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    Promoted Teams.

    I was thinking about the number of unused teams in the game and pondering how to make better use of them. Would it be feasible to add a flag to each team's entry in the database giving a minimum number of seasons that would need to be played before they could get promoted into the a playable league? For example, a player has the Premier League, Championship, League One , League Two, National League and National League North/South active. Normally, only teams from the the Northern League Premier, Southern League (Central & South) and Isthmian League Premier can be promoted into the regional National Leagues, but by adding a flag in the profile of, for example, Hyde United, you could make it take at least two seasons before they had a chance of appearing as the promoted team, even if their reputation makes it less likely than others (since we already see very low reputation teams getting promoted on occasion ahead of teams with a larger reputation).
  2. Yeah, you can only do it with players on professional contracts. I'm on a new game in the Faroe Islands and was wondering the same thing a couple of weeks ago until my club turned professional; the players to whom i gave new contracts are all able to have their squad status altered as normal whereas the ones still on semi-professional terms only have 'Key Player' and 'First Team' available
  3. Go to your squad screen, press on the "players" drops down menu, it should be the bottom option.
  4. Just this one so far in fm15: The only game they lost that year was the Champions League final to Juventus.
  5. edit: Actually, looking at the fixtures, i think it might have international breaks already, the one it skipped over was early 2014 the others seem to be in there, i guess this is something to do with being able to start the game in the 'past' rather than the regular starting period of other leagues. I'm enjoying a save using your Faroe Islands download, but is there any way to add the international breaks? I've had a look in the editor but nothing seems to stand out as relating to that. When i get further into it i foresee trouble with International call-ups clashing with league fixtures.
  6. Not if choose the original database from the drop down menu when you're starting a new game instead of the updated 15.3 database.
  7. I have a similar thing that happens quite often with replays of penalties where the penalty taker is already celebrating when he takes his run up, haha.
  8. It's where a winger's duty is to track back to cover the fullback position, so Calderoni in the formation above would be covering for the empty left back.
  9. Check this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/401212-FM15-Tycoon-Saves
  10. Had a fair few of these in FM14 but have been no where near as dominant in FM15 as of yet.
  11. I had trouble getting the icons only sidebar mod to work after the patch. To fix it i just copied over the skin_config.xml file from one of the base skins in the skinning forum stickies that did appear in the list and edit what was in there to correspond with the skin that i wanted to use. Something must have changed in the patch to make the original file useless.
  12. Nope, they're counted as a C Team so can't move to a division above Bilbao Athletic who in turn cannot move to a division above Athletic.
  13. In my save Spurs have bugged and have taken permanent residency in Wembley Stadium. From what i understand, they would usually move into a new stadium with a ~55,000 capacity, so i took a random Spurs season and had a look at the attendances highlighting all those above what would fill the new stadium they should normally get which can see you here (the green ones, there are eleven, i messed up the highlighting ). I think you'd face a similar thing with your new Roma stadium where you would get higher than your current capacity allows in some games and would have to ask yourself, as i'm sure someone playing as Spurs in the screenshot i linked would, do you think there would be enough highlighted fixtures to justify the extra cost of the larger stadium?
  14. They're playable but that restriction isn't in place for them.
  15. Happens in Spain, too, right after you guarantee a Champions League place no matter how many games are left.
  16. I saw Spurs playing at Wembley in my game which i assumed to be temporary. Some years later they're still playing there, so i save my game and take over the club to check and they're playing there without owning it rent free with the option to buy the stadium available under 'Make Board Request' (i tried but the club was in a poor financial state so failed). I started my save during beta, is this an unintended bug from that period?
  17. Realigning columns in the squad screen to get all the information you want there is a nightmare. The auto-width functions are useless. Requires work.
  18. I haven't got FM15 yet so couldn't check how good they are in game, but what about Leeds? Silvestri (23), Byram (21), Bellusci (25), Pearce (26), Berardi (26)/Warnock (32), Austin (29), Bianchi (25), Mowatt (19), Cook (17), Adryan (20), Doukara (23), Antenucci (30). And a few other young players like Cooper (23), Sloth (22), Dawson (20), Benedicic (19) and Monetenegro (21). But i guess you could go through most teams and list of young players, haha.
  19. I left the Real Unión club i had built up from almost nothing for Leeds United, the club i support, who have been a bit of a yo-yo club all game and i wanted to fix that. In my first season there i was promoted from the Championship as champions and then made a really good start to the Premier League season, getting us up into the fourth Champions League place by christmas after spending way too much money on improving my first team, but it was going really well. I started planning my transfers for the summer, knowing i was well safe and in a good place for possible European football but that we were way in the red so it could get a bit fiddly when with working out deals. Then this happens: He has wiped out the debt and put an additional £112million in the bank. The coming summer isn't going to be as tricky as i thought. =)
  20. In post #1702 that i made in this thread i mentioned signing a left winger to celebrate qualifying for the Champions League for the first time with my Real Unión team. José Carlos Albaladejo is his name and since signing he has won the World Golden Ball twice, was World Player of the Year twice and was Spanish Player of the Year for the last six seasons. I have, generally, preferred to buy players young and train them so he was my record signing ever in an FM game at £45million (which has since been surpassed by an absolute beast of a striker who cost £75million) and since i became Spain manager he has always been the first player to be called up. He is getting on a bit, though, and his protégé is catching up quickly; a South Korean boy who is driving merchandise sales up and up, so when Paris St. Germain came knocking offering me £40million i haggled a bit and got £40million plus 25% of next sale. He will sign for them in the January transfer window. Naturally, he is still a part of my Spain team so he played in the recent qualifier against Russia, where, to show me what i had just sold, he scored this: (watch in 1080p if you can)Maybe i should have kept him. ><
  21. Make one in the editor and start at the bottom?
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