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  1. Not contacted Steam support yet, I'll get on to it now.
  2. Okay here's the issue: My computer used to log me into Steam automatically when I logged on, however about a week ago the whole machine had to be wiped. I play FM14 with the CD, so I when I tried to re-insall the game I was told to log into my Steam account. The problem is I don't know my Steam account name, or the e-mail address with which I registered it with. I can't just start a new Steam account, as my FM product code has already been used. In short, I need to log back into my Steam account but I don't know my account name or the e-mail address it's registered with. The only thing I have is my already-used FM14 product code. How stuffed am I?
  3. Agreed, it drives me insane. It's not like they throw it down the line for two players to compete for, they'll just throw it to an opponent who's on his own.
  4. "I just saw John Terry leaving the training ground with your wife."
  5. It's been said on these boards before I'm sure - but more realistic crowd sounds would be great. Rather than the droning, monotone, cheer we have at the moment. Just a few generic chants lobbed in would liven it up.
  6. I wish I could tell any player with a Stamina rating of less than 5 to "get down to the gym, you fat, overpaid, lard arse."
  7. The gap between the Skrill Premier and Skrill North/South is huge. In the Premier the majority of sides are full-time professionals, and there are more renowned teams such as Wrexham, Luton, Grimsby, Cambridge etc. It is often remarked that the top half in the Skrill Premier could all stay up in League Two. Teams in the two lower leagues (with a few exceptions) are a lot lower standard, attendances (which average at about 2,000 in the Premier) drop to about 500 and the quality goes with it.
  8. This is not a big complaint, just a little grumble - on a couple of occasions this season I've played in my away kit at home. Now, I realise it is not a big thing - but it is a big realism-wrecker nonetheless. The strange thing is, there is no reason it seems - if the opposition changed their kit there would be no need for it. Does anyone know the reason for this?
  9. This has never been a problem for me on any previous FM, but on FM14 it seems goalkeepers have an incredible tendency of running out of their box with the ball in their hands and subsequently receiving a straight card. This happened on my mate's save a game in, then later in the season it happened twice in one match - his keeper and sub keeper ran out of the box holding the ball and got sent off! Anyway, the same thing just happened to me earlier. My goalkeeper innocuously picks the ball up well inside his area, then he runs out the box with it. Anyone else suffering from this?
  10. Wouldn't manage MK Franchise - wouldn't sit well with me! I'm going for Skrill North Stockport County this year, try and get them back up a few leagues.
  11. Can get mine from my football team's club shop at £13. Bargain. Got to wait until the next home game, which fortunately is this coming Saturday.
  12. Quick question, I watch all of my matches on extensive, however a highly irritating feature is the game insists on showing the last 20/30 seconds of every match even though nothing ever happens. Not a big deal, but when you know you have lost and you just want to get the game over with it can be very frustrating to be wasting time for no reason. Anyone else find this annoying? More importantly, anyway to stop it? Cheers
  13. There isn't the option to. You can ask to be allowed more general coaches, but not fitness.
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