-4 for a few years withbSunderland. Worked very well. Trick was to have two tenacious BWM in the middle and bags of pace on the wings for them to feed it out wide to.
  8. I have England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Brazil, and Argentina all active.
  9. Cycstorm

    Future Coaching Greats

    Turns out Grant Holt is excellent.
  10. England U19 have just broken consecutive wins record with 24 wins in a row.
  11. Personally I've always found it much more effective to set GK distribution to short and have him thrown it up to a FB/WB who can then make a run or a pass up the line and supply the TM from the flanks. You're right that a straight kick up the middle is almost always won with a header from the opposition CM/DM.
  12. Cycstorm

    Steam Achievements

    Bizarrely enough, I finally unlocked "Do The Double" this morning, even though I have won both the EPL and the FA Cup together multiple times previously. Like I said, some of them are just bugged and unfortunately it is nobody's priority to look at them.
  13. It's a mix, second yellows and straight reds, from all areas of the pitch. Yes! This might be it actually. My old assistant manager retired at the end of last season and I hired someone else who had a tactical knowledge of 20 so I thought I might try out letting him do it. He won't be doing it anymore. Thanks.
  14. Been managing for ten seasons now and on average I manage one red card a season. For some reason I have just clocked up seven in the last 3 months alone, almost all different players. My squad personality is determined and on the whole my squad are all model professionals. Apart from toning down the tackling, which isn't hard anyway, is there any reason for this?