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  1. Anyone found any good nests nearby? Local Facebook group pointed me to Bulbasaur, Kabuto, Pikachu, Charmander, Voltorb and Magnemite nests. There's a 200m stretch of path in a park that spawns Pikachus like clockwork!
  2. Caught a few Pikachu in a nearby nest. Not quite sure what all these IVs mean so i'll have to read up before I start evolving into Riachu!
  3. 109 :o I'm at 99, should pass the 100 mark once I evolve a few. Scoured Liverpool and Manchester city centres and found nothing of interest bar the usual grass/water types. Joined a local Facebook group and learned of a few nests! Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Meowth and Magmar nests all within a 20 minute drive. And one fabulous place in Birkenhead which spawned a Machoke, Ponyta, Squirtle, Vulpix, Geodude, Sandshrew, Jigglypuff, Mankey, Meowth and a Cubone in an hour
  4. I owned 2 gyms this morning but lost them by this afternoon. Didn't know about the shop coins button Could be an automatic payout surely?
  5. Anyone noticed Pokestops being removed? 3 that formed a nice little triangle in town have vanished overnight
  6. Had a look at the Pokevision website yesterday out of curiousity after a day hunting in Liverpool and it showed a Pikachu! http://imgur.com/a/TYMbO Hasn't been seen since mind... A quick rescan and it arrives http://imgur.com/a/mpX0H
  7. My last amazing treble with Ajax involved a Friendly Cup competition
  8. swisso

    FM16: AFC Ajax - de Godenzonen

    Followed the topic closely, so here's my journey with Ajax so far Took over in 2016-2017 after a season in the English Lower Leagues, adopted a possession based tactic but despite dominating possession, we didn't do much else! Turned to Ö-zil to the Arsenal's tactics and thinking around his 3-6-1 and adopted much of it with my Ajax team. We dominated the League, going unbeaten last season with a 31-3-0 record, scoring over 100 goals on the way. Sold most of the original players, all got unhappy for various reasons and despite placating them for a few months, they'd start up again when Transfer Window came around! Finally won the European Cup in the 2022-2023 season thanks to good victories against Barcelona (QF), Spurs (SF) and Monaco (F) using this Same TI as Oil's 3-6-1 but dropped the D line to Normal and lost the AMC for a flat back 4. I found that even with my quick defenders, we would get done with balls over the top and through the channels, especially if the opposition were playing with 3 or more attackers. For games I know we can win, I adopt the 3-6-1. For difficult away games I adopt the 4-5-1. Some of the newgens from the Academy. We're blessed with lots of wingers (infuriatingly!) but few defenders. Relying purely on the Academy now to keep me sustained!
  9. Excellent thread Ö-zil-to-the-Arsenal!, I've adopted the 3-6-1 for use with Ajax and it's working very well domestically. I'd developed a 4-2-3-1-Wide and we had incredible amounts of possession without doing much with it, mostly because of a low tempo and restrictive shape and passing options. So i binned the Retain Possession, Work Ball and Low Tempo TI's and moved to a highly flexible shape with a 5 man midfield and trusted the intelligent players to know where to sit. It's worked wonders domestically, nobody can hold a candle to us and it's allowed me to risk youngsters much sooner! My only trouble is, we don't fare so well against European giants. Especially against teams employing an AML and AMR. The defence will shift over to whatever flank is being attacked, leaving gaps in the centre as 1 CB is pulled over to the attacker, and the other 2 CB's shift over. Often see a midfield runner or the opposite winger come running through the centre. We're prone to balls over the top too, but that's the price of a high defensive line!
  10. Is there a thread discussing set pieces? Can't seem to find one....
  11. Tried it out in pre-season, which isn't long enough to give a worthwhile opinion, but there were some troubling aspects in my midfield. The theory seems to suggest condensing the middle of the park, allowing opposing ST's and AMC's little time on the ball, but I rarely found that to be true. I shipped 6 goals in pre-season, all shots from the centre of the pitch with little urgency from my MC's to close down or tackle. Gap between the Defensive and Midfield lines were too big.
  12. In previous versions of Football Manager, I spent outrageous sums of money on terrible youth players from small Basque clubs like Eibar, Osasuna and Lemona, sometimes giving £10m to each club every summer I hoped that the money would eventually allow those clubs to better themselves and move up the leagues, creating a bigger pool of Basque nationality regions in the long term. I didn't get the opportunity to see the results but in the short term (this was on FM13) the clubs generally didn't do very much with the money and just plodded along
  13. swisso

    Coding and Programming

    I teach some basic Python to Year's 5 and 6 in Primary School, hoping it spurs them on to bigger things!
  14. swisso

    Coding and Programming

    +1 to what Smiley Dan said I wanted to run a blog for youth football, so gave me the push to learn some c# to be able to build a backend to insert and manage posts. Not sure how enthused I would have been if there hadn't been a purpose in mind!
  15. Don't hold out too much hope! Most of them won't be around in a couple of years. We won the U18 title in 2010-2011 too... not many around now, only 3! 1 England Adam Davies 2 England Tyias Browning 3 England Luke Garbutt 4 England Jake Bidwell © 5 England Eric Dier 6 England Jordan Barrow 7 England Conor McAleny 8 England Tom Donegan 9 Republic of Ireland Ged Kinsella 10 England Anton Forrester 11 England Adam Thomas Substitutes: 12 England George Waring 13 Wales Connor Roberts 14 England Ryan Higgins 15 England Tom Molyneux 16 England Daniel O'Brien Hallam Hope, John Lundstram and Ross Barkley should have featured but were away with England or injured, but there's only really Barkley who's shown top level abilty.