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  1. Followed the topic closely, so here's my journey with Ajax so far Took over in 2016-2017 after a season in the English Lower Leagues, adopted a possession based tactic but despite dominating possession, we didn't do much else! Turned to Ö-zil to the Arsenal's tactics and thinking around his 3-6-1 and adopted much of it with my Ajax team. We dominated the League, going unbeaten last season with a 31-3-0 record, scoring over 100 goals on the way. Sold most of the original players, all got unhappy for various reasons and despite placating them for a few months, they'd start up again when Tran
  2. Excellent thread Ö-zil-to-the-Arsenal!, I've adopted the 3-6-1 for use with Ajax and it's working very well domestically. I'd developed a 4-2-3-1-Wide and we had incredible amounts of possession without doing much with it, mostly because of a low tempo and restrictive shape and passing options. So i binned the Retain Possession, Work Ball and Low Tempo TI's and moved to a highly flexible shape with a 5 man midfield and trusted the intelligent players to know where to sit. It's worked wonders domestically, nobody can hold a candle to us and it's allowed me to risk youngsters much sooner! My
  3. Thinking of opening a 'South America' thread with a guide to the Continental comps? Got a 6 season Chile game going but i think there needs to be a place for general South America chitchat to get more interest going
  4. Then i'm afraid you're unfamiliar with how software devlepment and testing works. Each programmer will more than likely be assigned a different area of FM to work on, their own modules if you will as this is common practice. You report a bug, it's given a priority rating and then assigned to that particular programmer or team. There's no need to panic about people reporting press conference bugs having a major impact on the quality of the next ME update. Alas, this is off-topic now anyway
  5. Not necessarily, different programmers will work on different modules in FM. Areas like 'Press Conferences' will fall under someones particular responsibility for him to look at and fix if required, so don't feel like it's a fruitless exercise raising bugs
  6. Gareth Jellyman, Mads Jorgensen, Julius Aghahowa, Sharbel Touma, Stefan Selaković There was a striker, who had dual Swedish/Scottish nationality (or similar), can't remember his name though, think he was floating around League One recently..
  7. Fantastic work Tyler and mucho appreciation Tried your Piranha with Southampton first season in the Championship, promoted 1st time. Tried it with Lille in France and won Ligue 1 1st time through some immense defensive performances
  8. I've gotta say.. i had my doubts about finding 1 tactic that could really make a difference, but i think you've finally wiped any doubts i had Started a game with Lille in Ligue 1, estimated to finish 7th, there's far better sides than Lille so i was hoping for a top-half finish. But i won the League in the end, conceding only 25 in 38 albeit scoring just 57 (poor strikers). Definitly recommend giving the Piranha a try
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